Thursday, December 9, 2010

Goodies from Daiso

Hello =^.^= *gasp* what is that face? Is it a cat? No, it's a kitten... my kitten! Yesterday when i went out with my boyfriend, we stopped by the pet shop to see the kittens. They were on special for $25 each :D Haha, so my bf told me to buy one and collect it another day... and it turns out I will be collecting him today YAY ^_^ When dad comes home from work we will go and get him! So be sure to look out for a vlog with my baby, hehe. Now I have something to vlog about and hopefully not be too boring :P

I've twitpic-ed some photos from yesterday (my breakfast and cake) but I haven't showed any pictures of things that I got. Last week my bf came back to Melbourne and he was there for a week. He was able to go to Daiso to get some items for me :)

Daiso has just recently opened in Melbourne, and it is a Japanese store which sells all items for only $2.80 each. Quite cheap if you ask me. I actually hadn't heard of Daiso until people started talking about it opening its first store in Australia. I doubt that there will be one in my city but that's okay, I've got some things which I am very pleased with.

He told me that Daiso is not close to the CBD and the store isn't that big. I was surprised because I had always pictured it as a huge warehouse store but it isn't like that at all. Hmm, is it really worth going way out of the CBD to go here? My bf said it wasn't worth it because he also had to pay for the taxi rides, but he still did go anyway :D

So this is what he got for me:

In a Daiso plastic bag
Oh I forgot that other parts of Australia don't have whole 'ban plastic bag' thing
Only my state has the plastic bag ban. I rarely see plastic bags used now! Only those material green bags.

3 eyeshadow palettes and 3 pairs of lashes

I could do a full review of the palette/s. The pigmentation is quite good for a considerably cheap eyeshadow palette. They are really smooth and not powdery :)

Oh a few of the shadows were a bit broken. I don't blame my bf for that. Things can happen when travelling from one place to another. Other than that, they are still usable so it's no big deal. At least they're not completely broken =]

Again, they're pigmented and quite vibrant. I love it!

They both had the same at the back, everything written in Japanese. I like how they've included how to apply the eyeshadows with the image
But I see that they were made in China :O I thought all Japanese things would be made in Japan? Haha

Very neutral browns

But sadly, not as pigmented as I had hoped. However that light blue is like WOAH

English and Japanese directions and ingredients. Made in China again.

Here's one pair of lashes that caught my eye the most:
Quite dramatic! Long and criss-cross :] I swear they're so soft ^-^

Comes with glue (I don't ever use the glue that comes with eyelashes. I prefer to use my Duo Eyelash Glue)

Everything written in Japanese. Product made in China

Yep so that's about it. I didn't get tons of things but I'm happy with what my bf got me. It probably wasn't that easy for him too because he's a guy and guys don't know much about makeup and beauty products x) So thanks heaps to him for going out of his way and getting them for me!

Thanks to VioletLeBeaux for the photos on her blog from her visit to Daiso! I gave the pictures to my bf so that he could choose out the items for me =]

I thought that all of the items would be made from Japan instead of China! I guess that's why they are sold for so cheap? Almost everything I own or see is made in China x)

I can't wait to try on the lashes and perhaps do some looks with my new palettes and colours which i have never worked with before. Please let me know if you would like me to do reviews or looks with these :)


  1. Aww, you got a cat!! XD

    And I'm so jealous that you have a Daiso! I really want to go to a Daiso but I don't think I'm traveling anytime soon and the only Daiso in Canada is in Vancouver,,,,which is the other side of where I live in Canada =/

    The lashes look so fun! I'm starting to really like the look of falsies but I'm so terrible at applying them and they feel kind of uncomfortable? Or is that just me?

  2. they are all so cute! I like the second palette. I hear so much things about Daiso, I wanted to go when I was in Korea, but didn't get a change to. :(

  3. the light blue one is perfect for the tearducts! xx

  4. I love the prodcuts! ^-^
    Wow, banned plastic bags.
    That's a great way to go GREEN. ^-^
    I'd love to see photos of you with the eyeshadows & eye lashes on soon. :D

  5. lol no helping it, china has cheaper labour :p
    but jealous we don't have a store like that in perth... then again when did perth ever get anything good :p

  6. I would LOVE to see the criss-cross eyelashes on you! Definitely post a mini review about those. :3

    Even though they were cheap in price, the packaging for all the eyeshadows look really prety. They remind me of a gyaru kind of packaging. o:

  7. Your boyfriend has been to DAISO before I have ;-; Sad. But yes, it is actually really far from where I live >_<" !

    Hmm, taxi? He should've taken public transport = WAY CHEAPER hahahah. But ah wells xD

    I really go to bug my parents to let me go since it's so far :\ but still!

  8. Great haul! I love how criss cross lashes look, I think they look the most natural :)

  9. Omg im so excited to see your kitten i love kitty cats!
    The eyelashes look rly nice i have some similar to them and theyre really pretty to wear!
    Much Love Chanel

  10. that's very sweet of him to get those products for you and for the most part those lashes looks very cute!

  11. oooo i bought the same little " Shine Colour Eye" eyeshadow pallete that you got from daiso too xD However i chose the one with brown and gold :)

    Yeh the shop here is melbourne is very small :( And yeh quite far from where i live D:
    But oh well, it was worth having a look at for me :)
    LOL i also mostly wanted to go coz i saw the pics on VioletLeBeaux blog too XD


  12. yayy for cheap and pigmented/not powdery eye shadows =DD can't wait to meet your kitten <3

  13. I must be living under a rock >.<.
    Since when was Daiso opened in Melebourne?
    So excited hehe, been waiting for it to open here for ages now!
    If it's in the city, I'm going to the city tomorrow.

    -continues reading- hehe

  14. Aww no problems with the photos, that's so cute you gave them to you to find the items!! I'm glad you liked what you got :D I can't wait to see som more of the palettes I really want to buy the pink one :D

  15. ahhhh~~ i want all of them! they are sooo cute! im so jealous. lol :p

  16. woah, kittens on special? lol that makes them sound like some sort of product! :P

    love all the goodies from daiso btw! theres actually another store in the melbourne CBD which is really similar to daiso and they have a big range of cute stuff for really cheap ^_^


    I can't wait to see him or her ><

    omg i am totally going to daiso in melb ><

  18. the eyeshadows look really nice. especially the purple =D!

    I used to love daiso when i was in HK... have to find a day and go to the daiso in melbourne XDD

  19. Your bf is so sweet! Can't wait for you to try out your new eyelashes, they look cutee. :}

  20. oh amazing haul! i love the palletes and the shades are super lovely, made me wonder if we have daiso here xD

  21. whoa dude your state has the plastic bag ban! i thought it those bans were all talk but it actually exists in SA! whoa coool

    i cant wait to see your kitty bub

    and your boyfriend is so thoughtful! ^^
    i dont think my boyfriend would know what make up to get me hahaa

  22. I love Daiso! It's just a little far from me, which makes me want to visit it even more. I always end up buying a bunch of things (useful or not) from there because everything is so cheap. I've never purchased eyeshadows from Daiso though, but it looks like it's going on my shopping list the next time I visit ;) Thanks for the swatches!

  23. RE: Typo is really cool, i hope you get to shop in it soon! ^^

    I actually use one box suprisingly. Even though I'm supposed to use two ... but my hair's super thin so idk haha


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