Friday, December 17, 2010

EkiLove Haul

Hey guys, I'm going to talk about a package that I received the other day. It was from Eki and if you follow her blog or know her on YouTube, you might be aware that she has her own online store called EkiLove where there are many handmade items created by her! Things such as necklaces, earrings, bracelets, hair accessories, pouches and more :) She is so talented and all of her pieces are gorgeous!

I decided to make my first purchase from her store and I ended up purchasing two necklaces. With $50+ purchases, you get a free hair bow velcro so I thought, why not splurge just a little ;)

I was meant to receive the package earlier this month but a problem occurred. My address on the package was not no longer readable so it was sent back to Eki. She contacted my via email about it and apologised that this had occurred. I would be lying if I said that I wasn't unhappy with the outcome (I was planning to wear one of the necklaces to my graduation) but Eki was sweet enough to repackage it all and add in some extra goodies and refund me my shipping fee! She believes in great customer service and what can I say, I was very pleased with her generosity and kindness.

I wasn't able to take photos of when everything was still wrapped up because my mum made me open it all in front of her (she's very nosy when I receive packages!)

But I managed to put things together again in the nicest way possible:

♥ Everything was wrapped in pink crepe paper and pink ribbon
♥ Jewellery boxes and pouches for my necklaces
♥ FREE headband she included (RRP $12.00)
♥ Apology and thank you note with attached goodies

It was seriously the prettiest package that I have ever received, so much pink! Almost like a love package

If my package wasn't delayed, it would have been like this with a few of the goodies

She included:
♥ The headband
♥ Eye collagen mask
♥ Sweets
♥ Nail stickers which can be bought on her store (RRP $2.95)

I had to wait an extra week or so to receive the package but in the end, the wait was totally worth it! Because if I look on the bright side, the shipping turned out to be free and I received extra items that could have been purchased instead. She is so sweet.

Her jewellery pieces are really elegant and are inspired by hime-gyaru style, consisting of bows, crowns, keys, hearts and of course, those beautiful Swarovski heart crystals. They are so sparkly!

If you go on her store, you'll be able to see one of the necklaces that I purchased. It's called 'Falling Hearts Necklace'

What really attracted me about this was the mini key at the bottom and the two different-shaped hearts. It has elegance and simplicity, which I adore.

I bought the 16"-chained one with an aquamarine crystal and yellow crystal. I love it!

Closer look at the sparkly-ness

This second necklace is not on the store anymore and I'm not sure whether it will make a return. I forgot the name of this one but I think the name would have the word 'Butterfly' in it.

I love the lighting/editing of Eki's pictures, so pretty

Again the chain is 16". The other option is 18" and I think if I purchase from her again, I'll purchase one with 18" to compare the length
(I look more tanned here o_o must be my camera)

The silver plate of the butterfly has a glare when the light shines on it. White butterfly and flower crystals :)

Gahh I can't wait to wear these necklaces out! So so pretty and I wouldn't be able to find necklaces like these in shops ^_^ Which makes them even more unique. Thank you Eki for making such lovely jewellery.

I thought I'd also like to show you guys the headband that she made. It's called Pink Floral Bow Headband

Here is the girl herself who's behind all of these lovely creations - the gorgeous Eki modelling the headband

And then there's me... no where near as kawaii as her x)

This was the afternoon I came home after the interview. Don't know what I'm talking about? Check this post
Very limited makeup and it looks like I have really dark under-eye bags but that was my mascara transferring onto it :/
Maybe I should have worn circle lenses and make myself look more dolly hehe

But anyway, the bow headband is so cute and I really want to wear it out with a floral dress! I'm glad that Eki included this in my package, I was thinking of purchasing it but now I don't have to xD

That's all to this haul, I hope it was interesting. I will definitely purchase again from EkiLove in the future :) Let me know if any one of you are thinking of purchasing something from EkiLove, I'd love to see or hear about what you get!


  1. I love the 1st necklace w/ the key. It's so cute. You look darling with the hairbow. :)

  2. Such beautiful necklaces! I too believe in good customer service. If you don't of course no one would want to buy from there again. I also really enjoy handmade products. It feels like something made especially for you. :)

  3. Ohh! I love EkiLove jewelry!! Eki is too sweet! The necklaces you bought are too pretty! <3

  4. PRETTY NECKLACES! And I love the quality! And that cute headband suits you!

  5. The delay was a pity, but like you said it was totally worth it in the end. The goodies you got look really good <3

    I'm going to check her shop out now, lol.

  6. wooo goodies from ekilove! her stuff is sooo pretty :)
    love the first necklace, keys are love. idk why hahaha

  7. !!! I loveee it.
    The items look gorgeous and great service is always win win win !!! ^-^ The necklaces look so niceeeee.

    /LOL, my mum is super nosy too. And she likes to read my letters and etc too. :|

  8. OMG THAT'S SO PRETTY! I love the key necklace! TBH I love anything with a key design :D
    I love her jewelery! I'm tempted to buy them but I'm banned from online shopping until further notice :(

    Anywho, I'd be pretty pissed off if my package was sent back, mainly because you get all excited for the package coming so you know when to expect it, and it doesn't come. But at least she apologized and gave you freebies as well as refunding your shipping money - some online shops don't even do that.

    Omg my mum gets pretty nosy when packages come for me - she wants to see what's inside, then yells at me for buying things! Good thing I moved out :D

  9. I was wondering about the ekilove store. thanks for sharing! they are look so nice!

  10. I really loveeee Eki's stuff <3 her necklaces are always so pretty with those swarovski crystals =D <3 love love love! and she always includes extra stuff which is nice too ^^ hihi,

  11. They're all gorgeous!!
    You're so lucky!

  12. They're all so gorgeous! Love all of it especially the cute headband.

  13. I love it all, everything is soo pretty ♥

  14. Gorgeous-ness!! Eki's creation never fails to please me! They're all so so so beautiful! If I were rich, I'd purchase her entire store ^^

    I love both necklaces you got! Very elegant and long ^^

    It sucks that it got delayed but it's super sweet of Eki to make it up for you!

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