Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Boxing Day Sales Haul

Hello, I went shopping yesterday with my mum and relatives for the Boxing Day sales. Here's my little haul on the items that I purchased at the mall in my city's centre which has plenty of shops for everyone. I know Boxing Day is the 26th of December but in my city, the shops didn't officially open until the 28th :| When I went yesterday, it was SO packed!! People everywhere and escalators would constantly be filled. I have never been shopping on Boxing Day right after Christmas so this was something quite new for me. Never had I seen so many people at this mall at one time, it was utter madness. I didn't even go that early but if I was there when the shops opened, I think there would have been lots of pushing, shoving and running xD

Luckily it wasn't like that for me, just numerous lines to the checkout and harder to browse properly because people were everywhere. Shopping with my mum and relatives meant that I couldn't just go into the shops that I wanted to see - I also had to go in ones that they liked (e.g. aunties and mum) didn't interest me, but I wasn't too concerned about that. The Boxing Day sales over here weren't as good as I expected them to be, however I was glad that I could snatch up a few bargains =]

I had nothing to haul about from Christmas (don't really celebrate it) so I've decided to show you what I got after Christmas x] Sooooooooooo, what did I end up getting?

Floral skirt with belt - $9.95 from Temt (RRP $24.95)
I think this skirt is really cute, I love floral patterns and I love how it came with a belt
It was the last one and luckily it was in my size!

Grey frilly dressy/casual singlet - $9.95 from Temt (half price)
It can be both casual and dressy, which is why I like it =]

Light blue denim-style leggings - $6.50 from Suite Boutique (half price)
Not something I'd wear in summer but wait until winter comes - I'll be glad that I bought these leggings :D I like how they're a light blue because I already have a dark blue and a black one of this

Brown Bluebird crossover bag - $14 from Strandbags (RRP $24)
I've been looking for a cheap crossover bag. I was going to get one for $20 last week but I'm really glad that I didn't because I like this one more

I bought a pair of shoes

Grey peep-toe flats - $25 from Mathers (RRP $79.95)

:O This is the biggest saving out of all the items I bought yesterday
It says $49.99 but there was a further 50% off reduction on top of that ^_^

My feet are considerably small, size 6 and a half to 7

These are really comfortable and $25 from $80 is a big difference :-)
My mum wanted me to buy some comfortable walking flats for uni next year, because she reckons I will be walking a lot, which is true I guess

Not a huge fan of feet and pictures of feet but yeah, they fit pretty snug! This picture can be for you Thomas and Chanel :P

What could be in this pretty pink box?

Earrings and necklace set - $5 from Diva

Testing the sparkle in the sun. Quite pretty

I remember seeing these before Christmas and thinking "ooh what a lovely gift these would make". I feel a bit bad for those who did buy this as a Christmas gift because they are now worth less than half the RRP!

That's all I got for myself. It isn't a lot but I'm very happy with what I got and I think I might be going shopping again tomorrow at a different mall to check out the sales there too.

I wore everything together except for the leggings to make an outfit. I could have worn the leggings too but eh, not suitable for summer weather right now. How strange, I didn't realise that I had all of the items from my haul to make a wearable outfit completed with shoes, a bag and accessories.

Who's my photographer? No one, just used the timer on my camera and tripod
If I had someone to take this photo, a strand of hair wouldn't be sticking out because they might be nice enough to point it out or fix it :(


Now you can see my shoes

I don't think I'd pair the singlet with the skirt for an outfit to wear out because it covers my belt =/
You can see a bit of my stomach... lol

At the back of the singlet it is just plain. The straps are adjustable

The next pictures remind me of a girl being happy and waiting for her date to arrive xD
I ran out of poses to do so I just did random things
Don't mind my commentary, haha

*smiling to herself*

*checking out the necklace he got for her*

*wandering around while waiting*

*admiring the earrings that he got for her*

(He's here!) *She suddenly becomes shy* :3

Close-up of earrings and necklace. They're simple but I think they're cute :)
I really want to get a second piercing on my lobe

And ARGH again my hair is messy in those pictures. I swear, my hair never falls perfectly no matter what I do. Maybe I should straighten it next time.

Well... here's my excuse for not having nice, un-messy hair...

Hahaha, good enough excuse yes?

I thought it'd be cool to have a picture of me jumping. I look weird but ah well x)

I'll try to post again before the end of the year :) I have a few days left though, eep!


  1. Nice buys!! :D
    I really like your skirt~

    I didn't go boxing day shopping this year.
    Usually there's nothing I want on boxing day for some reason hahaha.
    Though I attended a few midnight shopping nights that were held a few days before Christmas and also a 24hour shopping spree. @_@

  2. LOL JENNIFER. YOU LOOK SO CUTE JUMPINGGGGGGG!!!! We're going to do jumping shots when you come visit me, kay? LOL <3 /visit me nowwww~! (whines)

    Either way, love your haul! I think the outfit looks better without the leggings anyway. Aus is too hot atm to wear any >_>"

    I LOVE THE BAG. I'm going to steal it. ;) And ;A; ! AT LEAST YOUR FEET CAN FIT IN TO THE SHOES HERE :( My feet can't fit in to ANY flats that I find in Aus grrrr. I'm like a size 4. .... :( sigh

    And thanks for your comment love <3 I'm so glad we met eachother. IT WAS MEANT TO BE. SERIOUSLY. I love youuuuuuu!

  3. :B I just saw your BLOG BFS LINK HHAHAHAHAH. So we're your blogging boyfriends? ;] ! STEALING YOU AWAY FROM OUR BF WOOOOOOO <3

    OMGG. I was going to post those pictures up of us on my blog but I forgot :( Dare I do it now?

  4. Omgosh! I literally LOLed when i saw that bluebird bag you got because i got the exact same one today! Only i got mine for $9 =O I was so surprised!

    Loved your haul, that skirt you got was actually something i had my eye on too LOL. And the earrings and necklace and really pretty :D

  5. Omg lucky you, all I had time for was to go shopping at hollywood plaza LOL! Lovin the bluebird bag & your layered top! I love tempt, they're clothes are so well priced yet super pretty~ You have good taste!


  6. Ahwww, i'm loving the cute outfit ^^ everything is so cheap on boxing day =D !! love love love.. nice haul =D

  7. You look gorgeous. <3
    And you have very shiny legs. :P

  8. awesome buys! i wanna go shopping tooooo. i really like that outfit! you look so pretty and comfy!

  9. I love the skirt with the belt. I would wear it with a plain tank tucked in! Your shoes are also so cute!

  10. Hahaha, the whip my hair back and fourth picture. xD Oh goddd, my boyfriend hates the song and I like annoying him by singing it and whipping my head everywhere. lol

    The outfit looks really nice and all of it so cheap! Can't wait to see what you'll buy next. :) That's really convenient how all the items you bought form an outfit! I'm really in love with the skirt. I'm really picky with floral patterns and that specific one is just gorgeous. x]

    Girl, your hair looks good! :D Though I hate when things tend to mess up when your running from the camera back to your spot. D: If only we could have clones of us, and make the clones do all the posing and modeling. lol

  11. bargains! Looks like you foudn some neat stuff :D

    i dont' like crowded shopping places thus i never go out to the sales. Every attempt i've made to go to these massive sales i would come home crippled cos i get shoved and pushed and stepped on. It's not worth coming home absolutely beaten :p

    love the last photo tho very cute!

  12. love your haul! when i went boxing day shopping, i came home with nothing because i just couldn't deal with the amount of people. the women were like released cage animals fighting for clothes haha!

  13. Oooh, got to love the sales, The bag is my fav (: xx

  14. I love your skirt and flats and the necklace! Great deals on all of them! I feel so sad that I didn't go shopping this year =( The sales are probably all over now >.>

  15. LMAO i whip my hair back and forth hahahahah love you jen

    you're always so prettyyyyy girl!
    you inspired me to get a tripod hhaha <3

  16. I love everything you got and I LOVE those pictures of you! you're so cute!

  17. You went for Boxing Day Sales too! There were SO many people I swear everything was FREE (haha not really) XD I love everything you got, it's what I would get for myself too! I wanted to get a skirt but couldn't find any nice ones at my local mall. And I was about to do a post on my haul but didn't have the time cos I was leaving for Singapore the next day, and they're at home now :(

    I love your photos!! Especially the "waiting for her date", "he's here!", "I whip my hair back and forth" ones <3 HAHAHA stop being so cute :p

  18. you are so cute when you jump and whip you hair xD

    and i love your haul!

  19. Boo hoo, me and my friends totally missed out boxing day's sale. We slept in....
    I like your skirt and messenger bag O__O ~
    I wish my camera came with a tripod, so my shots are more pro T-T
    Anyway! I just wanna say Happy New Year! In advance :)

    Take care!

  20. ohhh cute outfit. looks like a fun day of shopping. great photos with the new tri pod xo

  21. Your skirt is super cute!!! And it was super sweet of your bf to get you those gifts! Sometimes simple is better =)

    p.s loving that picture of you shaking your hair!

  22. I love the skirtt!! Its really preetttyy :) Aww the jewellery is so cute :) your pics are adorable ^^
    ~~Hello @

    visit ;)

  23. You look lovely in the photos! :D
    I also managed to pick up a few items at Temt but didn't go into Diva cause wayyy too many people hahaha

    Super nice haul!

  24. Jennifer you are SOOO friggin CUUUUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >w< *explodes with cuteness overload* XD I especially find that last pic sooo adorable, you don't look weird at all I LOVe that pic!!
    And I agree with your mom you are a model material O_O I rarely see your full length photos and wow you have like the perfect proportions... *jealous* I love that skirt and shirt, but my favorite is the flats ^__^ so so so cute. you even have pretty feet too heehee <3

  25. Great buys jen! I love the skirt and shoesss!! It's so weird that your sales is summer clothing whereas ours is winter clothing lol!! It makes me want to wear summer clothes!

    LOL @ your hair pic, that made me burst out laughing, you're so cute!! Happy new years to you darling! xX

  26. you look super cute and I'm so loving the top and the skirt! but the baaag TT.TT must have!

  27. That top and your earrings are so cute : ) Happy new year, Jen!

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  28. You're too good !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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