Monday, December 27, 2010

Arranged Sidebar and Other Things

Hello! I'm guessing that by now Christmas is over for everyone hehe. I think Australia is in front so I guess we were the first ones to celebrate Christmas. I really don't think any country can be this behind to have just celebrated Christmas today, but just in case... Merry Christmas!

So I don't know whether you've noticed this or not but I made my sidebar on my blog different. I've added a few new elements, removed some and also made it 'double', by having things side by side. I wanted to have less clutter but by saying that, maybe I have caused more clutter with my dual sidebar. But really, I wanted everything to be seen easily, instead of scrolling down too much.

On my sidebar you may have noticed these new additions :) My Daisypaths and PitaPata! I found these on another blog (I can't remember whose, sorry!) and I thought that they'd be really cute to have on my sidebar. It might not interest you or anything but I like having them there for me so I can keep track of the months, weeks and days since 'blah blah blah' - what ever it may be.

So if you haven't seen them, here they are enlarged!

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Vacation tickers

PitaPata Cat tickers

[Click on them if you want to make your own]

I think these are really cute, don't you :]? There are many other purposes to choose from like how long you've been friends with someone, next time you'll go on holiday, your birthday etc. There are also many designs to choose from and I like how the image moves along the background so you can keep track easier. I'm glad I found out about these tickers because they've really come in handy and now I don't have to try to remember how old my kitten Coco is.

Which reminds me - I still have to upload the videos of Coco playing! Will do some time :) But here's a cute picture of him sleeping on my lap:

He's so cute when he sleeps ^_^ Like a baby
He looks exactly like the cat in the ticker above! Black and white, mostly white and a black tail :D

The newest addition is my makeup-purchasing ban ticker :) I was looking all over Google to try and find something to say 'I have stopped _______ since ______ and it's been _____' but that was too hard. So I decided to use the Daisypath and I found something that could replace it. There's a holidays one where you can figure out how long it's been since you went on vacation. Haha so the little character is a lady holding a trolley bag, obviously to go on vacation x) I've used it as my shopping bag, an empty shopping bag with no cosmetics hehe! So all you guys can know how I'm progressing with this ban and to see how long I can last! The good sign for now is that I'm not tempted to purchase any makeup, even with those mad Boxing Day sales :P

So why did I decide to have a makeup-purchasing ban?

I cleaned out my drawers a few weeks ago and I realised that I've got enough makeup to use. I hardly run out or hit so it shows you how often I use makeup like eyeshadow - only on special occasions, which is about once every 3 months or so.

This is what 'hitting pan' looks like, in case you don't know. It's only happened twice to me...

My heart-shaped bronzer with a mirror. I don't use bronzer the way it's meant to be used because I don't really know how xD I use it to make my concealer/foundation darker if it makes me look too pale. I should learn how to use bronzer properly. I like this one but I can't repurchase because it came from a magazine :|

This is the oldest makeup palette I have. Looks heaps outdated ay, especially because of the colour combos. This is actually my mums and this was my first ever makeup palette that I played with when I was a little girl. I guess it all started from here, my appreciation for makeup and eyeshadows. Brings back so many memories of applying the blush on my face all wrong and wearing too much eyeshadow when I was playing around with it xD I never wore it out so don't worry about me wearing makeup at a young age, I never did!

I hit pan on the brown because it's a lovely neutral colour for my lids and I've used it to contour my nose. It also looks like I've hit pan on the pink blush and lippies but I just cleaned them out. The pink blush cracked and the lippies became so sticky :/ I've already discontinued using this palette because it's so old now. I still keep this in my cupboard though x)

2010 marked the year of my makeup obsession. Not a crazy obsession, just one which led me to spend hundreds of dollars on this year alone :/ My bank account probably hates me now, and I hate it too because it never tops up x) It's been a while since I've made a deposit. But anywho, having this 'ban' makes me feel more in control now and I can spend money which I could have used to purchase makeup to now splurge on shoes (which I need more of). So bye-bye to purchasing makeup for a while (hopefully), I don't want to feel tempted!

Wish me luck and trust me that I won't cheat, because I promise that I won't :D I don't care how cheap makeup will be or if there are any sales while I'm on the ban, buying more doesn't phase me!! Here's a list of things that I'm banning myself from buying, not from using LOL:

- Eyeshadow
- Mascara
- Eyeliner
- Lipsticks
- Makeup remover and wipes
- Lipgloss
- Skincare products (creams, face wash etc.)
- Nail polish (I've included this!)
- Blush
- Concealer
- Lipbalm

Can I have a few exceptions? I think I should, especially because the list above is quite long

+ False eyelashes: They can be quite cheap and I don't have many ^^"
+ Contact lenses: I'm on a sponsor program so I can't exactly get a ban for this
+ Palette other than for eyeshadow: Like a contour palette which I have never owned before. If I see a cheap one or if one is on sale, I might purchase.
+ Brushes: Something that I don't have a lot of and I still want to add a few to my collection
+ Foudation: I only have one bottle and if I run out (which I have before) then I don't have an alternative :/ Tinted moisturiser isn't always enough :P

I've gotten my motivation to not purchase anymore from seeing my drawer with all my makeup and hearing my mum yelling at me for having so much xD Honestly though, I don't have a crazy amount! One day I might show you guys what I have and how I store it all =]

That's all for this post, hope you like the tickers on my sidebar. I would love to see some on your blogs because they're quite interesting and I might discover something new about you. Just remember that I am on a ban from purchasing makeup, not from using. A makeup-using ban wouldn't go so well... maybe only lasting for a few weeks or a few days haha!


  1. good luck on your ban for not buying anymore makep :p
    i've tried and it's so hard and mine normally last a month then i'm back on the bandwagon :p so i'm an absolute FAIL in this kind of thing. However i know you'll do better than me :D

  2. The banners are adorable! Good luck with your makeup ban xD And your cat is so cute <3

  3. The daisy path sidebar thingy is too cute. I seriously need to buckle down and stop buying makeup. I've haven't been to bad lately but can pick the habit up like nothing. GOOD LUCK, Jen. :)

  4. good luck jennn
    I'd die. LOL


  5. hey hun! i just wanted to wish you happy belated christmas! i hope you had a wonderful day ** hug***

  6. @Tezza LOL! Ever since I got my kitten I've felt less motivated to use nail polish because he attacks my nails when they're painted xD Tgat's why I don't think I need to buy more haha

  7. Hello! Would you like to follow each others blogs? :) Happy New Year! >.<

    Btw, I love your cat! He's so cute ^^

  8. I don't think you should ban yourself from lipbalm since its more like skin care not makeup
    ..unless you have lots of it or your lips dont dry out a lot.

    Good luck on the makeup purchasing ban!

    I'm a new follower btw~ =3

  9. yay.. lets support each other! I'm on a ban as well :) working quite nice... I have purchased any big hauls these past 2 months~ I'll continue it next year.. good luck!

  10. Waaaa so cute ah,
    my new years resolution is also to stop buying >_< xx

  11. Jenniferrrrrr.
    Love the layout. Hehe, I'm actually in the process of my new one and it has the double right side bar thing too lol :D ! <3



  13. Coco looks so adorable! >////< I personally LOVE cats and they're in my opinion the best type of pet to own. :3 lol

    I've seen these daisy paths every were! You're the first one I've seen with one where you've prohibited yourself from purchasing. xD That's actually a really smart idea and I think looking at how long you've lasted without buying makeup will probably prevent you from buying more! Kind of like receiving motivation from the daisy path bar. :D

    Good luck with this task!
    I could never ban myself from using makeup neither ...

  14. CUUUUUTEE kittyyy *spazzes*

    And omg, lemme know how you do with the ban :| Seriously, I tried it once..didn't last more then 3 days -_____-


  15. you should totally do a vlog with your kitty!!!!!! =DDDD

    Wow I admire your determination to ban yourself from buying makeup for a length of time.. I so CANNOT do it. It will make my life too miserable >_< but it's true that I had too much too... lol....

  16. oo i love makeup too but the fact that I don't use most of them is my best reason to stop buying ne more.. ~ haha i don't know about you though ^^ ~

    xoxo hitomineko xoxo

  17. Good luck on your ban darling. I wish I had the strength to do it myself .. butttttt .. it would fail miserably :(
    Just today I stocked up on more stuff *sighs*
    Maybe I buy and send to you? That way your not really breaking your ban :P haha

    P.S - Super cute kitty ;] love when they sleep with their paws in front of their faces >.<

  18. good luck with your ban! this can be like your new years resolution! ^^

  19. i added my own one onto my blog! XD

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