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What is Your Skin Type?

Hi =] So this will be a beauty-related post since I haven't really done any of them in a while. I'm sure you already know what this is about just from reading the title. Anyway, I decided to do this post because the lovely Tam asked me a question relating to skin care products. She told me that she's been having breakouts and wanted me to recommend her a face wash to reduce the effect, and also suggest a good foundation for her skin. I didn't ask her what type of skin she has but because she was having breakouts, I assumed that she had oily/combination skin.

Honestly, no one really can assume what type of skin someone has. Only you yourself would know. When I was a lot younger, I thought that everyone had the same skin type. Now that I look back I realise how naive I was :S Our skin differs not only by shade but also by type. Not sure what 'skin type' means? Well it's just a way to describe what type of skin you have, such as normal, dry, oily, combination (dry & oily) and sensitive.

It took me a while to realise that I had dry and sensitive skin. I was once allergic to chlorine in a specific pool that I used to have swimming lessons in, and each time I went swimming I would get a really bad red, itchy rash afterwards. The doctor prescribed me with a cream to treat it and it helped. I also stopped swimming there because I realised that that was the cause and I really hated having a blotchy red face. People at school would ask me how I got it and I'd say that it was sunburn... even when there was no sun around. I was ashamed of my sensitive skin, and no one would have understood if I said that it was an allergic reaction to chlorine. You know how young school kids are, they don't care much about your feelings and say whatever they want. Someone asked me whether it was contagious or not. I just gave them a weird look *raises eyebrows*.

I have a dry t-zone (forehead and nose bridge) so I can't comprehend how people can have that area being oily! Growing up, I used to worry about getting really bad acne because I saw that it was common in pubescent teenagers. If only I had understood that my skin type wouldn't be prone to having a bad case of acne. Those with oily skin are prone to having acne because the oil build-up on the face causes break outs and clogged pores. I used the face wash that was suitable for people who have acne and oily skin. Quite frankly, I did not care about what products I was using for my face, and then I'd get allergic reactions. Haha, I was never taught anything about skin types!

I won't go into the jargon of what each skin type is described as and stuff so I'll leave you with this quiz which was in the Dolly Beauty Book. Dolly is an Australian teen girl's magazine and in the previous issue, it came with a free Beauty Book :D That was my main purpose of purchasing this issue!

Just a few scans I've decided to include relating to skin and some which I found to be really interesting:

To me this book is like the replica of those make-up books like the ones from Napoleon Perdis and Bobbi Brown. This is much simpler and includes skin, make-up, hair and body sections :)

Feel free to do this very simple quiz. I'd like to know whether anyone has the same skin type as me (sensitive). Sorry that the scan isn't very clear on the edge =[

Here are some tips on how to 'fix' blemishes on our face, such as dark circles, redness and puffy eyes. I found this really helpful.

Simple steps on how to wash your face =]

Tips on how to face mask, and the types of masks that are suitable for your skin type

Are you allergic to any ingredients, or would you like to know what certain ingredients do to your skin? This really helps!

Oh and yes, the skin myths busted :)

Props to those who do scans for magazines, it's not that easy! Well, for me it wasn't that easy :/ As you can see, I didn't put it very straight in my scanner and there are dark bits on the edges. I knew it wouldn't have been easy, but I really wanted to share with you the information in this beauty book :) I loved how it was free and I'm glad that I got my hands on this.

There were more stuff on skin but I didn't think it was necessary to scan, and they weren't as interesting :P If anyone wants, I could scan the make-up section and hair section since they are also really interesting too =] I'll only scan if requested hehe.

Oh and some of you requested for me to do a review on my current foundation - the Revlon ColorStay Velvet Creme make up. That is on its way!

Unfortunately this beauty book can't be for sale on its own and the issue of Dolly was last month's so it isn't available anymore :( Hmm perhaps I should have made this post earlier... oops.

I'm curious to know, what is your skin type, and how do you maintain it?
Were you ever or are you still like the 'old' me, so clueless about skin care products?


  1. I have a suuuuuper oily skin it sucks. What I do is I try to wash my face only once to twice a day (bcos I read from somewhere that if you overdo it, your skin might just produce more oil). And then as much as possible I buy products that are oil-free (which are so difficult to find!)

    BTW, I read from your scans something about Glycolic Acid. We are having a giveaway at my blog (package contains Glycolic Facial serum from Avon!) I do hope you guys could join :)

    Zeng from TheBeehive

  2. My skin type is oily. And I maintain it by washing my face twice a day, moisturize it well, and use oil blotting papers. :(

  3. Hello! I really liked this post! The magazine scans were a fun read :) I have oily/combination skin, so I'm acne-prone. But THANKFULLY right now my skin is about as clear as porcelain. I put in a lot of effort to make sure I moisturize in the right places, and blot when I need to, apply acne cream when I feel like I'm getting a spot... Hahah, I was definitely like the "old" you when I was first hitting puberty. I was like, "AHHH, why is the pimple monster constantly attacking me and not other girls?!" Then I realized that just because other girls can have perfect skin without washing their face morning and night doesn't mean I can too :( I'm so glad I'm past that though. So glad.

  4. How I love magazine/book scans! Always super interesting.

    My skin type is dry )=

  5. Thanks for the scans! I agree, scans are not easy! I don't even have a scanner so I have to take photos =( That's even harder cause sometimes my camera doesn't focus properly or I might be a bit shaky.

  6. I have dry skin. I use Lush products to keep me from looking like a dried up old mummy. Ultrabland cleanser, Eau Roma Water Toner, and Imperials moisturizer.

  7. Such a useful and awesome post! I remember too when I didn't know what my skin type was and I would buy random acne products. :( I found out later on as I did some research and examined my face.
    There are some things I didn't know of after reading this post!

    I have oily/dry skin, and my problems are always either 1)flakiness and 2)random pimples. D:

    I saved a couple of these scans to look back on when I need new products, thanks for sharing Jen! :'3

  8. I have oily skin, but i think combination .. cos right now my cheek area is so dry, that its kinda flaky ... and no matter how much moisturiser i put, it still ends up flaky after a while :(

    and its weird bcos this is pretty new to me, i never had it before!

  9. i have an oily t-zone :( is that what its called? ><

  10. I've dry sensitive skin EXACTLY like yours. And when I say exactly I really mean exactly cos I've got all the same answers as you did for that mini quiz from the scans :D

    I used to think like the old you did, on how I assumed that everyone had the same skin type and that I'd break out a lot. But I didn't really care about cleansers or face wash at that age. I used to only wash my face with water up until I was Grade 6 before I spotted a pimple-like thing on my face. It wasn't as bad as a pimple cos there wasn't pus or redness. So that's when I started to take care of my skin.

    But since our skin is on the dry side, I'd wash my face only once a day (at night) with a deep cleansing wash and rinse it off with warm water. Then use a toner and mosturiser after. In the morning though, I'd just rinse my face with cold water, use a toner and mosturiser. I used to wash my face twice a day but I learned that once is enough for dry skin types. So I decided to wash at night since my skin is quite clean in the morning compared to it at night after going out and coming into contact with dirt.

    Also, I'd use a mask once a week. Should I do it twice instead?

    So yeh, I realised that my skin isn't that dry anymore after I changed to only washing my face once a day.

    I can't wait for you to do that review on the Revlon ColorStay Velvet Creme! :)

  11. @Min oh high five! lol
    I only wash my face with water because i haven't looked for a face wash that's suitable for my sensitive skin! but my face is fine with just washing with water i think.

    using a mask once a week is fine :)

    thank you for your long comment again <3 :D

  12. Great post!! Thanks for sharing.. But i don't have the time to read the full post just finish front part. Will read when free. =)

  13. LOL I did the quiz and my answers are all over the place XD I don't have a "mostly" answer... :T but thanks for the scans! :D next time I wear a mask I'm gonna lie down and put my feet up XD

  14. Thank you Jennifer! I will read this tomorrow because my net is capped everything is so slow so I have to use my phone. Which is not any better cos the screen is tiny. Ohhhhhhhh so happy!

  15. great info! im supa oily skin too, and im going to try some of the info there hehe

    xoxo elle

  16. Finally, got what I was looking for!! I definitely enjoying every little bit of it. Glad I stumbled into this article! smile I have you saved to check out new stuff you post.

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  20. PLEASE scan the hair and makeup ones asap! that would be great :D
    i have been tryingto find this book, and i couldnt find it anywhere, so a friend let me borrow hers. i need to give it back soon, so i want to scan the pages i like, but i like pretty much them all, so it would be too hard to do them all.
    btw thanks for doing some of the skin. <3

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  22. Simple and sweet. I’m thinking of starting another blog or five pretty soon, and I’ll definitely consider this theme. Keep ‘em coming!

  23. I just wanted to make a quick comment to say I’m glad I found your blog. Thanks


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