Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Very Mini Haul

Hey this is my second blog post of the day x) I went shopping with my mum today and my main reason for going with her was to drop off some resumes at a few stores. I am still jobless after more than a week of holidays T__T I need to find a job asap to cure my money woes! I'm not heaps broke or anything but I'd like to feel more financially secured x) I've been withdrawing quite a lot from my bank so I'd like to be able to make up for all the withdrawals :S Hopefully soon!

The things that are good about shopping with my mum is that she usually pays for everything and I don't have to worry about transport since she drives instead of me driving xD And I don't have to find a park so yep haha.

I wasn't expecting to buy anything today but once I browse in shops, there's bound to be something that would catch my eye, be on sale or be at a bargain price. Considering the fact that I wasn't really planning to buy anything today, I was happy to get 4 things today. I handed in 3 resumes because for most of the stores there, I had already applied online. The 3 stores that I handed in resumes for were Big W, Priceline and Priceline Pharmacy. Please wish me luck that at least one of them contact me! Even if it's to say that my application has been declined because hearing from them is better than not hearing from them, right? I hate waiting around so if they do contact me then at least I know that they've read my resume :)

I walked past Supre and there was a $5 sale going on. I saw a rack full of clothes with a sign saying '$5' and lots of boxes full of clothes O_O I'm sure it's not just this particular Supre that has this or some sort of factory outlet warehouse thing going on in store because I watched Bury Me in Velvet's video of all the stuff she got from Supre, and she's from Melbourne. Why is Supre having this $5 thing? The items' RRP are $5 so it's not a sale of some kind. Hmmm...

They also had a promotion where you can put all the $5 clothes into a Supre bag and you just pay $50 for it all. That's really good for value but I didn't manage to pick out a bunch of items that I liked, in fact I only picked out one. This is what I got from Supre:

High-waisted shorts for $5
It's a little crinkly because I wore them at home for a while... taking pics LOL! I have to iron them now =[

They're not too short which is good =]
I use my phone to take pictures nowadays because my digital camera runs on AA batteries and all of mine are dead -__- I need a new camera!

Yay I finally got a pair of high-waisted shorts :) The style wasn't what I initially wanted for high-waisted shorts but for $5, who can complain? I'm really happy with it and I won't mind if heaps of people have the same. I'd only mind if it were a top and heaps of people have the same one :| Because tops are more obvious whereas shorts/pants/skirts can be similar but different.

The next item I got was from Cotton On:

White lacey top - $10

I love lace and to find this at a very reasonable price, I was happy. There was black but I prefer white lace since it looks more elegant in my opinion. And there was also a singlet version but my mum told me to get this one instead since the singlet one is "too common", or something like that haha. She loves to make decisions for me because she's the one who has pay for it anyway!

Since I was already wearing my singlet, I popped this on over it. It's wayyyy too see-through to wear on its own! You'd be crazy to wear it by itself xD Even though, I think some people do :/ Uhh...

I have an old phone :/ I need an upgrade. I'm happy with the picture quality though because it's a Sony Cybershot with focus

I think the singlet one would have been cool to have too, but it would have been the exact same colour.

Then I went to Target with my mum and there was '25% off cosmetic implements'. Mum bought me a new eyelash curler since I've been using her Revlon one and she wants to use it too, and it's always in my room haha x]

The brand is 'QVS' - never heard of it before

If I were to buy an eyelash curler, I would buy a Shiseido or Shu Uemura but to my mother, having a branded eyelash curler wouldn't be worth it. I don't know if it'd be worth it either but thsoe two brands are just so popular ~_~ Most beauty gurus on YouTube use the Shu Uemura one and I want to know why that is such a hype!

My fourth purchase of the day. I was looking for a back-up of my Revlon foundation which is running out like mad. It's the Revlon ColorStay Velvet Creme Matte Makeup. I doubt that many have heard of that one and I've never read or seen a review on this foundation before. Maybe I should do a review on it, since I like it so much :)

Yes, a full new bottle :D
Haha look how dark I am - I use the shade 'Natural Tan'!

Most girls would probably freak out if they tried on this shade of foundation. I don't even know if it's my correct shade of foundation but I REALLY want to avoid looking ghostly in pictures or like 3 shades whiter than my actual face shade :/ I think I am 'naturally tanned' too. I've used this foundation so many times for evening events and in pictures my face didn't turn out looking pale white :D I looked natural and 'flawless' because it gave me great coverage and it wasn't cakey at all.

It was only $25.95 from Nova Pharmacy, the only place where I could find this foundation. Priceline doesn't seem to have it anymore and I looked in Kmart, Big W, Target and they all didn't have it either. Now I'm having doubts about being able to find this foundation again because this was actually the last one at the Pharmacy :( And it was discounted. It's not normally $25.95 but I'm really happy with that price. The bottle that I have which is running out has lasted me for a year =]

I reckon it has been discontinued which is sad for me =/ Does anyone know of that foundation and have they seen it around? Anyway, if anyone wants to know more about this foundation and wans me to do a review on it then I will do one for sure.

I write so much ahhhhh. I hope it's okay. Should I cut down on my words for future posts?


  1. You don't have to cut down on your posts <3 !!

    OMG Is Supre having a $5 thingg? I have to go check it out :D I don't really care that people think that Supre is for kids >>" I rkn you can always find awesome things there if you look :D ! And you look gorgeous in those shorts and the lace top ! :)

    My mum always gives me her thoughts on whatever I buy because well ..I think she has a pretty good grasp on what looks good on me @-@"

    And :\ I've never seen that foundation before! But then again, I've never really looked at foundation properly :( !

    Oh and, I use The Face Shop eyelash curler. I think it looks pretty cos its gold xD

  2. No, the more posts the merrier. I was going to comment on the shorts, but I figure I've gotten in enough trouble over shorts recently... ;-) But I will say the lacy top is cute. :-)

  3. nice shorttttt <3 ahww, can never wear shorts here =( nobody really does it=/

  4. I like the high waisted shorts. So cheap but so nice! Also, your other purchase is very pretty. :P

  5. the brand QVS is also available in Superdrug in the UK. i also have a QVS eyelash curler and two QVS tweezers

  6. cute short! it's a great price =OO

  7. Very cute lace top!
    Must check out Cotton On hehe.

    I'm looking for high wasted shorts too~ But I'm skeptical if they're too short ><

  8. omg hope you find a job soon! We girls need the money to shop shop shop! LOL I know how it feels to be jobless though...been down that road before. : ( I love shopping with my parents as well because they insist on paying. hehe

    I like the lace top you got! Very cute and feminine : ) I think the amount you wrote for this post is just fine. Photo, description, photo, description.

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  9. Ahh, I CANNOT pull off high-waist shorts/skirts at all! jealous O_O

    Never heard of that foundation... it's always the photoready one getting all the hype XD but I will look out for it next time I'm at drugstore (:

    Good luck with your application ^__^ I hope you hear back with good news!

  10. Love your blog Jennifer...and I would suggest you try the Hot Lashes heated eyelash curler. Gold sturdy curler just like the SHU one and comes with its own samll pink heater unit.
    Best I have ever tried and my straight lashes stay super curly.. has some great reviews..The curler for the new decade~! The best ever..:)

  11. Omg must go to that supre sale! did you go to the one in broadmeadows by any chance? cos thats the factory outlet!

  12. Don't cute down on the words you use! I like reading lengthy posts :D

    You look great in that lacey top and shorts <3 I didn't know Supre was having a sale. Their stuff are usually quite pricey so I don't buy stuff from there but they have really nice clothing :)

  13. Great haul! I'm really loving lace tops right now :)
    And good luck with your job search, hopefully one of the places you applied to calls you! ^^

    YAY $5 :) :)

    i agree with min above, supre stuff, theyr qualitys not thaaaat great on some of their clothes but they charge so much for it O_O

  15. Jen, it's your blog and you can write as much as you want!! Those shorts are so cute and such a steal!!!

  16. I love long post Jennifer :) the $5 shorts omg Yummmm! The lace top is too cute I've been looking for one exactly like that! Now I know where to look :). Btw I news your help, I have really bad break outs atm can you pretty please recommend face wash and foundation brand?

  17. can never go wrong when a good sale is going on. especially if items are only $5 ;] .. cost more to get mcdonalds haha!

    loving the high waisted shorts on you though, you pull it off awesomely. high waisted shorts on me make my thighs look huge >.<

    i've never seen a revlon bottle like that before, but i love that it has a pump!! so convenient and a lot more cleaner ;] so you should definitely do a review ! im interested to see how it is ;]

    NO WAY dont cut down on your words when blogging ! i think you should write and blog as much as you want !! ^.^


  18. Oh I didnt realise you were from adelaide, lol! Must go check out my local supre store then!! :D

  19. You really found some nice deals there!! Why does supre need to do this AFTER i left australia... =.=

    All the best for the job! i do hope one of them contact you! Or even better... ALL OF THEM!!!

    I love the shorts! Its so cute! And the price is even better!!!

    Not sure about the foundation... You should do a review on it :)

    and NO, you don't need to cut down on your words! Its perfect :D

  20. ooh awesome shorts! and the lacey top, too! you look absolutely stunning <3

  21. the shorts look super cute on you! i love shorts.. i should buy some more i only have 2 pairs =(. you got such good deals! yeh i need a job actually go to job hunting now!

  22. Supre was having a $5 deal?! I need to check out the one in Melbourne ASAP! :P

    Lovely finds though :D I suck at finding bargains/nice sale items :(

    My friend was actually telling to get that lacy top from Cotton On! LOL! It was full price here though ... :| and I wasn't sure if the material was suited for the summer heat :\

    Oh I agree! I'm really curious to whether the Shu Uemura eyelash curler really is that much greater than other eyelash curlers ... but I don't have the money to be experimenting like that LOL :P

  23. I love that outfit you put together!
    and yes please do a review on the Revlon ColorStay Velvet Creme Matte Makeup.


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