Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Versatile Blogger Award

Hey guys :) I was tagged by Mooshi Chui aka Michelle to do this tag and along with this tag she has awarded me with a blog award called 'The Versatile Blogger Award' =] Thanks heaps Michelle!

To accept the Versatile Blogger Award there are some rules to follow:
1. Thank and link back to who gave you the award.
2. Share seven things about yourself.
3. Pass it along to seven blogs you've recently discovered and enjoy.
4. Leave your recipients a note, telling them about the award.

Okay so here are 7 random things about myself which you may or may not know :)

1. I never use concealer
As much of a make-up lover I am, I don't put concealer on my face at all! I have concealer but the shades are way too light for my face =[ I need to find a darker shade of concealer but I haven't had the motivation to do so because I don't have a lot to conceal on my face and my foundation gives me enough coverage. The only thing that my foundation doesn't conceal well are my dark under eye circles. I must find a good concealer!

2. I can't burp
Haha this one is a little weird and no one knows about this except for my family and maybe my boyfriend x] I've never made a loud burp sound before and I can't purposely burp either! I don't know why because my whole family can except for me o_o I think there's something wrong with me and I don't know anyone who also can't burp. Maybe there are people that can't either but just don't share it to the whole world like me! I have felt air come out from my throat but they were only silent burps and they rarely happen. When they do happen I feel slightly more normal xD

3. I like learning languages but I'm too shy to speak all of them
Oh I'm such a wuss when it comes to speaking languages that I've learnt! I'm heaps shy when I talk in Cantonese with my relatives :( I'm okay with my parents because I also freely speak to them in English but with grandparents and older relatives I just feel tongue-tied :/ I think I'm just afraid to make mistakes and have them look at me funny if I say something incorrect -_- I've also learnt to speak Mandarin and Italian but I'm not fluent with either of them. I can hardly understand those languages and I'm slow at piecing sentences together. I only know the basics really well! I want to learn Japanese, Vietnamese and Korean but I know that I will never ever be fluent =[

4. I don't have a nickname
I wish I had a nickname because I'm just plain old Jennifer, Jenny or Jen. Those names are too common and I want to have something more unique but I have no idea. My friends can't even come up with something for me and I'm not creative at all. Maybe I need more suggestions for nicknames... anyone willing to help? If I had a nickname then I'd use it for my blog URL. 'Jly' isn't my nickname, it's just my first initial and my surname haha. I have a very short surname and I decided to use 'jly' because it was my school login username and email. Heaps creative aren't I? I guess it kind of resembles Jennifer Lopez's nickname 'J.Lo' x] I think my only possible nickname is JenJen... but I came up with that back in my TB days x[

5. I used to have a pet cat
I had a pet cat for about 2 years and it ran away after we moved house. I think it might have gotten lost outside because it wasn't familiar with the place. Maybe it didn't come home for other reasons but I don't want to assume the worse. I was upset because I was about 10 when it went missing and I was hoping that it would return within a few days but it never did. And I'll never see it again. I think I'd be sadder if it had to be put down or if I witnessed its death or something so for it to go missing and never to be found was probably the best thing for me at such a young age. Now that school is over for me and I have more spare time, I am thinking of getting a pet kitten =]

6. Even though I hate the smell of nail polish and remover, I still enjoy doing my nails
This is why I'm more interested in beauty products/cosmetics instead of nail polish etc. because of the smell. Cosmetics and beauty products have such lovely scents, have pretty packaging and have very appealing colours (eyeshadow). Nail polish come in many different colours too but the smell of them really gets to me. My nose hates it but despite that, I really like decorating my nails to make them look pretty and I like the fact that the nail art can stay on for a very long time unlike make-up which is only temporary. It would be so good if nail polish and nail polish remover had pleasant scents, but I doubt that that will ever happen since they have so many chemicals in them =/

7. I wish I inherited my mum's tall nose
Beauty means a lot to me and I am super picky about my appearance. Everytime I look in the mirror, there will always be something that I can criticise about. However the one thing that I criticise myself about the most is my nose. My nose bridge is not visible at all, even though I can feel it =[ I hate the shape of it and I don't find it cute at all. A girl once told me that I had a button nose but my nose is way larger than a button :S Maybe it means that it's flat like a button? Haha. I can't help but look at my mum's nose in envy. I would be so grateful if I was born with a nose like hers instead of my dad's. I guess the only way to really 'fix' its appearance is to contour but I really suck at that =/ Or I could use a nose clip but I doubt that its effect would last.

So they are my 7 random facts about me. I hope they were somewhat interesting or something new for you to know.

Now I am going to pass this tag to 7 people who are the latest bloggers that I have discovered. The maximum time of knowing you bloggers is about 6 months because that was when I started this so even though I've known some of these tagged people for a month or less, you're still quite new to me :)

1. Mooshi Michelle - Of course, I have to tag this gorgeous girl back! I love her blog and she's so stylish :D She has great pictures and is something that I can relate to because we've discovered that we actually have quite a lot in common xD She's very sweet and if you haven't checked out her blog yet then I suggest that you do!

2. Pooper (Jen) - She's a Jen too :) I discovered her from Melody as she was the winner of her giveaway. I love her outfits and she's a very nice girl =] She's a very unique blogger and I've never came across a blog that's like hers so it's always great to read her posts and view her lovely pictures :D

3. Min - Min is very kindhearted and I really appreciate her as a blogger. Her posts are interesting to read and she has very trendy outfits that are casual and great for everyday wear. I also discovered her through Melody as she met up with her for her birthday and was able to Skype with her and others ^_^

4. Tam - Tam is such a down-to-earth chic and her blog mainly consists of her life and thoughts which really make me think and connect with what she says x) I rarely come across a blog like hers because she's such a genuine girl. I'm glad that I have gotten to know her as a blogger and she was also part of the Skype session :)

5. Frances - This girl is so adorable :D She's already done this tag but I still tag her because she's a sweetie and I want to let you all know about her. She has a few videos on her blog and they're so cute and funny ;D Her review posts are my favourites because they are really informative and helpful :)

6. Riya - She's a beautiful girl and she always looks great in pictures! Her posts on Asian cosmetics are awesome because I hardly see beauty bloggers purchasing Asian cosmetics and doing reviews on them :] They make me drool haha. Riya is so kind and I recommend that you check out her blog if you haven't already done so :D

7. Jessy - Jessy is the latest blogger I've discovered out of all the bloggers in this tag. I actually found out abaout hers when she followed me and entered my giveaway :) There is something good about having giveaways and this proves it to me. She has many outfit posts and I really think that she is model material ;] She has great style and is one of the nicest bloggers out there!

That's all for this tag :) You're all welcome to state 7 random facts about yourself on your blog because it's a great way of getting to know each other more.

xx Jen


  1. :) jenn your so sweet!!!!

    u are also lucky that u dont have a nickname becos sometimes nicknames are SOOOO annoying... like ive been caled mexico (dunno why), philipino (cos i was tanned when i was younger), michigan and all these random shitty names!!!!

    omgshh ur so LUCKY u cant burp LOL
    .... this is embrassing but like when I went out with my friends and I ate like garlic prawns and curry and then i accidently burped *silently* and omgsh it smelt very bad and my friends call me the burper now!!!!!!!! (there goes another nick name) LMAOSS

    and yeah!!! somehow my friends came up with mooshi.. cos i said I didnt like mishy cos it just didnt suit me LOL! :)

    AND DUDE ur nose is fineee <3

    ok i just bombed u cm section :)
    take care lovee!

  2. When I read that you don't use concealer, it blew my mind since it's such a staple in my life. If I have only time to put one thing on, it would be concealer.

  3. *screams* YAY my first award. Thank you Jen :)

  4. wow, i've never heard of someone who can't burp. hehe. it's okay. that makes you unique. ^^ Congrats on the award!

  5. YOU CAN'T BURP!!?!?
    Woah. I burp a lot...although not in public xD I sometimes feel so unlady like when I burp but ...if it's in front of my bf or parents then I'm like oh wells. Who cares xD

    J-face. JELLY. JELLY. JELLY JELLY. WHY? Because I always see jly as Jelly. Okay. Your nickname is now Jelly. :D :D :D :D :D :D

  6. lol, thanks for that post. It was really interesting. As some others said, you're lucky you can't burp and don't have a nickname, since in most cases, neither of those things is a great thing to have. :-)

  7. i have a button nose too! my bridge is so flat so it makes wearing glasses such a chore because it always slides down my nose!!

  8. awww thanks hunny! of course I'll do it! =)

  9. Oh my, never used concealer? That's a first! LOL I only use it for my dark circles. : )

    LOL You're pretty unique for not being able to burp that loud/often. ; ) I love love love learning languages as well, but like you, I'm afraid to speak them! I'm afraid of people catching my mistakes - especially in Cantonese. I also have a Vietnamese background and my knowledge of that language is to a bare minimum.

    Thanks for the tag, Jen. <3 and the compliments. haha :D I'm glad to have met you through your giveaway. : )

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  10. Aw Jennifer you're so sweet! tks for tagging me and writing the sweet intro :) LOL I think it's awesome that you can't burp!! XD At least you won't have to be embarrassed when you accidentally let out a loud burp XD and I don't have a nickname either!!!!!! LOL a guy once teased me "Fanny" and I was like ohh HELL NOOOOO don't you dare say that ever again \__/!!!

    Aw I think your nose looks fine (: but I have heard that nose clips do work @@ I have flat nose too (mom used to pinch my nose bridge trying to make it taller XD) but I just cringe at the idea sleeping with a clip on my nose... lol

  11. Ah a nickname! I agree with Mooshi, sometimes people come up with annoying nicknames. D: I've been known as "Chibi" ever since my middle school days where me and friends were into anime. It's been hard to shake it off ever since then. Though I don't mind it, except for when non-anime people ask why the heck people call me Chibi. lol

    #3 and #7, I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN.
    I get very shy to speak in Spanish with other people who know spanish. It always comes out weird, and then people end up thinking that my spanish speaking skills suck. :\ When in fact I speak it well within my family. I fear of learning languages for that reason -> Never able to speak it fluently.

    and #7, my dad is the one with the tall nose structure, and sometimes I wish I had my nose like his. ;A;

    That's actually really awesome to not being able to burp. You won't have to go through holding it in when they're really intense! It's embarrassing yet funny when one slips out!

    Thanks for tagging me btw! :3


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