Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Officially Back From Blog Hiatus!

Yes that's right I am blogging again after exactly one month! Hello hello, how is everyone? It's so great to be back, I am feeling sooooooo relieved now that school is over FOREVER :D My exams are done and dusted haha. I love the thought of not needing to put on the school uniform ever again. Ahh I just can't describe how good life is for me right now. I'm sure that those who have completed high school would know exactly how I'm feeling. It feels like a heavy weight has been lifted off of my shoulders :) I am on holidays for 3 and a half months, starting from now!

So, how about I give you an update of what's happened to me in the past month. Well I wasn't heaps successful with not being on my social networking sites i.e. Facebook, Twitter. I tried really hard to stay away from them but when I checked my emails I also got notifications from those sites so I just had to check what was going on and reply to people who posted on my Facebook Wall etc. And some of you probably caught me on Blogger. Yes, I was here sometimes even though I did say 'blog hiatus'. But by that I meant not blogging, not an actual ban or anything :P

Today I had my last two exams and it was quite stressful and tiring. It's great to be here again to just chill out and blog. I really missed this :(

Here are some of the things that happened in the past month...

★ I finished high school

On the last day we dressed up for the 'Mad Hatter's Tea Party'. We wore floral dresses to match 'Alice and Wonderland'

Me and Cathy
Facebook photos reduce the quality but it's still okay

How cute is this 'teacup' ?!

★ I paid 1 CENT for a Rimmel nail polish at Target - Win!

Also bought my first brush cleaning spray
and a Rimmel 60 Seconds nail enamel for just $3.95! Half of the RRP

L-R: 064 Funky Diva (that one was 1 cent), 630 Be A Star

It said $2.98 but when it got scanned it was only 1 cent and this was the only one with the marked down price. No idea why, but I'm glad I found it!

★ I used up all of my Korean skincare samples

I will do a mini review of them soon

★ I got a free kabuki brush, free moisturising lotion and free hair wax from Priceline, all in one day

Seriously, who doesn't love freebies?
If you want to know how to get them, you can ask me :)

★ Some trick or treater kids came to my house on Halloween - First time ever!

They're leaving >=D
Sorry for the blurriness, it rained the day before so it dirtied my window :(
Who knows what those kids dressed up as, no one answered the door because our doorbell is broken xD They didn't bother to knock so meh!

★ I used a face mask and got a really bad allergic reaction to it
I have sensitive skin :( It sucks

Happy late Halloween?? JK haha..
I have my eyes closed for a reason as it would've looked too freaky if my eyes were open
Sorry if it still scared you anyway o_o
Curse this mask! Well actually, curse my sensitive face.. erh I mean skin =/

★ SHINee's Jonghyun has a girlfriend

If you follow K-pop then you would know who he is. He's my favourite in SHINee and I'm really happy for him :]

★ My dad bought a new car

Nice metallic blue Toyota
I wish he could have bought it earlier when I still had school because now I won't get to be in it as often :(

★ R.I.P Takeshi Shudo - The creator of Pokémon :(
Pokémon was a part of my childhood, was it a part of yours too?

I have a Pokéball ;D

Nah it's actually a dodgy McDonald's happy meal toy from many years ago
It doesn't even open the right way LOL!

It's obviously not old-school enough for me to identify this Pokémon. What is this?! Where are the original Pokémons?

★ I studied for exams, and I did my exams - Yeah heaps boring...

I tried studying in the dark with my phone's camera flashlight on as a way of being 'focused' and not being distracted by anything else around me. I think the idea kinda failed...

★ I sorted out my nail polish collection from smallest to biggest (mL) - I was bored from studying

As you can see, I don't have a large range. I've only recently started getting into nail polish/art

★ I bought another chocolate box to put the rest of my Viva La Nails samples

This time I bought a dark chocolate version :D

★ I Finished purchasing all of my giveaway items - Hint hint ;)
No picture though, sorry :P

And last but not least, I MISSED YOU BLOGGERS! Thanks heaps for all the good luck wishes on my previous post, they meant a lot to me :]

I've already made a list of all the things that I'll be blogging about and I'm thinking of blogging each day or maybe once every two days... Hmm what should I do? I think I might blog once a day to make up for all of last month.

Anyway, I tried to add as many pictures as possible to make this post less boring. I will be posting again tomorrow =]

Lots of love,

Jennifer xoxo


  1. Woooo welcome back!
    And congratz on finishing high school ! I had my final exam yesterday and it feels so good that it's all over !

    Apparently this is meant to be the best holiday ever kekeke are you doing anything for leavers/schoolies ??

    Zomgoshhh Mad Hatter's tea party <3
    Priceline <3
    SHINee ♥

    you've been missed!

    omg 1cent nail polish??? epic win!!

    you look gorgeous for your mad hatters party.

    congrats on finishing high school too <3 enjoy your summer holidays, you deserve it :)

  3. Jennifer! <3 You're back. *hugs* I've missed you so much. And you like that guy from Shinee? I have a friend that looks like him. Hahahaha.

  4. Yayyyyy^_^!! Welcome back Jennifer =D !!! And an extra long post hihi \^o^/ yay! lol to the pokeball hahah =p glad that you're done with your exams <3

  5. @Annie: thank you and congrats to you too for finishing high school :D i have a feeling that these will be the best holidays ever haha. i'm not going to schoolies, are you?

    @amanda: lol i know right! i was like woahhh when i first saw it was only 1 cent because i was happy to pay $2.98 xD thanks sweetie <3

    @Marie: *hugs back* i've missed you too gorgeous girl! well i don't like him in thaaat way but yeah i like him the most in shinee x] ooh really? that's cool i guess hahaha

  6. welcome back =]

    remember to return my books!

    love stranger, xoxoXO ^^

  7. Hi

    You're such a good bargain hunter!!
    Mind letting us know how to get the freebies from priceline?


  8. @stranger: i know who you are :) and yes i will return your books <3

    @Anonymous: aw thanks hehe but really i'm not x] my blog friend tezza is even better than me at finding bargains ^^ if you go on the Priceline website, at the bottom you'll see some printable vouchers. just click on the ones about the freebies, print them out and use the vouchers at the Priceline counter =] easy peasy

  9. congrats on finishing exams! even tho i'm old now compared to you i was super duper happy when i finished my exams in highschool too. Don't worry you may have to work hard during your uni years but you'll enjoy it a lot more :D

    look forward to reading more of your blog now that you're back :)

  10. Jennifer! Welcome, back. I can't wait for all your future blog posts. :D

  11. congrats on finishing everything! best feeling ever!!
    you look really cute with your floral dress and is that tea cup edible?!
    and OMG for 1cents nail polish?! Incredible!!
    so sorry to hear about the masks not agreeing with your face :( Hope you get better soon!

    Welcome back bloggin!!!!

  12. welcome back! wow 1 cent nail polish... so lucky

  13. Welcome back sweety, enjoyed your post!! I can't believe you paid 1cent for that varnish!!!! So jealous!! And the teacup is so cute!

    Welcomee baaack!! <3 xX

  14. wtheo 1c nail polish lmao winwinwin

    aww yeah i heard about jonghyun, but key is definitely my favourite ;D

    i realllly want a kabuki brush and that pink one is heaps cute!
    tell me how how how how LOL

  15. Congrats girl! :D

    and love your buys ^_^ + freebies

  16. That teacup is to die looks so yummy!

    Congrats on finishing hs...I remember what it felt like..but that was so long ago too! My school actually got torn down :(.

  17. 1 cent nail polish?!?! >_<

    I arrange my nail polishes by colour and on each row, it goes from shortest to tallest lol I'm really organized sometimes..

  18. why hello jennifer so glad that you are back! Congrats on finishing school :) very proud of you. haha school uniform, believe it or not but i do miss wearing my school uniform :(

    the tea cup is so creative and i bet tast yummy too. Look like a fun filled day. oh i miss last day of school now!


  19. I'm totally supposed to be studying but your return has made me happpyyyy and I've missed you heapsss !

    I also need some sort of storage for those glitters hmmm. Atm, they're in a zip lock xD hahahah .

    I can't wait for your giveaway !
    It seems that we're all about to have one so maybe I'll wait till yours is over before I start mine (hasn't bought anything yet LOL)


  20. hahah everyones finishing exams now woohoo :)
    i just finished my last exam today as well
    i know that feeling when u finish school but i guarantee you will miss it once u step into uni because it is 100x worse!!!!
    picture two hsc's in one year :( horribee!!
    Nonetheless remember to enjoy ur holiday !!!


  21. heehee welcome back :D you look adorable in the pics ^__^ LOL@ the "focus" studying XD you know it could've been a good idea though XD (except I'd probably be too scared that something might crop up next to me in the dark...)

    sorry about the mask :( hate that when that happens, makes me want to tear the mask into a thousand pieces... grrr

    congrats with finishing high school ^__^

  22. Hi jen :) congrat for closing your time at high school :) enjoy your univ time!! univ time is much more interesting in my opinion haha :D before you have job later :D

  23. Waaa¡¡ I don't know that jhonghyun have a gilfriend¡¡¡ TT___TT is my shinee's favourite¡¡ But well, if he is happy...i a bit happy too.


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