Monday, November 22, 2010

My Perfect Imperfections

Hey, so I've decided to do this tag which has been going around on YouTube amongst the beauty gurus which was originally created by the gorgeous AndreasChoice and it has been so popular that I've even noticed a few beauty bloggers doing this tag too! As Andrea said, this tag isn't meant to offend anyone, its just for us to pick up on our quirky traits that make us the way we are.

I wouldn't really classify myself as a 'beauty blogger' but that doesn't matter because anyone can do this tag, and I mean anyone. This tag is about embracing our flaws and noticing the things that we really admire or make us unique :) Nobody's perfect and I'm sure that people can pick out their likes about themselves just as easily as they can pick out their dislikes.

We usually see more of the negatives about ourselves instead of the positives and the purpose of the tag is to introduce both the negatives and the positives and accept them. But in the end, the positives will outweigh the negatives :D Trust me!

For this tag, you have to list 3 things that you see as 'imperfections' and 3 things that you see as 'perfections'. It's more fun if you list things that you're more aware of than others, like those things that you're REALLY picky about and no one else seems to see it as a flaw :P

Since there's more for me to say on both sides, I'm going to list 5 imperfections and 5 perfections to make a total of 10.

Starting with the 'imperfections':

1. Nose
I spoke about my nose in a previous tag but I'm still going to bring it up here because I really dislike it and I see it as a big physical flaw on my face. There's no denying that it doesn't look nice because I'm sure that 100% of girls would complain or hate it if they had a nose like mine. You'll understand this more if you see me in real life. You might be thinking that it's "not too bad" but that's still a flaw for me :P I don't want "not too bad", I want it to be nice! My mum loves to tell me that if I had a pointy and slender nose, I could be a model -__- Only because she has a pointy nose hmph! Seriously if the whole world had my nose, everyone would be thinking of having plastic surgery lol, I'm serious. It's not even decent and I have no nose bridge so when I smile it's super wide and flat. Girls with a 'bump' in their nose bridge complain and wish they could get it fixed but really, they should be grateful that they even HAVE a nose bridge! Even if I had a really pointy witch's nose I'm sure that I'd be happier with that than with what I've got LOL. I'm afraid that my nose will continue to grow large and without a nose bridge supporting it, it will be really wide and take up most of my face... and look extremely ugly V_V

2. Dark Knees and Elbows
This makes me feel soooo self-conscious because I have the darkest knees and elbows T__T My skin is already dark compared to many Asians so for me to have dark knees and elbows compared to the colour of my skin is horrible. I think I used to kneel a lot and put my elbows on tables etc. which caused them to be super dark :( And there's nothing that I can do to lighten my dark knees and elbows. They're also really dry and moisturising them doesn't do a lot to help. I love wearing shorts, skirts and dresses and so when they're above my knees, my dark knees are exposed U__U I also like wearing t-shirts and singlets and so my dark elbows are exposed but the darkness is smaller and less noticeable. Also, my knees are just weird anyway, like they're too small and sometimes they make crack noises when I stretch my legs too much :S ie. when I skip stairs when climbing up x[ Or even when I kneel down I hear this loud 'bang' sound as though my knee becomes slightly dislocated? OMG Why am I so weird... I'm afraid that my knees will be really weak as I get older and will have trouble walking/running ='[

3. Forehead and hairline
I have a huge forehead and a really weird hairline. It's not even and it's all crooked so I feel really self-conscious when I pull my fringe back =/ Having a large forehead also contributes to my self-consciousness. This is why I have a side fringe, basically to cover up my large forehead and weird hairline. And my fringe is swept to the left because I have a freckle to cover up which is just below my hairline. So imperfect aren't I...

4. Teeth
Don't get me started on my teeth. Firstly, they aren't pearly white, in fact I want to get them permanently whitened and no I'm not being rash about that. They're badly discoloured and it's part of my genetics because my mum has the same problem. Also, I have a small gap between my two front teeth and a small chip which I find really annoying, so I don't always smile with my teeth because the gap can show up in pictures. I don't like the size of my teeth either, I wish they were the all same size and bigger. Generally they look straight but I want them to be perfectly straight so I'd love to have braces or do something to make them straighteer. But I can't have braces because I still have a baby tooth which is rock hard and will stay where it is. The bad thing is that the tooth that was supposed to come out after losing the baby tooth has come out! It came out in a different spot... about two teeth across from it O_O Which is so bizarre because now I have 2 adult teeth in the same spot!! And it's so annoying because there's a small gap between them so food gets stuck there T__T My dentist even told me that out of all the years he's been a dentist, he has never seen anything like that before. It makes me unique but is it really something to be proud of? No, I don't think so. My dentist wanted me to have the baby tooth pulled out and then have braces to somehow move that large tooth to the correct spot... MAN THAT WOULD HURT SO MUCH! There's no way that I'm getting that done. And I'll have a large gap where the tooth gets pulled ou tand it's at the front. See how weird and unlucky I am with teeth?! But on the good side, I've never had to have any teeth pulled out or wisdom teeth removed :) Never experienced pain with my teeth, only when I had to lose my baby ones.

5. Dark under-eye circles
I notice this only when I take pictures of myself in the day time or under bright lights. They make me look like a druggie and like I've had no sleep. They aren't too bad but I prefer them not to be there. Covering them up with concealer makes me look worse because I haven't found the correct shade of concealer to hide it so it's too white and bleugh. I want them to disappear but i'm guessing that they'll get worse when I grow older. I reckon I've had them all my life and I like to believe that my sleep pattern has not contributed to it.

Okay, now to my... 'perfections' *cough*

1. Eyes and eyesight
I should be blessed and happy that I have large eyes for an Asian girl, for a Chinese girl. A lot of my relatives don't have eyes like mine or double eyelids like I have. Also, I have large irises which makes my eyes look almost Caucasian and I can't exactly be teased about having small chink eyes because really, I don't. I don't have the prettiest double eyelid because it's quite small and it curves inward to my inner v so in photos, my double eyelid isn't very visible which of course is something I can complain about but I won't. I've tried using glue to make my double eyelid higher but it made me look so weird and it didn't suit my eye shape :/ Basically when I cry too much, I get puffy eyelids and they are HUGE, yet heaps ugly on me LOL. They'd only be good for applying make-up but if I don't then I just look scary. Sometimes we just look better being natural so not everyone would suit having double eyelids, depending on the shape of your eyes. Having double eyelids makes applying make-up really simple. Other than the appearance of my eyes is the health of my eyes. I have 'perfect' vision and I can see things really far away or really small. I see things crystal-clear and I think I have my parents' genes to thank since both of them don't wear glasses, not even at their ages now :D My parents used to not let me sit in front of the TV too close when I was little because they said that it would damage my eyesight, so I always sit far away from the TV. Maybe that contributed to my eyesight still being really good ^_^

2. Lips
I love the fact that my lips are just average, not too slim/small and not too wide/big. I guess I get the best of both worlds because I can plump them up or make them look more thin, or just leave them as they are :D It makes applying lip balm/gloss/stick really easy! I take very good care of my lips because I'm always bringing my lip balm with my wherever I go and I put some on every night before I go to bed. I can't stand dry, chapped lips so I love them being soft and kissable xD

3. Skin
Most of you may know that I have dry and sensitive skin which many of you may think is the worst combination but honestly, it's not. It's extremely low maintenance because I can just use moisturiser to make it less dry and avoid using skincare products for my face so that i don't get an allergic reaction :P It's all about avoiding and if I just continue to avoid using specific face products that aren't suitable for my sensitive skin, I'll be fine! I don't need to spend loads to care for my skin so I save a lot from that and I hardly break out. I don't even use a daily face wash and I only exfoliate once a week or sometimes less haha. I just use Sorbelene cream daily which is directed to sensitive skin, is readily available, inexpensive and multi-purpose. I've had about 4 cases of allergic reactions to my face and I've been able to successfully get rid of them for good. Once I figured out the cause, it was eliminated immediately. My allergic reactions are just blotchy, redness which anyway can be covered with foundation ;D If I ever tried using blotting paper, I don't think it would absorb anything because I never have oil on my face.

4. Height
There are times where I wished I was taller just because I look up to people (double meaning there haha, look up as inspiration or to physically look up because they are giants lol) who are tall like models. Some can call me short but as an Asian girl, I am considered 'tall' because I know plenty of Asian girls who are shorter than me and look at me in envy x] Then there are Asian girls who are taller than me and I look at them in envy too, but to me they're the height of most Caucasian girls. I can't complain about my height because I am taller than my mum by about 5 cm which isn't a lot but I'm still taller when she wears heels xD And I can wear really high heels and still be shorter than my boyfriend :D Some girls who are taller than me can come across as lanky but if I were taller, I'm sure I can pull it off ;) I'm over 160cm and I haven't measured my height in a few years so I could be taller!

5. Body figure
I know I don't have the body of a model or some swimsuit babe but I'm happy with my figure and I guess my weight as well. I won't say my weight but with my figure, I'm glad that it makes me look healthy. I used to be really skinny with a fast metabolism but as I grew older my metabolism slowed down and I ate more haha. Maybe it's too slow for my liking now because I know that I can put on weight if I tried or lazed around a lot. There was a time in my life where I looked at myself in a full-length mirror and thought "Why did I eat so much when I was __?" There was a period of time where I ate whatever I wanted without really thinking about my health because I used to believe that I could eat whatever I wanted without gaining weight or losing my very slim figure. I was wrong because my exercising and fitness levels dropped and my figure changed. You see, I was the sporty type back in primary school however in high school I did no sports, only for P.E once a week and stopped completely since year 10. I'm happy now though because I've got a few curves which makes me more... ladylike? Haha. It's just great that I can have these curves and also be at my ideal weight and still wear the size of clothing that I want to be forever hehe.

So that's the tag over. Now I tag all of you to tell me your imperfections and perfections. I'd love to hear what you'd say about yourself. It'll be a great confidence booster and perhaps I can learn some new things about you =]

What are your physical imperfections and perfections?

You can choose to say 3 of each or 5 of each like I did. You can list them in the comments section without explaining or write a blog post so I can read them in more detail =) I'm really curious to know.

Just a few last words and a picture that I found which I can incorporate in this post...

Smile, love the person that you've become both inside and out
because you're amazing, just the way you are
Always be true to yourself!


  1. i like this post! i hate my teeth toooo.

  2. teehee !
    Nice post babe
    yeah ive seen this tag on many beauty gurus on youtube too!!!

  3. ive seen this kind of post everywhere in youtube and blogs.I might post too.
    this is really great I think saying somethings about our flaws makes us more confident or brave.

    oh and hey i think its nothing bad about your nose.Me i have nice one but omg i have a bad allergies :( which I cant breath nice when I smell something dusty or not nice.:s

  4. Thanks for being so honest in that post with both what you see as good points and bad points. That took a lot of guts, especially to point out what you think are your bad points. But let me tell you, the good points way more than outweigh the "bad" ones. Very interesting post. :-)

  5. No matter what, I think you're gorgeous! <3

  6. I envy ppl who have high foreheads! Same goes for me, I have dark elbows and knees and knuckles. :/ I would say I have more imperfections than perfections.

  7. What a good idea! But don't worry you're super cute! ^__^

  8. The dark knees and elbows aren't from kneeling or putting your elbows on tables. LOL A lot of people have darker than normal knees/elbows. : ) I understand how it can suck, but I've heard of people bleaching their skin. Maybe you can look into that. : )

    Hey, I think we have something in common...those five things you mentioned are some of my fave "perfections" about myself as well. : )

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  9. i love this post! i am definitely going to do this tag as well (when i have the time) ^^

  10. Omgsh. I dislike my huge, flat nose, my weird hairline/forehead and dark circles too!! I hate my circles the most, they're soo dark it's not even funny! I look like a dead zombie. The only time it's appropriate to leave the house without concealer is on Halloween, because then I'll look like a zombie T_T

    & Yikes about the teeth! I don't quite get it but it sounds scary about a teeth growing somewhere else D=

  11. Ohh I have a big forehead too lol :) I'm not the only one then!!

  12. i saw this tag too, and i was gonna do my very first vlog about it, but i just havent got around to it :(

    i hate my teeth as well!
    but you're pretty jen :)

  13. First of all, you look gorgeous in that photo babe <333

    NO.1: Hahaha I'm sure you'd prefer your current nose than one that has too high a nose bridge that it resembles a witch. It doesn't really look that flat to me in that photo though :) I think it's the "flatness" that makes you look cute. And besides, I've seen a few YT vids that teach you how to make your nose look higher!

    NO.2: Yeh my knees and elbows were dark and the skin was like hard in the past. But it's mainly because I kneeled down too often and had the habit of resting my elbows on the table. As the years went by, I kicked off that bad habit and the skin is normal now.

    NO.3: You know, I've always envied those with a huge forehead! You must be thinking that I'm crazy but I'm serious! Cos they look super nice with bangs. You can actually see a large area of fringe. Hahaha I can't seem to explain this well but you get what I mean ;)

    NO.4: Wow you still have your baby tooth? I lost all of mine before Grade 3 :p But yeh, once that baby tooth falls off, maybe braces might help make them straight.

    NO.5: 2 words: SLEEP MORE :p

    NO.1: lucky you with good eyesight! :D And I've always thought that your eyes look really doll-like and "watery". Huge too :)

    NO.2: Average lips are great to work with (y) ooooh soft and kissable aye ;)

    NO.3: Yeh and skin is dry and sensitive as well! I've always thought of this as an imperfection but after reading this, I think you're right! We don't really have to do much to take good care of it, just constant mosturising. However, Summer's here and my skin actually peels/drys up real fast. Do you know of any mosturiser that lasts for a good few hours?

    NO.4: YOU ARE TALL GIRL. I think I'm shorter than my mum by 1cm xD

    NO.5: We girls all have a love hate relationship with our figure/weight. And I'm glad that you see it as a perfection more than an imperfection <3

    I'll be doing this tag soon, as well as the other one on the blogger award xD

    I really really loved this post Jen :)

  14. Love this post :D I'll write a post myself! I'm happy your confident in your own skin despite your imperfections :) And you're simply beautiful too!

  15. oh i like this post! how you put both stuff you like and dont like about yourself! I have teh same issue with my nose! i want surgery but everyone keeps saying not to haha.

  16. like like this post ^^ i dislike my teeth as well, but that's why i have braces now heheheh =)

  17. that's really brave to share your imperfections and perfections but it was great to know you better. your eyes are indeed beautiful.

  18. you're over 160cm?!?!?!? O___O damn!!!!!!! (can't think of a better word for my astonishment) hope you won't get offended but I honestly thought you'd be shorter! lol. think it's because of your slender figure, I thought you look really petite in your pics :P

    how come you still have baby teeth when you already graduated from high school?! O_O that's sooooo crazy! like utter craziness. but I don't know maybe you should consider your dentist's advice? My dentist pulled out my baby teeth pretty early so they wouldn't impede the growth of my adult teeth... and I'm thankful for that cuz my teeth grew out pretty straight. I don't know I did that when I was pretty young so I wasn't really fussed about my appearance... but for you it'd be so hard O_O especially when these two are in the front... omg I feel your pain :(

  19. I like your nosy. It's cute. :) If it makes you feel any better I hate my nose too....

  20. It takes a lot of courage to admit to your flaws, I mean we're already aware of them its just saying it to others is pretty scary especially when you don't want to be reminded of them. :(

    I'm happy that you look into the positives too rather than just exclusively looking at the negatives, imagine if we weren't able to pick out the good things about us!

    I don't like my nose for the same reason. DDD: (I've sad this before xDD) Even when I was fairly young I thought about surgery, but I wouldn't want to go through with it since converting a round nose to a pointy nose will make it appear unnatural and odd. Like Micheal Jackson! (I loved him!)
    His nose was round and then he tried for years to make it as pointy as possible. Dx

    Btw you are gorgeous! Let others do all the talking! ;D

  21. love this post jen, i love that its so honest! i cant believe your over 160cm though? wow! i always pictured you being really short, but height is never a bad thing ;] having long legs is always a plus haha !


  22. Ahh Jennifer *-* I feel your pain with a lot of your imperfections ! I also have dark / dry knees from years of having the bottom locker T~T But yes, I'll do a quick one here :D

    #1 I hate my rib cage. Well the area beneath the bust? It's really large and it makes it look like I have some weirdly odd lump there. It's not that noticable when I wear clothes; but I can see it perfectly when I'm naked ! :D That, and it makes it impossible for me to wear a bikini ;<

    #2 I also really don't like my eyebrows. I've never been the one to know how to shape or shave or pluck them so atm, they're this really odd droopy shape which I'm not sure if it's suposed to be like that or not? But ugh. It's good enough I guess.

    #3 I hate my toenails :( Quite often, I get ingrown toenails for my biggest toe and apart from it REALLY HURTING; I also have to cut the nail really oddly. SO it looks gross as T~T

    #1 I love my eyes/eyelids. (Not eyesight xD) They're the size that I like ..and no one can tell me that I have small eyes :D HAH. I also think they aren't "too big" so it's all good x3

    #2 My hairrr! Apart from the random dandruff that I may sometimes get :\ I really like how I've dyed it so many times and how it's still so long ..yet it's still really healthy and smooth. (apart from some random days...) I think it might be because I overdose them with conditioner :|

    #3 The size of my hands and feet. This is really awkward but I love how they're tiny x3 ....well, not so much that my feet are because finding shoes that fit is kind of troublesome. But still, I love how people are amazed at how small they are ^-^"

    I lovee youuu and your imperfections ;]

  23. awww, this is such a cute post! <3 I dont know but I seem to not find any problem with your nose! I think its really cute!! well, i just wish your mom never told you that :( cuz i think you look really gorgeous!

    hmmm... let me think...

    3 imperfections...
    1.) Teeth! I have very unorganized (?) teeth. Plus I have two big bunny teeth infront!!
    2.) Mono Lid, and how I wish I have double eye lids!!
    3.) relatively dark skin. I really admire girls with gorgeous snow white skin but I'm just born dark...

    3 perfections...
    1.) My shortness! I love being short!! I can wear highheels and still not be taller than ym bf <3
    2.) Eyes! I have relatively big eyes and really love to creep ppl out! haha
    3.) Health! Although I'm not fat or skinny, I'm proud of my body, as I know I'm really healthy!

    Love this post~!!

  24. I want to make a post like this lol =], will do it another time thought, should be working on my folio but internet is distracting me >.<


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