Sunday, November 14, 2010

[CLOSED] Jen's Joyful Giveaway

Hi Everyone! I will be hosting my second giveaway as my way of saying thank you to my 200+ blog followers

Since the end of the year is approaching, I've decided to call this giveaway 'Jen's Joyful Giveaway' because I believe that the end of the year is always the most exciting time for us, whether it would be about Christmas approaching, the cold/hot weather we've been looking forward to or the long holiday break :)

Also, I wanted to be a little more creative with the name of it. The 'J' alliteration to make it sound more appealing I suppose. It's actually really difficult for me to come up with an adjective starting with 'J' but I reckon 'joyful' suits this really well!

So, as you may or may not know, I've been collecting items for this giveaway within the last few months =] Now let's reveal the prize:

1 winner will receive the following:

☆ 12 Sheets of Paper (4 Designs)
☆ "Friend" Notebook
☆ Labelling Stickers
☆ Multi Planner Stickers
☆ Moisturizing & Hydrating Mask
☆ Models Prefer Professional - The Natural Look Compact
☆ Pupa Eye Designer Duo
☆ 3 pairs of False Eyelashes
☆ Rose Cosmetic Mirror
☆ 24 Clear Nails with Floral Design
☆ St. Ives Apricot Scrub
☆ Natural Themes Anti-stress Bath Fizzers (Peppermint and Tea Tree)
☆ Australis Face Primer
☆ Prestige Vinylwear Lipgloss in Glaze
☆ BYS Kohl Eyeliner Pencil in Silver
☆ 5 pack Cosmetic Sponges
☆ Strawberry Iron-on Motif
☆ 4 Lead Pencils
☆ Mashimaro Strap
☆ Totoro Susa-atari Keychain
☆ Chi Chi Disco Dust
☆ Eyeliner Sealer (Sample of 6)
☆ Savvy by DB Eyeshadow Duo in Olive twist
☆ Black Sunglasses
☆ Pink Beaded Necklace
☆ Blue and Black Beaded Bracelet
☆ 2 Best Friends Pendants
☆ Heart Necklace
☆ 1 Diva Diamante Ring

= A total of 29 items!!

Hmm, I never once counted how many items would be in the giveaway until I listed them out like that. After making that list I was so tempted to go out and buy a 30th item since I'm not a huge fan of odd numbers :/

But then I thought to myself, "How about I let the giveaway winner decide on whether they'd want to add a 30th item to the giveaway prize. It would be fair for them if they get to have some choice in my giveaway"

After all of the contemplation going on in my mind, I decided that the giveaway winner gets to have the privilege of choosing one item for the giveaway prize which does not exceed $20AUD! It can be anything, whether it is purchased online or in-store, it's going to be included in this giveaway :) However, the winner gets to choose a 30th item only if they have all of the possible entries submitted for this giveaway. So in a way, the 30th item is 'earnt'. That sounds fair, right?

Here are some close-up pictures of a few of the items that were probably not very clear in the main image...

(Click on images to enlarge)
In the blue wrapped bag are the jewellery items. A nice surprise for the winner :)

To enter, simply fill out the form below and submit! If for an unknown reason the form does not show up or you have trouble submitting it, you can enter by leaving a comment below in this form:

Email address:
+1 Blog URL about giveaway:
+1 Image on your sidebar?
+1 Twitter username:
+1 Tweet about giveaway:

The maximum amount of entries is 5. Giveaway ends on 15th 8th of December 2010 11:59PM GMT+9:30. Winner will be chosen through and announced on my blog on the 9th of December.

Good luck!

xx Jen


  1. Name Jacky /Daisuke
    Emial Address :

  2. Great Giveaway, Thankyou

  3. lol babe i dont use twitter :(
    this is embrassasing hahahah i dont qualify :( awww!!!

    but ne ways thanks for your sweet comments!!!! :) i was smiling when i was reading it ehheh! i am unforunately not a mix lol pure honk kong genes hahaha but i dunno alot of ppl think that i am ><!!


  4. OMG I'm drooling right now! that is alot so in love! <3 However I have worse luck so wont be participating. :)

  5. Hi. I tweeted you, but wanted to leave a comment here that my friend MIchelle who is a talented designer recently had a giveaway as a gift to one of her sponsors to redo someone's blog. I think that giveaway is over, but I want to sponsor you to have Michelle make a new banner for you or even layout make over if you like. I know you'd be happy with whatever she makes and she would be happy to use her creative energy. Don't worry about the cost. I'll take care of that with Michelle. It is my gift to both of you. A new blog look for you and she gets more experience and the joy off being able to use her talent. Let me know if that sounds good to you.

  6. i'd reli like to join ur giveaway.. too bad i dont have a twitter ac :( good luck to all those out there who are joining!!

  7. Hi :) please feel free to join my blog giveaway too!

  8. Name: Vilija
    Email address: xlacrimax at gmail dot com

  9. Hello : D
    i want to join it !
    but i dont have twitter :(
    hope its ok too..

    Name: Suzu

  10. wwaaahhh..
    i want all of them
    can i have it? hahaha

  11. Hi~! I'm in love with those items :D My email:
    ♥ from Finland :3

  12. is this giveawy international??????????????????

  13. I jus entered. =) Hope I'm not too late..

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