Friday, November 19, 2010

Info on My Current Giveaway Entries

Hi everyone, just wanted to make this post about my giveaway entries so far. I've already started checking and putting them onto my spreadsheet so that I am organised and keeping track of everything. Honestly, it hasn't been easy for me so far because I have had to chase up on some people regarding issues with their entries.

Yes, who would have thought that having a giveaway would be so 'stressful'. It's been open for 5 days and things for me just haven't turned out as smoothly as I had expected.

If you've taken the time to read this then thank you very much. This is quite a serious post and I've taken time out to inform you about this.

I've been getting many entries in the past few days and it has meant a lot to me. At first I was really skeptical about my giveaway being interesting or worthy of entering. It's actually my first giveaway where I've gone out and made purchases for the winner. As you may or may not recall, my first giveaway was kindly sponsored by Kiwiberry1.

Many people have said that it is a very generous giveaway with the amount of products but really, I've pretty much combined 2 giveaways in one. I started collecting for my 100 followers giveaway but the sponsored opportunity came by and I decided to make my 200+ followers giveaway even bigger and perhaps more exciting.

Only if you've hosted a giveaway before, you'll understand exactly what it's like to organise it and count up entries. Some people choose to do the counting after the giveaway has ended but I want to announce the winner as soon as possible - the day after the giveaway has closed.

Also by counting the entries, I've been able to make it more fair for the entrants. Not everyone is fair and I've encountered unfairness within my entries. What's really unfair is that people have ignored my rules and have just entered the giveaway, just for the sake of entering to win.

I did a little rant about this on my Twitter and it frustrated me how a number of entrants were not reading the rules and thought that they would be eligible for the 30th item. I'm sure that I stated everything clearly and carefully, in bold writing and enlarged. Is it really that hard to read and understand?

Of course this won't affect all of you because there are many of you who did read and follow the rules. That really meant a lot to me, especially when seeing unfair entries. Seeing the fair ones made me smile =]

I won't name names but for those who have not read the rules properly, I may have contacted you via Twitter. I am not going to chase anyone down further by emailing them if they don't have Twitter. What disappointed me even more was that there were people who I've thought of as loyal readers and bloggers have also not read my instructions carefully and did not follow the rules.

As a generous person, I made the 30th item another option for everyone but some people obviously didn't pick up on my generosity. There are already 29 items in my giveaway prize, yet some think that they can get a 30th to the value of $20 if they've only submitted 1 entry?! Come on seriously, where is the logic in this? Don't be so selfish. You're meant to submit 5 entries to be eligible. I'm still not accepting people with less than 5 entries to get a 30th item. They are my rules so I ask you nicely to please obey them.

The fact that I've gone through all this trouble for my readers and that the people who have disobeyed the rules think they can get away with it really upsets me. I didn't have to have this giveaway, I chose to do this for my readers. I don't gain anything out of this. It's more of a loss than a gain anyway because there can be people who are sore losers and unfollow me when the winner is announced. That's also their loss too because they will be permanently disqualified from my future giveaways. That's if I choose to have more in the future...

I ask myself, 'is it really worth the time and effort for this when I get nothing in return?'
It's only worth it when people are loyal and actually read what I have to say. It's called a giveaway for a reason. I want to give back to those who have supported me on my blog and have given me such wonderful feedback on my posts. I wish i could give each and every one of you something to say thanks. Having this giveaway is my way of saying thanks because I am grateful and I expect my readers to be grateful of this too, not to take advantage of it.

Speaking of reading, I mentioned on Twitter that by reading the entries that have been sent through, I have learnt quite a bit about each entrant. Whether they have read the rules or not tells me whether they are a loyal reader or just someone who wants in without taking the time to visit or read my blog. If someone cannot read, comprehend and follow my rules, then what chance do they have of reading my blog posts?! Even if they do visit my blog, they might be more of a skim-reader where they understand the gist of my posts but never see the finer details.

There's nothing I can do to prevent people from entering unfairly. Just because I have 200+ followers does not mean that I don't know who you are. I know most of my readers and their names anyway. If you've entered and I don't see you as a follower then it's pretty obvious to me that you didn't even read the first rule on my entry form. I went through the trouble of making an entry form just so that people don't skip parts. It was my first time making one too.

Having a form there didn't make it heaps easier for me because I know that people would have just jumped straight to the form to enter without even reading my post on the giveaway and everything I mentioned. Some said that they're following me on Twitter and I clearly did not see them on my followers. Seriously, if you're going to do that then I can just disqualify your entry without you knowing. Easy as that. If you're going to lie to me then what makes you more deserving of winning the prize?

I wish I didn't have to post this but people still don't get it. Having a mini rant on Twitter wasn't enough to get it through to people's heads so this was what I resorted to. I'm sorry to the people who have obeyed the rules, I want to make this more fair for you too. I wish that people would be more considerate of others instead of thinking just of themselves.

If I decide to have another giveaway in the future, I am going to be more strict thanks to those who decided not to obey. Since these 'rule breakers' have affected my 'joyful giveaway' which hasn't even been that joyful for me, I'm closing this giveaway 1 week earlier, on the 8th of December. It may or may not have an impact anyway but at least it might be one week less of dealing with people who disobey my rules.

If you think that maybe your entries may not have been approved by me or if you are unsure on something, please contact me:
You still have time to alter your entries or perhaps 'fix' anything that needs fixing. Maybe you'd like the 30th item even though you've only put in 2 entries. This will be the last and only formal warning. Let me just reiterate:

- Some have said that they can't enter because they don't have Twitter. You don't need to have Twitter to enter. If you've read carefully, you can just enter with your name and email address. You must be a public follower of my blog through Google Friend Connect. Twitter is just for extra entries.

- The 30th item is ONLY and I repeat ONLY FOR PEOPLE WHO COMPLETE THE 5 ENTRIES. The 5 entries are:
1. Name & Email address - Your Google Friend Connect name and the email address so that I can contact you if you are the winner.
2. Blog entry about my giveaway - Make a blog post about my giveaway, include the link to my post for my giveaway and include the picture.
3. Picture on your blog's sidebar - Just save the picture that I've used for my giveaway and put in on your sidebar of your blog. If you don't know how then please ask me.
4. Follow me on Twitter - Provide me with your Twitter username.
5. Tweet about my giveaway - It's on the form to copy and paste.

Not so hard is it? I still don't understand how people can skip this important information. It really worries me. Do they not read instructions before trying something or using something? That's so dangerous.

So yeah. Sorry for this very boring post. I had to do this to hopefully get the message across and hopefully make people think twice before entering. These people who are not obeying the rules make things harder for me. I don't think they realise that and it's probably people who wouldn't consider giving away anything...

It's sad how among this blogging community, people can be like that. I'm so grateful for the majority of bloggers and readers who are nice and give me the motivation to continue blogging. Thank you so much.

In case you skipped the part or missed it, the giveaway deadline is now 8th December 11:59PM GMT +9:30 2010. This means that the prize will be shipped out earlier for the winner =]

I could even end it tomorrow if I wanted to because it's all ready to be shipped out.

Now I just hope that this prize goes to someone who deserves it and is a loyal blog reader.

Thanks for reading,



  1. Aw jen <3
    I know people are so ....ugh. They join just for the sake of hoping to win and they don't even bother reading the entry :( ! I had people STOP following after they didn't win - I mean, what the hell :(

    To think that someone who won't read your blog even after they do win makes you even more annoyed. :(

    But it's okay <3
    You did the right thing Jen! (:

  2. Jen, bub i hope you're okay :(

    I can imagine the stress its putting on you and everything. For my entry, i know i didnt do all 5, so i dont expect at 30th item dw ^_^" but yeah i recently changed my layout and then the page that I posted your giveaway kinda disappeared =/

    but yeah you can delete that entry if you want ^^
    i'll just put with the 2 entries only :)

    you go girl! <3

  3. Ah, I was one of them. You can just delete all of the entries that I have entered to make it fair. Sorry again for the misunderstanding.

  4. naww jen *big hugs* this must be frustrating to you!

    i'm a loyal blog reader of yours but i didn't enter your giveaway because i couldn't fufil the requirements :3

    i hope this goes to an entrant who didn't just followed to win!

  5. Its really generous of you to start this giveaway and it's actually putting stress on you :(.

    I have never enter a giveaway on blogspot before so I wont be entering now because I know my luck all too well. However your giveaway is really appealing and to be honest I think one of the best I have seen. C'mon 29 items of handy goodies what not to love.

    If memory served me right last time you held a giveaway and some people follow to win then they unfollow. Man those people have no morals.
    I hope the giveaway will be easier on you soon and most of all it wont be attracting people like last time :) <3

  6. sorry it's stressful. i love the packaging. so cute. i can't wait to have my first giveaway when i reach my goal of the number of followers. :)

  7. aww Im sorry! I knew I had no chance for the last item but it was such a killer giveaway I didnt mind! Hopefully the winner is appreciative of your kindness!

  8. My dear Jennifer, I know how you feel. I've experienced the same with my giveaways, and that's why I decided to think twice before hosting another one again. But yeah, some people just expect to get free stuff without working for it. :/

  9. Sorry to hear this :(
    But I think I maybe one of this people who doesn't able to follow rules.I'm noob >.<

    anyway, I hope you feel good soon about this.

  10. Oh.. I know what you mean, Jen. Some people follow just to enter giveaways and after that you never see any activity from them and you don't even know if they're reading your blog. Then there are those who think they can 'bend' the rules and still qualify! Do they think we are really so lazy to not check?

  11. @Melody: it's sad how there are people like that :( i really hope that your next giveaway runs smoother than mine and is more successful. thank you so much more your support dear <3 I love you lots

    @Tezza: aw thanks for your concern tezza, i'm not too bad actually. and babe your entries were fine and I'm including all! i could tell that you knew about the rules and i really appreciate that sweetie <3 love you heaps tezza!

    @Michelle: okay it's your choice but your entries were actually fine. you were always eligible.

    @Amanda: aw *hugs* i'm glad that you understand what i'm going through! it is really frustrating :( you could still enter because you actually do fulfill the requirements but yeah i do hope the winner is a loyal reader and all :)

    @Tam: thank you so much sweetheart, your kind words mean a lot to me <3 and yep sadly those people don't have morals :| i wish i could do something about that

    @Marie: love, it's great knowing that someone knows how i'm feeling. thank you <3

    @Isabel: I know right! they probably don't think i mean it when i say that i will check. they make things so difficult argh :(

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  13. Sorry Jennifer!! I was one of them I think. I'll keep the pic on the sidebar linked to your giveaway and you can delete my entries.
    There were a few followers who unfollowed my blog after my first giveaway has ended. I'm not going to do giveaways on my blog again because that person who won didn't update her blog after my giveaway has ended. Pretty upsetting, thus my giveaway posts has been deleted.


  14. i don't know how you feel because i've never hosted a giveaway before, but after reading this post, it makes me feel angry at your ungrateful followers. i hope you're okay, cheer up! don't worry, be happy. =)

  15. @london's beauty: no I won't be deleting entries, yours were okay. It's funny how people who were in the wrong haven't owned up to it but those that have done the right thing are apologizing :/ it's ok x

    @gyc: thanks, it makes me feel better when someone feels the same way. I'm ok, not upset, just disappointed but thanks

  16. Entries like these make me really consider twice whether I'm gonna hold my giveaway or not.. but of course I am, cause I'm not gonna take it out on people who actually CARE to read the rules. I'll simply be harsh on mine tho - if you don't read and follow the rules; you're disqualified. Simple as that..

    Anyway, this post really made me worry that I f'ed something up O_O' But since I haven't gotten a mail or something from you, I guess I'm alright >_<"

    PEOPLE - at least have the decency to READ and FOLLOW the rules of others generous enough to give stuff away for free. Come on.. How hard can it be? *raises fist of fury* \(Ò__ó)o

  17. That was kind of you to organize that giveaway to give something back to the people who read your blog, and that it is too bad that it has been such a stressful experience for you. But I'm sure many of your readers appreciate your kindness in organizing the giveaway and we look forward to your posts :-)

  18. I understand how annoying it can be to host a giveaway and people don't follow the rules. I've only had about 5-8 people I had to confront last time and everything went smoothly. I've had those who said they tweeted about my giveaway, but they never did. haha I just disqualified those. : )

    Honestly, shouldn't stress that much about people not following your rules. Just kindly notify everyone again (through your blog) and then disqualify those who haven't updated their entries yet! Easy peezyyyy and you don't have to worrryyy<3

    Thanks for the heads up about the date change! I just changed it for ya on my giveaway page as well. :D It's better this way anyway because then..they'll have the package by Christmas! And who wouldn't want to get a bunch of goodies for Christmas??? :D

    xx The Little Dust Princess

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