Sunday, November 21, 2010

I won 50% off Geo 3-Tone Brown Lenses

This post is actually really delayed haha. I won 50% off circle lenses from a blog giveaway hosted by Samantha of FOTDLOOKS and I won this back in August xD I didn't have time to review them during my busy school period but now I've finally got the chance to review these lenses :)

Samantha is also the owner of FOTDLOOKS Lenses which she has created and runs by herself. And as her grand opening promotion, she held a giveaway for her blog followers and also on her Facebook group. Very generous of her :)

She had a giveaway where 3 people can win lenses and 2 people can win 50% off lenses. I was the last person to be randomly chosen for this giveaway so I was lucky enough to get 50% off a pair of lenses of my choice ^_^

I chose the Geo 3-Tone/World Series Brown lenses because I think they're really pretty! I want to collect all of the colours of this series :D

It came in an envelope and the lens vials were wrapped in bubble wrap. I wasn't expecting Sam to send me a lens case but it's good that she is providing free lens cases with lenses =) I liked how she sent out a thank you letter to show her appreciation to her customers and a discount card for the next purchase. The discount card only lasts for a month and it's 5% off.

FOTDLOOKS Lenses is based in the UK so it took more than 2 weeks to arrive :( It must have been stuck in customs, most likely to be the Australian customs because things that are sent from Australia to the UK get to them really quickly!


This is the model for the lenses


Here are pictures of me wearing these lenses:

Natural lighting

With flash

Unlike typical circle lenses, they do not enlarge my eyes at all. As I have said in my previous circle lens review posts, I don't particularly look for lenses that enlarge my eyes because I'm happy with the size of my eyes and I prefer to have a colour change instead :)

To me they do look quite natural and give me hazel eyes which I really wish I had naturally! I love how there's 3 colours in the lens - golden yellow, white yellow and dark brown as the 'outer ring'. Very pretty indeed and the pattern really attracted me :D

Colour: ★★★★★
Enlargement: Very minimal enlargement
Comfort: ★★★
Overall Rating: Love it! 19/20

I don't know if I will purchase from FOTDLOOKS Lenses since lenses will take a really long time to reach me, and that's not Sam's fault at all :( Stupid customs... argh. But if you are from the UK, I highly recommend that you purchase lenses from FOTDLOOKS Lenses because it offers free shipping and the prices for lenses start from 18USD which is a very reasonable price!

My pictures aren't very clear because I used my phone which is only 3mpx :( My digital camera is just annoying me at the moment because all of my AA rechargeable batteries don't seem to work with it! Like I can take a few pictures and then it says 'LOW BATTERY' and completely shuts down -__-

But the newest 'camera' I own is the camera on my iPod Touch =) I camwhored a lot with it since it has the camera at the front too so I can see myself x) But I'll just upload one picture of me with the lenses on because I don't want to picture spam :P

Attempting to look 'ulzzang'
Is it a fail? Haha


  1. They look good on you. But that side that slips down when you're looking up, that's rather freaky. It's not manufactured correctly?

  2. thanks marie. it is but it doesn't bother me that much when i wear them. i don't know and i won't do anything about it because it's still wearable

  3. wow so prety! congrats on winning. it feels good to win and fun to enter!

  4. ee they look so niceeeee! haha i don't think its a defect, that happens to me with some of my lenses tooo

  5. they look really pretty on you :) and congrats on winning :D

  6. i have the world series grey <3 my fave lens so far!

    i wanna get a hold of the brown ones, thanks for the review gorgeous lady ;D

  7. nice nice :D!!!
    I always like the ones without the big enlargements becos i look so freaky with the black rims!!!!
    they look gorgeous on you!!!

    xx mooshi

  8. Congratz! Oh I have that colour! It's pretty nice, though :D And it looks good on you!

    Come over here so I can hug you :3 and oh gosh babeee, when you visit me in Melb - we gonna camwhore heaps okay xD? hahaha.

    But yes. Those brown lenses look niceeeee. Also like your falsies <3

  10. cuuuute!! Even though they don't have any enlargement effect but its soooo pretty!! Love it! <3

  11. wow they look lovely on you - so pretty. the colour suits you very well and i love your falsies!

  12. oh wow! it looks super pretty on you <3 i love this color

  13. awww they look nice on you darling and you look pretty as well. You should show you face more! =)

  14. these lenses look great on u jen! really kawaii :) and the high-wasted shorts are such a bargain! i think it's quite fashionable and fun to play around with too ^^

  15. Beautiful colour! And it's even better that it was 50% off! :)

  16. Congratulations on winning them. They really look great on you! :-)

  17. NO WAY is the last pic fail, you nailed it :)I really envy your eyes! Picture spam me any day so I can observe how you do your eye make up :P

    THANK YOU SO MUCH for replying to me. It was long and deatailed, very helpful :). Will definitely try neutrogena and revlon when I get pay. I used to use maybeline foundation and it's pretty fail. Partly being I don't know how to apply make up but the texture is just gross. Thank you Jennifer for helping me out :)

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