Thursday, November 11, 2010

First Day of Holidays

So today was the first day of my holidays :) If you aren't aware already, I have finished school for good and now I've got all this time to relax and just do the things that I love, which includes going out and of course, blogging.

Today was the 11th of the 11th and in Australia, it is known as Remembrance Day, to acknowledge all of those who fought for our country in the wars. Today was also a more personal yet quite special and important day for me and my boyfriend - it's our 30 months of being together which marks the 2 and a half years of our relationship =) Of course, we spent the day together and it was great how it coincided with my first day of holidays so I was stress-free and 100% happy!

It was quite a hot day today, around 31 degrees (celsius) so it definitely felt like summer even though it's still spring. I wore a t-shirt and shorts which was something that I haven't done in a very long time :) Sorry I haven't got a photo because I actually looked like a mess today, no joke. My hair needed a wash and it was very humid outside (pink face). However my boyfriend didn't care that I looked like a mess, he was happy to be with me and he still complimented me. That's proof that boyfriends will still think you look gorgeous even though you've got no make-up on and you're possibly looking like such a dag x] I made the effort to look good and all but I have the weather to blame hehe.

Just a day spent in town's shopping mall and the first thing we did was exchange our Christmas presents. You might be thinking, "Christmas? Why so early?". Well my boyfriend insisted on getting me my Christmas present early and before he goes to Melbourne. He's going to Melbourne in two weeks time with his friends and he said he doesn't want me to feel bored without him being here so a gift could take away that possible feeling of 'loneliness' haha. And to be fair I got him his present too which he can bring with him to his Melbourne trip.

We went to Borders to have Gloria Jean's to sit and talk. It was too hot for coffee, so we both had iced tea. I had tangerine and he had peach:

And while we were there we opened our presents. I still can't believe he actually got this for me. It was on my blog wishlist haha, here's my present:

He totally spoilt me with this. It's the largest one - 64gb!
It's too hard to rip those price stickers off
So grateful

Opening it out just to see everything inside :D

I doubt that my parents would even consider getting this for me :( He's the besttttt. It's also my graduation and 30 months gift.

So what did I get for my boyfriend? Well I actually got him two things:

An Oroton wallet and a FCUK bag
FCUK bag you can't see because it was all wrapped up
Just figured he'd need a new wallet and a carry bag to bring with him to Melbourne

It was such a good day. We spent the rest of the afternoon just walking around going into random shops. We went past a pet shop and there were the cutest kittens ^0^ I love kittens and I'm thinking of buying one some time!

Adorable =]

If this was at my local pet shop then I'd buy it, but since I was in town and needing to catch the bus home, it wouldn't have been ideal buying the kitten today. I used to have a cat but it ran away after moving house many years ago :(

Also went into Myer and saw the new MacBook Airs.

Damn, they make my laptop look fat. No wait, more like obese. These are so freaking skinny!

So yep, that's all. I couldn't have had a better start to my holidays :) I actually had to go to school today to pick up my padlock which I clumsily left on my locker yesterday when I had exams. It was kinda awkward walking into school without uniform and seeing friends and people asking me why I came in. Felt a bit silly saying that I needed to pick up my padlock lol.

I also received a package today =] I will blog about it another time. Right now I'm just so tired and hot from such a long day so please bare with me if you found this post to be a little rushed or boring :/ I'm sorry!

So, who has a iPod Touch or iPhone? I need some suggestions for some good apps or games, preferably some free ones :)

I'll blog again tomorrow, hope you're all well!

Love Jennifer xx


  1. you're so lucky you got the new ipod!!!! i have an iphone and i suggest you get the iBags and iShoes app if you love bags and shoes :D

  2. kyaaa you guys are so cutee :3 he's so sweet to get you an itouch.

  3. Do you know that today is Pepero Day? It's the day that Koreans celebrate Valentines Day! I think it's awesome that you guys celebrated your anniversary on this very day. Hope you guys will last long together. And anyway, I love the present he got you and vice versa. Very sweet. :D

    Oh, and about games on iPod/iTouch...sorry, I don't really know.

  4. awwwwwwwwwww how cute ^^ happy anniversary~!! that's so sweet of him to get you a itouch!
    and tell me about the hot weather!! its horrible!!!!
    free apps... soooo many!!
    angrybirds - sooo goood
    plants vs zombie - i dont know if there is a free one but really addictive!!

    taptap revenge!!

    there are just sooo many! You just need to brows through!

  5. Lucky you on finishing school!! : ) You and your boyfriend are so sweet to each other. Great gifts <3

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  6. congraaaatssss babygirl! aww so cute~ aand very very lucky!

    ho ho ho, i am the ipod app pro.
    but its better if you get it jailbroken ;D
    thats when you can get free apps everywhere!

  7. congrats - hope you guys have many more happy years to come.
    LOL ~ laptop envy - I use a MAC and i'm envious envious of the new MAC book airs <= skinny b*tches!

  8. I really love all apple products <3 love the design, the programs everything o_o! love it.. and why did i buy a blackberry? i don't know =( boehoe

  9. thats so sweet!!!! 30 months congrats babe
    i love my iphone but i jailbroke my phone so i dont pay for my apps
    im loving fruit ninja (the updated version!!) and age of zombies :)!!!!
    but they all need to be paid :(

  10. congratulations on your 2 and a half years..(",)

  11. OMG massive coincedence - it was me and my bf's 30 months yesterday too!! LOL!! we mustve both gotten together on the 11th may 2008 yeah? :)

  12. OMG you are soo lucky you got an ipod touch!! :D

    I don't have one so i don't know any apps or games sorry :(

    xoxoxo and yeah you & your boyfriend sound soo cuute together <3


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