Friday, November 26, 2010

E.L.F Has Arrived in Australia!

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Thanks for being part of our Australian  launch! As a special thank you, we’d like to treat you to a free  product when you spend $40!

Yes, it's true… Quality make-up for  under $5! Free shipping for orders over $48.00!

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This was what I got in my inbox today, and so I thought I'd share it with you all. I've known about E.L.F Cosmetics being in Australia but now they have officially launched their site! About time, don't cha think?! I've been waiting for E.L.F to be more readily available in Australia, especially because it is known for it's very low prices on quality items :) To my surprise, the items aren't $1 or $2 like they are in US. In fact, most of the items are $3.99... which is double the prices in the US!! Isn't that so unfair >=/ ? Things in Australia always seem to be overpriced anyway, compared to the US. $3.99 isn't overpriced compared to the drugstore items we have here, but I think the price can be better than that.

Anyway, don't get too excited about E.L.F being in Australia because the site doesn't actually have that much stuff yet :/ And I found out about their site being open about 2 weeks ago, yet the stock seems to be the same. Not feeling too keen about making a purchase just yet because the items that are available haven't really attracted me, but then again, you can't expect much from a newly opened online store. I'll wait until I see something I really like and then maybe I'll make a purchase. I don't want to splurge right now, especially because I'm still unemployed T__T

The free shipping and the free item deal going on kind of tempts me, but I have a feeling that it can get better than that, or just remain like that forever... since it's like that on the other E.L.F sites. I might as well wait until it becomes a little bit more popular and hopefully they'll have more items in stock so I can choose and spend more wisely =] That's why I've subscribed to their mailing list, so I can be updated with any deals, sales and whatnot!

So for any Australians, do let me know if you are going to be purchasing from E.L.F! Is the shipping really fast? Is $3.99 an item worth it, compared to US $1? I'm very curious, but not game enough to try just yet.

It's based in Victoria so your Melbournians will get the fastest shipping, no doubt!

I'll let you all know if I eventually make an E.L.F purchase ;) Please do the same too hehe


  1. I've heard of E.L.F but I haven't bought any products yet. Will check them out!

    Aww that sucks, Australia seems to always sell things at expensive prices compared to overseas like U.S. SIGH! :( I know how you feel.

  2. i saw you like it on facebook back then, so i went ahead and checked it out ;D

    yeah, sucks that they dont have much on their site, and also cos their prices are more exp! :(

  3. About time, ELF! x)
    HAHA, yes! I'm as disappointed as you in finding out that it's $AU3.99 instead of $1 when we're pretty much in parity with the US! Gosh, Australia really needs to step up its game! ==" HAHAHA


  4. First time hearing from E.L.F, not a make-up person but love fashion so don't really see myself buying there! but you never know!

  5. I really feel like buying something. THE DEAL DOES TEMPT ME. But atm, I'm kind of low on money and I guess ...I can always try it out later?

  6. Argh! come to my country already! >_< There's an Elf Asia but there aren't many items available so it kinda sucks =(

  7. grrrrr.... australia always get ripped off for everything!
    pretty poor stock list they have at the moment so i think i'll just hunt somewhere else to buy elf :p

  8. Yeah =D!!

    Hope that more companies will come to Australia ♥!

  9. 30% off, its so cool =D!! Luck you!
    cant wait for Christmas and have a crazy shop =D!

  10. Um I live in the US but never bought ELF XD Should I feel guilty? :P Is there anything particular you really want? I might be able to get them for you for US price, but shipping will probably take forever XD

  11. it sucks that the price is so high :(

  12. @Mandy I know right! it's so unfair :( Crushcosmetics sells some ELF products, but they charge even more for it!

  13. RE: um I've never done a swap so I don't know if I want to do it or not lol! How does it work???? =)

  14. RE: ohhh I see I see! Hmm the only problem is I had spent a lot lately (you prob can tell >_<) and I want to cut down my spending for now... maybe sometime in the future?? =D

  15. RE: hahah hi5! so much in common, gotta save that money for things like ... elf products? :D LOL

    i have tried towel drying it, but i cant sit put for long. so i end up blow drying it anyway T_T
    i put it on medium heat though! less heat, better right ? XD

  16. hi jennifer ! ^_^

    i can't believe the prices are DOUBLE US prices !! omg.. totally rip off.. like i said in my post.. some are really worth it.. but others.. are not.. i guess it is hit/miss..

    maybe you can find some coupon codes online, which will give you a certain % off.. or maybe even free shipping.. =)

    if you do decide to try some out, i can't wait for your post.. i'm now a follower! ^_^

  17. Oh Jennifer thank you for sharing! I'm starting to get onto make up reading your blog. Love it :)
    That's mad cheap $3.99 but u.s $1 is the bomb. I think cos out currency is really good now so they won't make rocky if it was $1 as well


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