Monday, November 29, 2010

Dressing For Occasions

In exactly one week, I will be having my high school graduation night! :) It's quite exciting because it'll be like dressing up for the school formal aka prom all over again.

I had my school formal early this year in March (back then I didn't have a blog) which for some may seem so early to have one but I believe that the earlier, the better. March wasn't a stressful time in school for me so the only 'stress' on our minds at that time was getting a dress, contemplating on what shoes and accessories to go with it, the make-up, the transport etc. Mind you, I wasn't stressed about it at all. These are my reasons:

1. I already had a dress that I was planning to wear.
Last year I bought a dress for my cousin's wedding so I decided to wear it again at my formal. For sure, it is a little weird wearing the same thing to a different occasion, and many would say that wearing the same outfit twice is a big no-no, but honestly, it wasn't that bad. I knew that it would be rare for me to wear that dress again so I thought, why not. I saved money and time looking for a new one, and I worried less about whether someone would wear the same. Thankfully no one did :) If I did buy a dress this year, the chance of someone having the same would have increased so much *phew*. It was a combined year level formal (year 11 and 12) so you can do the math on the probability of someone having the same x] One last thing... I haven't had the chance to wear that formal dress again since! See see, I didn't have to buy a new one after all :P

This also applies for my shoes, my accessories and bag/clutch

2. I did my own hair, nails and make-up
I didn't need someone to do my make-up for me, I had all the tools already at home. I'd watch YouTube beauty gurus and I learnt a lot from them through their tutorials! I'd also read a lot of magazines that had beauty tips for night outs like formals so I knew the basics. I really recommend D.I.Y make-up, because you save money, you can try to develop some skills and techniques and experiment with colours =]

So as you can tell, I was so organised for formal! I could say the same for my graduation too, because I've got my dress. I'm not going to show it until the night is over :P

Evening look - Formal (March 2010):
So here's my take on an evening look suitable for a formal event... such as a school formal/prom:

Gold and bronze eyeshadow
I didn't line my top lash line, apply any lipstick or use any blush. I wasn't into those products back then. Things have changed :P

With my hair, I used a curling iron but now I can do these waves with a flat iron :) They're just very loose waves.

Bf took this photo and made me pose x)
Foundation colour matches the rest of my body :D
Even though I have a little bit of a shirt tan :S

You can check out my other evening looks here and here

Going from day to night (December 2009)
I had to attend my cousin's 'tea ceremony' as well as her actual wedding, so I dressed up for both the day and the night. This is my 'transformation':

I got my hair curled at the hair dressers =]
On my face is just eyeliner, curled lashes, mascara, lipgloss and foundation!
Wore a floral summer dress

Same dress and necklace as my formal, but different dress from the day
Changed my hair, wore a different necklace, purple eyeshadow, more eyeliner and mascara

Day time - Brother's university graduation (July 2010):
I didn't have a lot of time to get ready...

Purple and pink look. Very simple day make-up
Curled lashes, no mascara

I had to wake up early that morning so I didn't get the chance style my hair. I don't think I need to anyway, it's fine being straight like that
Semi-formal dress and necklace
Make-up lasted until the afternoon thanks to the Urban Decay Primer Potion :)
Can you tell that I'm wearing foundation? It looks very natural.

My Revlon ColorStay Velvet Creme foundation review will be after this post, I promise :D

All I'm going to say is that my graduation dress is cream/beige coloured and is quite simple. Not too long and not too short, just on and below the knees - meaning that it is layered. My formal dress was silvery beige, so I don't know whether I should go with the same make-up colours again on my eyes.

I'm thinking of doing smokey eyes, but not too smokey. A bit like how I did my eyes in this blog post. I want my eyes to stand out more because there's going to be 'bright lights' at the graduation ceremony.

And this time for graduation, I'll be wearing higher heels this time, like 10cm heels! My heels were the shortest on formal night so I looked heaps short compared to all of my friends T_T And I'm not even the shortest lol! I'll be wearing gel heel cushions just in case my feet get sore.

I think I'll wave my hair again because my hair is longer than it used to be so waving my hair will look fine :)

As for nails, I might be using water decals or nail stickers... I'm not that creative with nail art ^^" For previous formal events I used false nails or just plain nail polish over my long, grown nails. My nails are currently long, so I won't be needing artificial nails. I actually find artificial nails a little annoying at times.

That's it for this post, I don't want it to get any longer =] The day after my graduation (next Tuesday), I'll have a post up and show pictures of everything ^_^

I'll leave you with a question:

What sort of dress did you wear or would you wear to your graduation?

Most people are going to be wearing long dresses for grad :/ Mine's not long at all!

I'd also really appreciate it if you have any suggestions/advice for my graduation :)


  1. I love it how u did your own hair, makeup and nails. It looks gorgeous! Love the dress too!
    I wore a strapless black skirt. I gotta say, it was annoying because I had to pull it up alot since the boob area was too big for me T__T. LOL

    I bet you will look stunning at your graduation! More pictures please :D

    I think it doesn't matter if other people are wearing long dresses or not, whatever you wear would look great :D

  2. aww you looked really pretty in that dress you wore to your formal in March <3

    Yeh I think smokey eyes might be a great idea since it's gonna be dark and all. Strong makeup's always good at night ;) I think your dress would be fine since not many people are wearing short dresses. You'll be the unique one!

    This was what I wore to formal last year:

    This post almost made me tear :') I MISS HIGH SCHOOL <3 Make sure you give EVERY single one of your friends a great big hug!

  3. thats super cool that you get to wear your own clothes for graduation. i had to wear my uniform LOL :(

    but whe i graduate from uni, i want a simple dress too! beige sounds like a nice colour to wear. i think we have a dress code at our uni ... black? i have no idea because i still have 3 years to go LOL

    hope you have a wonderful night <3

  4. @Vivian thank you! haha yes I will have the pictures of my graduation up next week ^^

    @Min naw thanks sweetie <3 oh wow you look so so gorgeous at your formal! and yes i will give big hugs to everyone :) i hope it doesn't make me tear lol

    @Tezza aw yeah i've heard about schools wearing uniform for their graduation :( oh there's a dress colour code? well you'll look great on your grad night no matter what :D thanks love <3

  5. congrats on graduating love X:).! wow 10cm heels?! I wore 5cm heels once and it killed my feet. T__T
    btw you look super pretty =)

  6. @London's-beauty haha i haven't officially graduated just yet but thanks :) xx

  7. i like going for the neutral look for morning occasions
    but for night definitely the smokey look =)!!
    u look great in those pics btw!!! ><
    lovely hair!!

    xx mooshi

  8. I also had a shirt tan to worry about for my Formal last year! Thank God for bronzer, haha.
    Hope you have fun on graduation night!~

  9. Love the hair and makeup! You look so pretty! And I agree, there is nothing wrong with wearing the same outfit twice, especially if it's something like a formal/special occasion dress. If everyone followed that rule, we'd all be broke! :P

  10. i wore a long, dark navy blue dress for my prom. it was so expensive - £180! and i haven't worn it since. it's soo lovely but i don't know if it was worth it because i don't think i'll be wearing it again!
    it's a good idea for you to DIY on hair/makeup! it can save a lot of money! i had to learn the hard way and get it styled by hairdressers which was ridiculously overpriced! >.<

  11. You look so adorable with your day look! I didn't even know you had makeup on until I read your caption!

    Oh how I miss dressing up for things like that back in high school. I definitely don't miss high school, but all the fun and glamour in dressing up for prom and semi-formals was so exciting!

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  12. you look very pretty... hmm my dress was pink and sparkly lol ^.^

  13. You look lovely. :) You're right knowing how to do your own makeup sure pays off in the end b/c you end up saving so much money. :)

  14. Your makeup is gorgeoussss.

    For my grad, I wore a maxi dress that was black/white striped sort of thing. I was plannign to buy a short dress but on the day that I was going to buy the one that I had planned to - THEY SAID THE SMALLEST SIZE WAS A 10. (I'm like 8?) AND IT WAS SO BIG ON ME >_< COULD LIKE SEE MY BRA AND EVERYTHING.

    Urgh, I was so annoyed that day xD so after shopping around a bit more, I found the maxi. And it was okay but yeahhh :)

    I don't think it matters if you wear a long or short dress :) As long as you look good then thats all that matters !


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