Friday, November 26, 2010

5% Discount Code for Everyone! (iCandyLens)

Hi everyone, just informing you that now there is a 5% discount code for all of my readers to use for their very first order on iCandyLens :D
The discount code is: jlyxoxo22
Use this code at the checkout and you will receive 5% off your first purchase! Please note that this code can only be used once per person and to use this code, you must create an account on the site and be logged in.

I like how there's '22' on the end - 22 is my birthdate :)
Thanks to the iCandyStyle team for providing this discount code

There is no expiry for this code so you can choose whenever you like to make your first purchase on lenses and you'll be eligible to use this code. I'll leave this code visible on my sidebar just in case you forget:

By the way, I don't get any commission from anyone who uses this code! This is purely for your benefit ^_^

If you have any questions or if you are unsure of exactly how to use this code, feel free to contact Joeyy (the owner of iCandyLens) on or add her on msn at


  1. Contacts make the eyes look so amazing but I'm a contact virgin :( I hav ephobias of anything that goes in my eyes. I even get nervous putting in eye drop >.<

    With this 5% discount that never expires I can always use it when I change my mind about contact :D
    Thanks Jen

  2. @Tam: Sweetie I can't seem to comment on your blog at all D: So I'm going to have to reply to you here, even though I don't think you'll come back here and check for my reply :(

    Aww I used to be like that too, but I really wanted to be able to wear contacts because they were just so pretty, as seen on other models etc. so I tried really hard to put them in. My first time took me ages >< But now it's so easy, just popping them in and taking them out :) I never thought that i could ever get to that stage of being able to so easily!

    The 5% discount applies to the whole store love, so it can be for a bag/accessory/dress on ^_^

    No worries my dear, thanks for commenting <3

  3. niice nice! i shall bookmark this ^^

    RE: aww they dont have typo in adelaide? that sucks :( dw i'm sure they're gonna open one really soon cos the Cotton On group is expanding heaps!


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