Monday, October 4, 2010

Wavy Hair Tutorial with a Mini Flat Iron

Hey guys, just thought I'd share a little tutorial video of how to create waves/curls using a mini hair straightener/flat iron. This was requested by Marie after I made a small post about my hair and other things here :)

The mini hair straightener that I used came from a magazine, which was pretty cool. It's a Nak Mini Hair Straightener which looks like this:

I don't think it can be purchased anywhere but it can be found on eBay.

It's pretty good and it heats up quite fast. It's also really hot when it's at its maximum temperature (I have no idea what the maximum is). There's an on/off switch and a little red light indicates that it's on =]

For me, I prefer using a full-sized hair straightener to straighten my thick, long hair so I just use this mini one to fix up my fringe or to create small, tousled waves/curls.

Here are some random pictures of my waved hair, and just in case you missed seeing my face xP:

I don't know why I'm doing the peace sign, haha...
Oh and my sunburn has gone away ^-^ Thank you for your concern

Just a few little waves

Sorry if the quality isn't good! I had to compress it to less than 100mb as Blogger doesn't allow any higher than that.

This is my first video so it would be great to have some feedback, and maybe some constructive criticism ≧_≦ But please don't be too harsh on me! Hehe

I don't want to hear about any suggestions regarding to me talking in my videos because that won't be happening (anytime soon) :P I attempted to talk in this video as you may be able to see however, it wasn't loud enough and I couldn't adjust the volume any higher :/ So I just used music throughout it.

I only wanted to share this with you guys, not to the Youtube community, hence I have uploaded it here instead.

I recorded this last week but I never found the time to edit and upload. Anyway, let me know what you thought of it ^_^ If it wasn't helpful, then I'll understand! There are many tutorial videos on Youtube which are similar to this and are more clear and informative. However if you did find it helpful, then that's good :]

xo Jennifer

PS. I could do a better one another time if you'd like me to. Feel free to leave suggestions of any other tutorial videos etc.


  1. Thank you so much Jennifer. I think your video is great, and I'm actually going to try it out soon. The ones on Youtube are too confusing for me to follow along, but yours is very simple and easy to understand. You are amazing, and pretty like always. =D

  2. @Marie: no worries <3 thanks for your lovely feedback, you're awesome marie! :D

  3. This was simple an awesome xD I've never used a straighter to curl my hair before but I might try one day :P

  4. You are so good at this! I tried this with my flatiron and it was a big failure :O(

  5. wow the iron is very very small xD
    sigh never works on me T_T

    nice tutorial =D xoxo

  6. cute little bloggy you have here. i like the hair straightener tutorial. i totally learn from bloggers like you here ^__^

  7. i had the same brand too! got it free from a mag, made a post abt it here!
    i love this nak to make curly waves as well! urs look beautiful!

    xoxo elle
    ps: apologies for not getting back to u earlier, as i was away for family reasons :)

  8. you are beautiful. come to perth already :(

  9. Awww you look so cutee!!! I think you should make more vids so we can see your lovely face more often =D

    The first way is so cool, i never thought to use the flat iron that way! I tried the 2nd way before and ouch! I always ripped my hair when pulling...

    Great tutorial :) xXx

  10. I've tried method 1 before but I always burn my fingers when I try to wrap my hair around the flatiron =(

  11. :) woah i never knew you could use your hair straightener like that !
    <3 YOUR BLOG

  12. Looks really good. I'm still waiting for my hair to get longer :)

  13. This works great!
    I need to get a new one myself!
    Gorgeous hair :)


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