Sunday, October 3, 2010

Viva La Nails Sample Pack

Hey guys, I thought I'd share something that I've received recently. I received a sample pack from Viva La Nails which is an online company that sells nail supplies and is based in the UK. They're currently offering bloggers and youtubers who are into nails/beauty the chance to have a free product sample pack worth £20 (£2.95 S&H fee).

They're currently have the sample pack stock now so hurry and get your pack here before they run out again!:

I only knew about this through other beauty bloggers so hopefully I've spread the news to you too :)

I think all sample packs can vary since they have ran out of stock a few times and may have needed to compile new pieces.

Anyway, this was my sample pack:

It came as registered mail! So it was delivered to my front door and I had to sign for it. I guess that's what you pay for when you get things shipped from Viva La Nails :D

It actually got to me really fast, within a week!

Top row: Nail stickers
Bottom row: Water decals

I'm really looking forward to trying out those water decals. I have a very vague idea of how to use them but hopefully they'll turn out nicely.

When I opened the package I noticed that there was pink glitter on everything D: It was annoying having all the glitter everywhere and it was all over my hands and carpet -_- I had to do something about the pink glitter sample packet (since it somehow seeped through the gaps of the seal and sprinkled on everything) so I looked around shops to find some sort of storage container.

I ended up buying one box from Morning Glory that was half price from $4

I know it looks more like 5-day a pill box but I don't care, I'll use it for storing some samples :P
It's meant to be like a block of milk chocolate, mmmm

♥ 5 different nail glitters divided in sections for neat and storage!
♥ I can choose which to open and use without making a mess

I should have bought 2 of these but oh well, I'll go there again some time this week and pick up another one hopefully

It's good because I have exactly 5 more nail decoration items that will perfectly fit into another chocolate storage box ^_^

Ah I've only recently been into nail art so having this sample pack will motivate me to try new things and create some pretty designs on my nails which I will share on my blog :) Probably not anytime soon though, so busy with studying and doing work these holidays :(

I'll blog again soon

xx Jen


  1. Thanks for sharing! The chocolate pill box is cute. But it's even cuter when you use it for glitter instead of pills. xD

  2. I often order stuffs on that website *__* amazing! I love Nail art

  3. Finally commenting because I was trying to figure out the whole paypal thing earlier xD ! <3

    But yeah, THANKS FOR SHARINGGGG!! and the pack is actually quite good *-*!! <3

  4. wow so many samples! cann't wait to see you use it :D

  5. gosh, you got a lot of cute stuffs =D!
    so you should post how you do your nails soon =P

  6. awww so that means they dnt ship international yea? x'(

  7. oh my goodness i really thought the first pic of the box was actually chocolate. mmm :)

  8. Lol!! Morning Glory <3
    The chocolate box is so cute!


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