Thursday, October 7, 2010

Kawaii Crystals from Steph

Hey, this will be a blog post about a recently opened blog shop.

The owner of this shop is Steph and she is one of my sweet blog friends :) It all really started out with our love for beauty and Pupa products.

Steph recently opened her blog shop called Kawaii Crystals which sells jewellery pieces such as necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings - all made by Steph, with love.

What I really love about her shop is that she uses Swarovski crystals which are absolutely stunning! She made a necklace for me and I received it early this week :] She actually shipped it out more than 2 weeks ago from the UK and I'm just glad that it had finally reached me!

I had no idea what design she was going to put on the necklace because she wanted to keep it a surprise. This made it even more exciting when I waited for it to arrive.

This was what I received from her:

♥ Sweet letter
♥ Bubble-wrapped packaging and zip-lock bag for the necklace

Knowing that my favourite colour was pink and that my favourite jewellery items are necklaces, this is what she made for me:

My first Swarovski crystal item, aww

Super sparkly. So pretty *_*

I love how it's so simple yet so elegant at the same time. The gold leaf behind the crystal is so eye-catching and it really emphasises the beauty of the crystal. I know I might sound corny but it's true x)

The chain length is perfect so it won't clash with any shirts, as you can see in the picture above. The fact that Steph made this with care makes it even more special. Lots of dedication :)

It would be great if you could support Steph since this is something new for her. If you're interested in jewellery and Swarovski crystals, I'm sure you'll love Steph's beautiful creations. The items are not too pricey (compared to other online jewellery shops) and the items are shipped safely in bubble wrap to ensure that it arrives to you in excellent condition.

Here's me wearing or 'modelling' the necklace. Excuse the no make-up face and slightly messy hair etcetera. I came home from a school seminar so I didn't bother making myself look nice haha.

I love it so much, thank you Steph
I'm going to make this my good luck necklace

Just thought I'd like to share this with you guys because I really want to help out a blog friend of mine and also to talk about another interest of mine - jewellery. I barely talk about my love for jewellery so this has been a great start =]

Each piece is unique and individual as none of the same creations are made. There are currently some really gorgeous creations on the blog shop, and you can check them out at:

xo Jen


  1. Jennifer, you look gorgeous even without makeup. <3 Beautiful is the word.

  2. dear marie, why are you so nice to me? haha that rhymed. but seriously, you are <3

  3. eee the necklace so pretty and so do you :3

  4. gorgeous! Indeed it is really sparkly! I bet in the sun it will glow and sparkle so well! Will check out that blog. thanks for sharing ;)

  5. You still look pretty lah ahahaha.. The crystal is actually pretty normal but the gold leaf makes it unique and special ^^

  6. I love your blog and enjoy reading the posts! I love this necklace and think you look stunning wearing it!

    Follow me and ill follow you!
    (i just started and could use some followers!)

  7. wow
    that necklace is PRETTTYY !
    and so are you jen :)

  8. dearest jennifer,
    what a pleasant way to open a package in bubble wrap to find a cute necklace. That's cute making it your luck necklace, the leaf looks it yeah.

  9. <3 omgsh the jewelery pieces is so pretty!
    and babe you look so good without makeup :O *jealous*

  10. Jeniferrrrr!! This is so sweet! Thank you sweety *wipes a tear* i'm so touched! The necklace looks great on you and you look gorgeous without make-up! Can I steal this picture of you and put it on my website? =) xXx<3

  11. The necklace is gorgeous! Very cute, btw. :)

  12. ur skin is flawless! *green with envy*

  13. wow the necklace looks so pretty! the crystal definitely compliments the leaf!!!!!!! and you look cute by the way!


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