Sunday, October 3, 2010

I Need Your Help

I'm currently on school holidays (my last school holidays before I finish school forever) and instead of relaxing and really enjoying them, I've been worrying about getting my last few assignments done, studying for tests and also studying for the upcoming final exams D:

I really want to know... what are your studying tips and what really helps you to study well? What motivates you to study?

It probably is really late of me asking this question because all throughout high school I have been studying and I should already know by now my strengths and weaknesses of studying but honestly and unfortunately, I haven't found the perfect way to do it. I know everyone has their own studying techniques but I really need some new ideas. Anything to possibly help me through these stressful times :(

Most of you bloggers have already completed your final year of high school (lucky you!) and so I'd love to hear what your final year of high school was like. Was it fun? Do you have any regrets? Do you ever look back and think 'what if...' ? Were your results better than you expected? I want to hear everything!

On my Twitter I revealed that I will be on a blog hiatus. This means that I will be having a 'break' from blogging and resume when I'm done with my exams. When these holidays are over, the break will begin and that's only one week away. It will be for the best since I really do need to maximise my study time. If you're a true blog follower and friend, you will understand... right?

I'll be back before you know it :) I'll blog on the day before I go back to school just for you guys because I really do love you all :']

I better stop with the soppy-ness hehe...

So anyway, on Friday I went on a 'study date' with my boyfriend x] It sounds quite nerdy but it was nothing like that at all! It was successful, enjoyable and I felt that he really helped me and wasn't a distraction. We studied in a library called the Mortlock Wing in the city. This is what it looks like inside:

View from the third level
The whole library is full of old books from the 1800's
Does it seem... Harry Potter-ish at all? It's actually much darker than this. I didn't take a photo because there's security guards walking around so... it would've been awkward :S

Credits: Flickr

It is really quiet in there and it really made me want to study and actually do something because the people sitting across across the other side could see me and seeing them them studying made me want to study too instead of sitting there looking like a slacker. Haha.

The tables for studying are on the second floor and if none are vacant then you can't stay in there. Luckily I got the last vacant spot in the library but there was no study lamp so it wasn't as bright. Oh and I saw my school friend studying with her friends on the other side of the library so I guess that made feel more motivated to study xD

We couldn't have just studied for the whole day with each other x] So after hours of studying we went to have lunch in Chinatown food court where I bumped into another school friend and my boyfriend saw one of his old school friends too x)

First we had Bubble Tea or some may call it Boba. BF had taro flavour and I had mango. I'm so not Asian with my choice xP

Look at the black pearls in mine (on the left). They look a bit gross
I'm obviously the slower drinker out of the two xD

My boyfriend shouted me lunch and we ate Japanese ^-^ The only Japanese food I've eaten is sushi :/ That's quite sad of me haha, especially because I'm Asian.

This was what I had - Teriyaki Chicken with Rice and Miso Soup (and a lettuce salad and a sweet carrot mashed potato)

How pro was my naming of this dish above *sarcasm* Sounds so Masterchef-like HAHA
Oh and sorry it's blurry!
There was a lady literally staring at me on the other side when I took this photo so I quickly took it :/

I'm no food blogger so I can't use sophisticated words to describe this. Overall it was nice but I think Teriyaki chicken is too salty for me! It's okay in sushi but big pieces on a plate drenched in sauce is too much for me to handle. The lettuce salad had nice dressing :)

After that we went to a lolly shop called Blackebys Sweets :) It sells a lot of candy from the UK and the US which are rare to find here!

Again, he shouted me lollies and basically we picked up random things that looked interesting or tasty:

Ah sorry blurry again! People were behind me so I had to hurry up :(

Would you like some lollies that remind you of vegetables? Haha peas and carrots...

None of these lollies interested me :/ Why did I take a photo?
Maybe because no one was at this section x)

One of those mirrors. Hmm what are they for?
Oh look that's my bf peaking behind me ;)

Just some of the lollies :)
Lol at Hello Kitty jelly beans and the Twilight chocolate, he picked them out for me xD
and I picked out the Hershey's Cookies 'n' Creme for both of us

It was a really good day of fun and studying combined. So much better than being stuck at home studying and not doing anything fun, or walking around as a form of exercise!

I wish I could do this more often, especially with my boyfriend. We're so busy with work these days that we hardly get to see each other :( But in a way, that can be good because each time we meet up it's special =]

I can't wait until school is over for me!

xo Jennifer

Oh and I bought bun keyrings for me and my hun, the day before we met ^0^

I gave him the one on the right since it's bigger. Mine's cuter though :"D


  1. Jennifer! You should upload pictures of you and your boyfriend together. Or is he camera-shy? Anyway, the library looks so nice and very Harry Potter-ish indeed. I love the whole look = very stylish.

    I would love to try the peas and carrot lollies. Very interesting!

  2. Well, there are studies that say eating chocolate while studying helps with memorizing notes. I've tried it and it helps me focus because of the sugar :) unfortch it gave me acne a couple of days later but the A makes it worth it LOL

  3. for studying i would suggest writing stuff down as much as poss its been proven that u remember things more when u write it instead of jus reading it xx yay 4 wham bars my kids love them :)xxx

  4. @Marie: haha yeah but he won't like it :( however there are some pics of us on my facebook =]
    got any study tips for me dear? hehe
    would you really? lol that would put me off xP

    @Annie P: i snack when i study :) i agree, it does help!

    @Fuyume: i try to do that but it's really time consuming! it helps though so it should be worth the time and effort

    thank you!

  5. When I was at University and I had a few assignments on the go and at the same time, I find myself listening to music to sooth my stress level. I like listening to the forrest gump soundtrack, jurrassic park soundtrack, lady in the water soundtrack, and many others! I was a film undergraduate so anything film related had to be incorporated in to my 'de-stress routine". It may not work for you coz' everyone is their own. But it worked really well for me and it relaxed me to the point where I completed my assignments way before the deadline. Yeah I'm a geek!

    And another odd thing about me, I always have my MSN window open when I'm typing up an essay. Its strange, I concentrate better when I'm half typing my work and half having a convo with a friend! My brain works in a strange way!

    Hope that helps! And good luck with your exams.

  6. Sorry, I have no study tips for you whatsoever. I'm the biggest procrastinator. I need help myself. >__<

  7. say hello to the number one procrastinator, ME. hahaha.

    omgosh i love the look of that library, it can totally get me into the mood of studying!

    AND AND HERSHEYS COOKIES AND CREAM CHOCOLATE IS THE BEST !!! but like, here its $3 each. so its a bit pricey :(

  8. I love the library!! I would so study hard if i was in there!

    Study tip: Ice cream all the way! Seriously, when it comes to exam time, ice cream and bannana's are the best, it releases happy energy!! Good luck babes!! xXx

    p.s. i agree with the first comment, post pics of you and ur bf!!

  9. omg, the library really looks harry potter ish and the lolly's look so old xD lol..

    good luck with your exams ^_^ i have to study as well.. i also thought of a blog hiatus *sighh.. =(

  10. A study date sounds great jennifer! I don't think its all nerdy aswell because you guyscan motivate each other.

    As for studying tips I write up pages of notes and stick it on my wall/ceiling/anywhere in the house that I go often so I can read it. Lik I open a cupboard of food I would take a few minutes to read dot points of notes. Hope that helps.

    Best of luck Jennifer and how exciting finishing school and starting a new chapter with your life <3
    P.s I love how your blog is makeup/akin to a personal diary about yourself :)

  11. Aw, study dates seem to be good! Since it seems like you guys are able to study together :) !

    Hm, it's true that people have their own ways of studying. I've found that I need to summarise and then do lots of practice questions/exams/etc. It also REALLY helps if you try and explain whatever you're learning to someone else (especially if THEY don't understand it) because then you're actually trying to learn how it works not just how to do it etc.

    And yeah, with essay topics and etc- just talk about the book and whatever context stuff that you need to know from it etc :) !

    Staying at home all the time trying to study doesn't help anything xD So it's good that you're going out for a bit and enjoying yourself :D Mmmm lollies ! I get really shy when taking photos too xD - not so much at the tables ..but actual isles and etc is harder :P

  12. hey jennifer, your blog doesn't show on my dashboard for some reason :(
    Nevertheless there's always a direct link for me to go to ;)
    Thanks for following me and I didn't comment earlier because I dont really know much about make up, i'm nearly 19 and i'm still struggling to put on eyeliner haha. Maybe a tutorial on how to apply eyeliner? :P

  13. @Paula: ooh very interesting, i might try that out. thank you!

    @Elisa: lol what do you mean the lollies look so old o_o ? do you mean that they've been around for a long time? haha

    @Tam: thanks sweetie! i guess i could do a little tutorial x)

    @Melody: they all sound like great ideas! no wonder you did so well last year and probably ll your other years :D thanks heaps <3

  14. i always write down notes to help me remember them, i'll rewrite n rewrite them, and even draw pictures too! my notes are always colorful, so that it captures my eye straightaway when i look for answers, i'll read it over n over again, so when im in the exam hall, i can visualise my notes in front of me 'see' the answers lol yeah thats how i physcho myself!

    xoxo elle
    ps: good luck in your studies!


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