Wednesday, October 6, 2010

99 cents for a Lip Balm?

Hello I'm going to be blogging about a few items that I picked up today at a local chemist. It is called United Discount Chemists and this chemist sells many discounted items that can be found in a drugstore. I had a school holiday seminar today and my mum picked me up and took me there. It's not the closest chemist to me but my mum has been there a few times without me and purchased some very inexpensive and discounted items.

The main reason for going was to pick out some Mode Nail Enamels which are just $1.95 each at this store. My mum bought some from this store before and I wanted to be able to pick out some of my own colours and I did this afternoon.

I'll get back to that later but first, I want to talk about this lip balm that I purchased from this chemist that was just 99 cents! It wasn't on sale. That was the RRP in store O_O the tag had '$0.99' and when I looked at it I thought it was a typo...

Until I brought it to the counter and it scanned for $0.99. I so was amazed because I have never purchased any item for that price.

You might be thinking that it's probably just some no-brand lip balm but in fact, it is quite well known. What could it be...

Bonnebell, the company that makes the famous Lip Smackers
It's so strange seeing something that costs less than a litre of petrol these days

I don't know where else you can purchase this from (since I haven't actually seen this before) but on eBay it sells for roughly $1.99USD. There are 3 different flavours to choose from - strawberry, mixed berries and lemon. In the chemist there wasn't lemon and out of the other two I chose mixed berries ^-^ I have way too many strawberry-scented lip products already xD

I might as well give a little review on it

On the packaging it says...

"moisturises and quenches dry lips"
"conditions and protects dry, chapped lips"

To use: Apply generously to lips throughout the day.

At the moment I've really enjoyed using this lip balm and it makes my lips glossy! Have a look:

Hey it looks as though it kind of nudes out my lips... or maybe not
Overall I really like it
Great quality for such a low price!

Anyway, moving on now to the nail polishes that I bought:

L-R: Pink Sparkle, Jaded, Boysenberry

Nail swatches - 1 coat only

Mode cosmetics is proudly an Australian-owned brand. These nail polishes are great and in the picture above, you may be able to see how smooth and shiny they look on the nail swatches. Considering how cheap they are, I am really impressed with their quality. With the Boysenberry one in particular, just one coat of it is pigmented enough for my nails :) I love it! Pink Sparkle and Jaded are more sheer but with a second coat they're bound to stand out even more.

Also, I mentioned on my Twitter that I really want to be able to purchase Ulta3 nail polishes as they too are $1.95 or $2 each however none can be a found in a chemist or shop near me :( Thank you to the anonymous person on my formspring for letting me know that Ulta3 nail polishes can be found in a specific chemist that I may be able to visit.

I'll definitely be purchasing more of these Mode nail polishes from the chemist in the future, and hopefully some Ulta3 ones too.

All for just $6.84

So perhaps next time you're thinking of purchasing some beauty products, visit a chemist because they usually have some in-store sales that aren't advertised. You never know what you may find :)

I also saw a lot of $5 items from Maybelline but because I was with my mum, she didn't want me to buy any make-up products T__T And I would have bought more nail polishes but she said that 3 was enough. Not enough for me!

Here's a question for you...

What's the cheapest beauty product you've purchased?

I wonder if anyone can match the 99 cents or beat it :D I'd love to hear from you.

xo Jen


  1. omgosh i really want to see if i have that cheap bonnebell lip balm in sydney!
    good luck finding ulta3 nail polishes :)

  2. Wow, I must say: Good deals! I love the lip balm, it definitely has a glossy feel to it. Thanks for sharing, Jennifer. I'm going to buy one, if I have the money. ;D

  3. Hmm cheapest products.. I bought Natio lipstick in Nude for $2 and another cheap would be $1 BYS blusher brushes hehe
    and ulta3 nail polishes $2 :D

  4. @Tezza: yes you should definitely look for it :D and thanks haha

    @Marie: lol you crack me up marie x) <3

    @Tram: your $1 BYS blusher brush is an amazing bargain :)

  5. omgg bonnebelle was my favouriteee during my tween days :*) i want to go buy so now! 99cents is a madd awesome bargain!

  6. Thanks to your blog, I think I want to blog about the cheapest item I've bought. I love makeup that I can get for super cheap and work amazing too. Nothing can beat that.

    Bonnebell stuff smells so yummy. Everytime I smell a Bonnebell chapstick, I think of my childhood years.

  7. wooot! That is sooo cheap for a good brand! No baaaad!! Would go check out my local chemist to see if they are that cool too or not.

    cheapest make-up I bought? Well, can't beat your 99 cents but once I bought the maybelline mouse blush or only 3 dollars before! I think that's a good deal too!

  8. wow what a bargain and it does look glossy and moist. I think ulta3 is really good for its price. does adelaide have terry white chemist? i think they sell it there if not maybe try online.

  9. @Tam: yep there are terry white chemists here but there's not one near where i live! yeah i'm thinking of online purchasing instead :)

  10. wow the lip gloss/balm thing looks really nice actually. i want to have a try as well!

  11. 99 cents! bargain!!

    but in USA, they have a ton of gorgeous drugstore makeups. jealous ><


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