Saturday, September 25, 2010

Updates + OOTD

Hello! I've jumped back on the blogwagon :) Haha, anyway I haven't been able to read blog updates because my internet has been so slow for the past 5 days. In Australia, we get capped internet which means that when we reach a certain amount of downloads (GB) for the month, the net becomes really slow! Nothing loads or it all takes ages to load which is so frustrating :( I hope Australia can be a little more like the US or other places in the world that don't have capped internet! I'd love to know, do you have unlimited internet?

So how are we all? I hope you're well. This post will just be an update of what I've been up to in the past couple of weeks. Not much though because I've been going to school.

Thanks for all the wonderful feedback from my last post :) I'll definitely have another FOTD and OOTD on my blog.

Last week I went to David Jones to collect my free sample of the Esteè Lauder Pleasures Bloom Eau De Parfum. I was sent this voucher by email from Marie Claire (Magazine):

To my Australian readers, sorry if it's not big enough for to print out and use. But if it is, feel free to use it ^__^ However you can email if you'd like the proper-sized one.

David Jones is an department store but has a lot of high-end brands. The lady that served me was really nice, and I mean really nice. She had a smile on her face and she happily took a sample from the drawer and handed it to me. She said "enjoy using this" instead of something typical like "here you go, see ya later".

For me it's not an addictive scent but I like it and would use it :] The scent is not overpowering and is suitable for young women. It smells very floral!

Have you tried this Esteè Lauder perfume or any other from Esteè Lauder? What did you think of it?

Something also perfume-related was when I was looking for my friend's birthday present (the 18th I went to last week). I went in Myer (another department store like David Jones) to look for perfume and ladies there approached me and ask whether I'd like to have a sprayed sample of it on a card. That day I collected so many different ones! I put them all in my wallet to make it smell nice inside hehe.

One lady had the Fan di Fendi perfume but instead of just giving me a sprayed card, she also gave me a wristband of the perfume sprayed on it at least 5 times! The perfume is still quite strong haha

I don't know if I'd wear this out in public but it's cool

I've also been to Morning Glory a few times in the past few weeks and these are some things that I bought:

Rose mirror :) I've never had a mirror with a handle on it. It's so cute and it's great for applying eye make-up

Pig Rabbit!! You might think it's a little weird but it's the replica of the Pig Rabbit in the Korean drama 'You're Beautiful'

What it symbolises in the drama is really cute ^_^
If you're into K-dramas, this is one to watch

Morning Glory also have these keyrings of Asian meat and food
Only the buns made me hungry. The meat has too much fat on them =__=
The bento boxes and the soup bowls were cute

And now to the next thing in this post, my OOTD :)

Yesterday was my last day of term 3 which means that after my two weeks of holidays, I'll only have TWO WEEKS OF SCHOOL LEFT FOREVER! Oh my goodness, time has flown by so quickly...

The whole school wore casuals clothes instead of uniform because at the end of term 3 we have something called Social Justice Day where the whole school raises money for charities and also orphanages in places like Cambodia and Vietnam. The weather was lovely and I think I got sunburnt on my face from sitting outside for too long without wearing sunscreen T___T This is something I don't miss about Summer!! And it's only Spring here :( Having sensitive skin for me means that I burn easily =[

There are pics of the day on Facebook so for this I'll just upload a OOTD picture :D

Excuse the messy floor, it's all for studying

Accidentally missed my eyes when I took this pic haha...

Cardigan from Portmans, short sleeve top from Temt, denim-inspired leggings from ICE, belt from MCL Fashion, beaded necklace from Gloss, chained necklace and heart bracelet from Diva, earrings from Equip, shoulder bag from Dolly

Sorry I didn't take a picture of my top without my cardigan on =/
But I did find a Facebook photo of me without it

It wasn't a good picture, that's why my face is cropped out LOL
Definitely not tagged on Facebook anyway :P

You may have noticed that my hair wasn't straight in those pics. I waved my hair using a mini hair straightener, otherwise known as a mini flat iron :) It was really simple! I could do a tutorial if anyone is interested.

NOTD - Revlon Sheer Translucide Nail Enamel in 007 Sheer Blossom

That's all for this post. I'm on holidays for two weeks :) Expect more blogging from me!

xx Jennifer


  1. Interested! Do a tutorial? =D

    Anyway, you look pretty. I like how you did you hair, and I wish I could do the same to mine. But unfortunately, my hair is much shorter than it used to be. So I would look very puffy if I was to do that. *shrugs*

    I love your mirror, was going to get one like that. But I didn't have enough money then. D:

  2. @Marie: you're so fast at commenting ^_^"

    ok i will! should i do picture tutorials or video?

    thanks sweetie <3

  3. Video tutorial would be great. But if you're not comfortable in doing that, a picture tutorial would be awesome too! Haha, I'm fast because I'm obsessed with the internet. :P

  4. i'm comfortable with either :) i think i might try video since it's something new and it would be easier to do instead of taking pictures for each step.

    haha ooh ok

  5. OMG i know what you mean about CAPPED INTERNET. that is so crap :( lucky i changed plans though, i only had 12gbs per month, it was HELLLLL. im on 180gb now, sooo much better haha

    PIG RABBIT <33333
    I loved that drama!

    looking pretty~

  6. @Tezza: woah 180gb?! i would never be capped ever again if i had that plan D:
    unfortunately i'm only on about 80gb sharing with 3 other people (my two brothers and my dad lol) which sucks

    aw you've watched you're beautiful ^_^

  7. gosh, that rabbit is so cute XDD how it got the pig nose on it LOL!

  8. Whoa, pretty looking hair. *-*

  9. Your outfit is so cute and your hair is gorgeous hun!

    Stunning :)


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