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Sigma Brushes Review

Hello :) It's already the middle of the week! I hope everyone's having a good week so far.

I've decided to share with you guys a small review on 3 Sigma brushes that were sent to me from Erin of Sigma Beauty. Sigma is a very well-known online store that sells high-quality brushes for reasonably low prices. They have a large range of brushes and you can buy various brush sets or individual brushes.

I'm affiliated with Sigma Beauty and so she has kindly provided me with some brushes to review and talk about on my blog. I had always been really curious about Sigma brushes since many beauty gurus use them and rave about their quality.

I was able to choose to either have 1 full-sized brush or 2 travel-sized brushes of my choice. I decided to have 2 travel-sized brushes to fit with my mini set of brushes and to have a more informative review :)

Firstly I'm going to review the 2 mini brushes that I got. I can assure that these will be my honest opinions and being given them free of charge will not affect my thoughts on these brushes. Trust me okay? =]

So the brushes I chose were the Sigma SS187 and the SS168. Yes, I don't get the numbering and the naming either but fortunately Sigma have now made the names simpler.

To be more specific I got the Duo Fibre brush and the Large Angled Contour brush.

I was very happy to receive it so quick and it came in a red pouch in the package bag

It came with brochures of their brush ranges, brush cleaning tips and of course, the brushes!

♥ Pink! My favourite colour
♥ Neatly wrapped with clear brush guards that can be re-used
♥ Travel-sized but the head of the brush is like a regular

I was really excited to try out these brushes since I have never owned any Sigma brushes before and these were the brushes that I was wanting to get to add to my set x]

Duo Fibre (black and white hair)
Large Angled Contour (white hair)

Duo Fibre SS187, now known as the F50

On the site:
Specially designed to generate an ‘airbrushed’ finish when used to apply liquid foundation. It can also be used to apply blush, highlight shades and loose pigments. Blend of synthetic and natural bristles.

I used it to apply foundation and I really liked how the brush strokes assisted with blending really well onto my skin. I felt that it gave me an 'airbrushed finish' as the foundation application was very light from using patting and dabbing motions with the brush. It didn't make my foundation streaky at all and each stroke covered a fairly large proportion on my face. For a travel-sized brush, it's just like a regular-sized one with a shorter handle. I can definitely see how it is considered to be a high-quality brush as there was minimal shedding and no bleeding whatsoever. This brush is silky-smooth and very gentle for your face.

Duo Fibre brushes don't work as well as normal flat foundation brushes when the foundation formula is a velvet creme. I currently use Revlon Colorstay Velvet Creme Matte make-up which is thicker than liquid foundation, but thinner than a mousse foundation. The dabbing motions weren't enough to give me an even coverage so I needed to use sweeping motions. The sweeping motions weren't as effective for me as a foundation brush, and a foundation brush caters for a variety of foundation textures.

After washing the brush, the bristles weren't as white as they originally were, but still very clean. I scrubbed a lot to try to remove as much of the foundation colour as I could but it made the bristles more messy while drying. It's still silky smooth which is the best thing about it!

Glad to have the clear brush guard to help maintain its shape

Overall I am really pleased with this brush :D

Duo Fibre SS168, now known as the F50

On the site:
The angled shape makes this brush ideal to apply blush or contour shades. Natural bristles.

Instead of using it to contour, I used to to apply blush to my cheeks. The brush hair being angled allows more precise application of blush and the brush being so fluffy and soft makes it easier to sweep blush onto the cheeks and blend out if the pigmentation is too much. With this brush, blush can be applied lightly and a few swirls of blush from a pan is enough for the brush to apply it onto both cheeks! It really helped with applying blush right under my cheek bones :) It's a large contoured brush on a travel-sized brush handle.

There's actually nothing negative to say about the brush itself except for after washing (just like the Duo Fibre brush). The hair doesn't have the most pleasant scent however it is not a problem and it is bearable :) After washing, the hairs do get messy even after using the brush guard.

You can't really see it here but it's more puffy than it originally was! Still silky-soft :D

Again I really liked this brush overall. No shedding nor bleeding!

They're almost good as new ^_^

You may have picked up on me saying that I am going to be reviewing 3 brushes. That's true but I had no idea that I was going to be sent a third!

Anyway, you may have this seen on my sidebar my Sigma banner. If not, this is what it looks like:

If you make a purchase of $30 or more on Sigma, you get a free gift and this is the free gift that you'd get:

You get a FREE travel-sized blending brush :) It's shiny silver

So if you're interested in purchasing brushes from Sigma and you spend over $30, you now know that you'll be getting blending brush so you won't have to buy one! I had always been rather curious about the gift. I'm happy that I now know and I'm to share it with you guys :] I'll also review this brush.

Blending E25

This brush isn't on the site so there's no description and I guess that means that it's rare to have this one :D Exclusive for those who spend $30+


It is used to blend out harsh lines or just to blend eyeshadow colours together. I love how it's so fluffy and soft and it's just like a regular-sized brush head... or maybe not so regular since it looks quite large for a blending brush! Very generous with the amount of hair x] However the large amount of hair makes blending really easy.

I have no problems with it! Even after washing, the bristles remained normal. I guess this is why it doesn't have it's own brush guard. The shape is maintained on its own.

Overall it's great and I'd be really pleased to purchase this, let alone having this as the free gift!


All the brushes can be kept in my pink brush set pouch which I blogged about in this post

Pink for the win! Yay

I just kicked out my large powder brush from the set since I don't use powder on my face.

So there you go. I hope this post gave you a better idea about Sigma and perhaps made you become more interested in purchasing Sigma brushes. If you are interested, click here

xo Jen ^-^


  1. Looks good! Thanks for sharing, Jennifer. I might have a look at the website soon. On another note, I've received your parcel today and blogged about it.

    PS: I just realised that I forgot to reply to your email. I'm so sorry. :(

  2. They look so pretty in pink!!Thanks for the review!!

  3. aw marie! i love how you always comment so quick <3
    yay :) i'll check out your blog soon
    ah it's ok

  4. @Blushingloves: thanks for reading! xx

  5. Sigma looks good... I've been considering buying their brushes for a little while now, and I think your post just pushed it further to the BUY side of the equation >.<

  6. great review! one day i will buy something from sigma.. one day... lol

  7. Great review!
    I was thinking recently about buying new brushes. Now I know what I have to buy next!^^
    I will try them out!

  8. tks for the review :) i've always wanted to try some sigma brushes. glad you like them :)

    RE: yes I do love singing! I'd go to karaoke all the time if it wasn't so expensive... hahaha

  9. The brushes are so cute! Been hearing really good reviews about them but too bad they're not available in the country tht i reside in. Thanks for following my blog Jennifer, I just followed back! =)


  10. Pink for the win!! hehe! The brushes look amazing, too bad about the foundation though, must be so annoying cleaning it off. The blending brush looks abit big? Or are they meant to be that size? Mine is so much smaller...
    Great review sweety! xX

  11. Yay 200th follower :D This is a really cool blog <3

  12. they are so cute, pink color really gets lots of girls in =P!!

  13. i really need a set of brushes :3 but my problem is i'm always so lazy to clean them buahaha ><

  14. You are just adding to my lemming for these brushes! Btw, the little icon on the left side of the blog is superrr cute!

  15. Great review!
    Ive wanted to try these brushes for some time now!

  16. Thanks for following my blog :)

    Nice review you did !

  17. These brushes are soo cool !!
    I'm thinking of purchasing some online (:

    Thanks for the review <3

    xx nazish

  18. these brushes are too cute!~ wish we could just buy them in the shops aswell. great post. =)


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