Monday, September 27, 2010

Shopping Bargains - Haul

Hey :) So I went shopping on Sunday with my mum and I managed to pick up quite a few nice things. The main purpose for shopping was to use my brother's $100 Westfield XS Gift Card that he won. Sounds a little strange but my brother hardly ever goes shopping so the card really had no use to him. He said that there's nothing to buy o_o Uhh... it's the total opposite for me! Is it common for guys to not like shopping? Hmm, but I reckon my boyfriend is fine with shopping. He may not go as often as I do but he did go shopping with me in town last year for Christmas :D

Here's the card and I'm covering my face because I'm still a bit sunburnt :( See this post if you have no idea

Face is still a pink :(
It matches my pyjamas though x]
Blah my hair is so messy ;[

How to reduce the appearance of sunburn or get rid of it altogether? I know I could use foundation and concealer but I want it to be gone, not covered up!

My brother had the card since October 2009 and these gift cards last for a year. It's almost the end of September 2010... approaching October 2010 this week so... if it weren't for my mum and I, it would have been left unused! D: As a self-confessed shopaholic, having a gift card of that amount is would be one of the awesomest things ever. If it were mine it would have been used in a flash! I remember how my mum kept pestering my brother to use the card but he kept saying that he will. Turns out he never used it and when he did try, the shops that he went to wouldn't approve it. Fail. That specific card is not accepted in stores that use a different card called the Coles Myer Gift Card.

Both my mum and I love shopping so we were happy to use the abandoned gift card. It was all fine and dandy until my brother said that my mum had to pay him back for using the card -__- My mum gave him $90 as she had thought that the card does not compensate for the same amount in cash however, he wasn't happy with getting $10 less T___T" He then turned to me and asked for $10, which I actually didn't have =/ I only had $5 so that was all I gave him. GRR I still reckon he shouldn't have gotten anything! The card was going to be left unused, hmph.

These are my receipts from the day lol

Haha they're all so long - because of the eftpos gift card being used for the transactions, not because I bought so much!

I still like to think that the card being almost expired had nothing to do with my mum and I going shopping on Sunday. The start of the school holidays on Monday (the next day) so that's my reason for going :) And snatching up the bargains before all the school holiday people :D

It was great and I'm so pleased with my purchases, as I stated on my Twitter that day haha. My mum told me that sales are always happening around the September/October school holidays, and I reckon she's right about that. I managed to buy many things which added up to be less than the $100 gift card ^__^ But of course, it was all used up until there was only 10 cents left on it!

Shopping with my mum really prevents me from purchasing any beauty/make-up products x) She says I don't need it and it's better to buy clothes (lasts longer I suppose). I ended up buying clothing, a pair of shoes and jewellery which I am really happy about. I need a bit of a break from buying make-up since I have used up a lot of my pocket money on that :S I feel so broke now haha...

Cotton On
2 cardigans for $30
Actually, the lady at the counter mistakenly made these 2 for $15 LOL yes, it's like I bought 1 and got 1 free! Hahaha

I decided to get a coral one to liven up some of my outfits since most of my cardigans and jackets are dark, except for my cream-coloured one shown in this post. These are really thin which is good for Spring/Autumn to wear over a singlet.

Cotton On
2 Shirts for $15

I like how the sleeves are 3/4 and the black shirt's design at the back. Looks like a bow shape. I like bows. The white spotty shirt was the last one left at Cotton On and I like how it's puffy at the shoulders. It's nicer than something plain :)

2 for $15

Seems like the '2 for $15' sale is common within clothes shops! I like the t-shirt on the left :) It says 'Femme Fatale' which I believe is French but I have no idea what it means :[ Hmm... does anyone know French here? What does Femme Fatale mean? I hope it's nothing bad :S

If it is something bad then I could always cover it up xD

Just joking x] Showing how this particular cardigan looks like when worn over a top. Again it's very thin and I like the style. Nothing like I've seen before.

What really captured me about this top was the pink sequined lace on the girl's dress :) I'm a fan of lace and for me lace screams out elegance and elegance is pure bliss.

So pretty!
It looks like some black beads are missing but that's just the style


Not bad for $24 ay? I really needed a new hand bag but nothing too big. For me this is the perfect size and it was on sale from $40 :) I love the style of it and I especially love how there are so many zip compartments :D At the front there are 4! Inside there are plenty too hehe.

$5 and under sale (on selected items)
3 items for $15

Sparkly :) Big fan of beaded, crystal, jewel and charm bracelets

I love it when jewellery goes on sale for as low as $5 a piece! I already have a good amount of necklaces and earrings (since they're one size fits all) so I picked up some lovely bracelets that were able to fit nicely around my wrist :) You probably don't know this but I have a very small wrist and also thin fingers so it's always hard for me to find bracelets that can comfortably wrap around my wrist and not move around too much. With rings, even the small sized rings are big for me :( So I usually opt for the kiddie jewellery, even though they're more childish :/ If not I have to wear a more tightly-fitted ring over it to prevent it from slipping off.

I have quite a few adjustable rings and chained bracelets where the hook can attach to a tighter loop of the chain however, that doesn't look as nice when there's a bit of it dangling out. With these ones I can wear them without having any worries, yay!

My mum bought a pack of 3 earrings for $5 but I don't have a picture :P

Last but not least:

Rubi Shoes

After reading Tezza's post of her bargain buys and her $5 Rubi heels, I couldn't resist not going there ;D Not living in the same city as Tezza is a bummer as I was not able to get the bargain as good as hers but in the end, I did purchase something ^.^

These were the last pair there and my mum found them!
Shiny gold =]
Short heels
Perfect for the Summer, weeeee~

Shopping is so fun and I love getting new things. Thankfully my purse was unaffected as I didn't spend a single cent, all thanks to mummy dearest

I hope everyone's had a nice start to the week despite it being a Monday. Great for people on holiday though because it has just started!

I'll leave you now with an NOTD using Bourjois Nail Enamel in 56 and 61 and nail art stickers

Right hand

Left hand (had to use a different nail art design)

Darker pink (56) used on the nail
Lighter pink (61) for the tips

Looks a little clumsy and messy :(
First time using nail stickers
I am clearly a nail art noob! Haha

I can't exactly show a FOTD due to my sunburn but here's a polaroid that was taken last Friday at school with my friend

Case of deja vu from the first pic? Hehe
I want a polaroid camera :)

I'll blog again very soon! Hopefully my face's sunburn will clear up in a matter of days. Take care y'all

xo Jennifer


  1. great purchases!
    I own a polaroid.. it def is a must if you like taking photos with friends, family etc!

  2. omg =0=!?!? they are so inexpensive and such a good haul! I am never able to find good deal, always end up going to myer T-T

  3. Thanks for sharing! Haha.
    Your brother sounds like my younger sister, who demands to be paid for a gift card that would be unused anyway. Your purchases are great, I have the Cotton On puffy top but in black. :)

  4. I like the bag! & the mani is simply gorgeous!

  5. Loving the Femme Fatale shirt and the two cardigans! Aww, your brother should of been nice and just let you guys have it without asking for the exact amount back in cash. xDD He didn't know what he missed out on!

  6. ooo i love everything you bought especially the jewelery!! great haul :)

  7. As far as I know, aloe vera products are great for reducing sunburn ~ you can get them at your local Woolworths shop in the health section.

    And femme fatale means "Deadly Woman" in French... ^__^ Like Cleopatera and Mata Hari{who was a double agent}.

    Love the haul ~ I really like the puffy sleeved polka dot top best!

    bonita of Depict This!

  8. @Paula: ooh ok :) the film doesn't lst long though cos they can only take 10 shots! but i'll see, i might get one ^^

    @Pixie: aw there's always great stuff at myer too! haha, you just gotta look around :D

    @Marie: thanks for reading and commenting like usual <3
    hehe cool! black would be nice :)

    @Bonita: thanks for that tip! i think i might have some aloe vera creams at home so i'll give it a try

    and thanks heaps for translating :D


  9. Woww~ That's some really nice buys. I like the shirt from Cotton On, it looks really stylish. ^^

  10. hi girls thanks for stopping by my blog ^^
    that jayjays shirt is so cute! really love the lace o the front. nice haul

  11. oh my god you really made good use of your $100!
    i like how they charged you wrongly at cotton on. free cardi,, woots ><

  12. wow I love the time when shopping with mum... :D .. cute bracelets... love them!!!

  13. not living in the same city as me also means we never get to see each other ! :(

    haha but those pair of shoes are nice :) i love gold sparkly sandals, i have 2 pairs :D

    I LOVE cotton on sales tooo <3

  14. I LOLed so hard when you said 'Femme Fatal' might mean something bad in english xD It's actually pretty commonly used in english too, but like b said it means 'deadly woman'. Think of Bond women (: They basically play the part of looking sexy (but not doing much else) next to James Bond as he rocks the screen haha.

  15. OMG i have that white top with black dots, i got it from Cotton On! (:


    I love the design on that top too :) I love how it just forms another dress x) ! Also love the bracelets :) !!


    I love how Rubi shoes always seems to be around $5 or $10 (some with higher..) but I can NEVER fit into ANY :( They're ALL TO BIG !!!! guhhh T-T

  17. My weakness is Cotton On! I love that store. Your picks are very pretty - especially the Femme Fatale shirt.

  18. That's a pretty good haul! Thank goodness for other people's mistakes! :))

    Great stuff! Your sunburn isn't that bad, by the way. :P

  19. loving the bracelets and the shirt with lace on it xD ahhh, i want to go shopping as well =( sigh

  20. Hi, Jennifer. I hope your sunburn is getting better. Thanks for reading my blog. I would like to tagg you to do the same post. Please post when you have time b/c I'd love to read it. :)

  21. lol i'm catching up on all of your post now xD
    ohhhh lucky last polka dot top they look great as casual with jeans or dressy with a high waist skirt, i like<3
    and the top with lace skirt on it is beautiful it looks like an art/fashion project :)
    hope by now your sunburn has gone away <3


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