Sunday, September 5, 2010

Ramblings + Shopping.. What a Combination

Hey again guys, this blog post won't be like my previous ones. Just me talking so it's probably going to be a little boring.. or not. It's the weekend and usually I blog on the weekends so I was feeling bad for not posting anything here.

Happy that it's finally Spring but the weather really doesn't feel or look any different from Winter! The weather has been quite horrible in the last few days. The rain poured non-stop and the wind was sounded very fierce. Luckily I was inside yesterday but bad luck occurred when the POWER WENT OUT T__T We had a black out from 3pm til 7pm and this caused the net to be disconnected too :( So glad I had my phone to keep me from being bored. Ate instant noodles for dinner because using the stove was my only option and my family ate it as well. We sat around the dinner table eating with candles in the middle. Such a romantic setting but it seemed so awkward for me haha..

Having no electricity for 4 hours made me think about how lucky we all are, and how much we take electricity for granted. I'm so used to just turning on my heater whenever I feel cold. When the power was out I used my snug blanket, socks, scarf and gloves to keep me warm. So for those in the Northern Hemisphere that will be experiencing the cold weather soon, try to use alternative ways instead of electricity to keep warm during the Winter :) When the power was out I felt so lost without my heater =[ Shows how much I rely on it!

So Friday afternoon I finished early and instead of catching a bus home or go shopping in town, my mum picked me up as it was raining so much! I would have hated to catch a bus. We came home, had lunch and talked. Our conversation led to going shopping haha :D We realised that we still had time to shop at the shopping center near us so we went, despite it being wet outside. It was okay because we'd be staying indoors and there is heating in the shops.

Speaking of keeping warm in Winter, I bought two scarves from Target :) They were on sale for $4.96 each! Originally they're $15 so a definite saving there hehe. I bought two of the same design but different colours - pink and white. Great for matching with an outfit.

2 scarves, pink and white
They're so soft and fluffy ^_^

We also went into Priceline just to look around. We didn't buy anything cos there weren't any sales that appealed to us however the Pupa range caught my eye. I know, I talk about Pupa a lot but it's like how other people talk about MAC a lot haha. For your information, I don't own any MAC products! I probably will in the future but for now I'm like mehh. Sure it's great quality and all but I still love the drugstore stuff.

I tweeted that the Pupa 50% off sale is now over :( I wish I had came to this Priceline when they were on sale but i just never had the time to come to this shopping center. They have the biggest range that I have seen in the Priceline stores I've been to :O If only they were still 50%.. hahaha I'd go crazy.

The Pupa shelf - everything back to RRP! ='[
Imagine if there still were a 50% off sale.. *sigh*

I was also looking for a dress for my friend's 18th (which is in about 2 weeks time) because it's a semi-formal party. After looking through a number of stores, I came across a dress at ICE that was within my spending range and suited the semi-formal theme as it's not too dressy.. if you know what I mean. I'd probably like it more if it were on sale but for the RRP price it wasn't too bad. It was the last one of my size and there were only 2 of that dress left in size 6 and size 10. I have a little story about buying the dress etc. which I shared on my Twitter haha x)

I won't post a picture of it because I want to do an OOTN look with it when I'm all dressed up :D Here's a clue - it's lacy

Mum bought a few things and I was happy with what I bought. It's great shopping with my mum cos she pays for everything hahas =] But then again, she can decide what to and what not to pay for so I can't always get everything I want >_<

I guess this post hasn't been so pointless and boring after all. I'm more likely to feel that way than you are as the reader because I'm writing all of this x] But hey, please do let me know whether or not you'd like to see more of this types of posts which are not beauty related and just more about me in general.

Ohh and today in Australia it's Fathers' Day! Happy fathers' day to all the dads out there =] As usual and as bad as it may sound, I didn't get anything for my dad. You might be like 'what?' and before you make any judgments about me, my parents never expect anything from me when it's Mothers' or Fathers' day. They prefer me to either save my money or spend it something better. Haha, they're more likely to get angry at me for spending money on them, especially if they didn't ask for something or it's something they don't actually want! So yeah.. I guess it's good for both of us. Yay for Asian parents for not wanting anything from me ^_^ Only for me to study hard and get good grades ha.. okay maybe I'd rather get stuff for them to make them happy xD

For K-pop fans, you'd probably all know about the SM Town Live '10 concert in L.A at the Staples Center.. I so wish I could go :( But Even if the concert were somewhere in Aus (not in my city) then I probably still wouldn't be able to go!! Naww..

Video footage of SNSD's Jessica and F(x)'s Krystal singing 'Tik Tok' by Ke$ha. Sisterly love~

Credits to allkpop for uploading and recording! They had live picture updates on Twitter to let their followers know about what was going on :)

I think this is getting a little long now so I'm about to wrap it up! This week coming will be stressful and exciting so they sort of counteract each other. Yays and nays of the week. Let's start with the Nays:

NAYS of the week:
- Test to do
- Assignments due
- No early dismissal on Wednesday, have a school assembly -_-
- The weather doesn't seem to be warming up
- Not going to the show this year (the show = a carnival with rides, showbags, games to play etc that is on for 1 week each year in September)

YAYS of the week:
- Hopefully receiving parcels!
I'll be tweeting about anything I receive and I might update about them next weekend on my blog :) I am currently waiting on a total of 5 parcels to be sent to me hehehe
- One less week of school down
- Getting closer to the holidays

So that's about it. If you took the time to read this post, thank you!

OH and one last thing: If you haven't entered my giveaway, it's still open for you :) 2 winners will receive 1 box of false lashes (10 pairs each) of their choice! Enter now at:


Jen xoxo


  1. Oh same! My parents get mad when I buy something for them. Once, my mum even asked me to get a refund for an item that I bought for her on her birthday. D:

  2. I'll have the cream xD I used to use that one ! but I ran out :P

    Ohhhhh I love it when my parents pay for everything tehehe xD



  3. @Marie: lol it must be an asian parents thing x] aww! at least you got your money back though right? haha

    @Melody: yay you get it :) yeah i heard about melbourne D: hehe i can't wait to blog about it

  4. your scarves look so waaaaaaarm

    and i know what you mean about mac products, i'd love to own some in the future, but drugstore makeup is just as good :)

    i agree with the weather, no sign of beautiful warm spring weather yet in sydney :(

  5. @Tezza: naww yeah they are =) haha yep and drugstore is always better for the purse ;) ahhh we'll probably have to wait another week or so to see the skies clearing up and the lovely warm sun shining our way!

  6. I have the white scarf similar to yours =P

  7. @Denise we have a lot of things in common don't we! hahas

  8. Arg, its horrible! It's been rainning here too!! But you were lucky that your mom came to pick you up! Can't wait to see what dress you got! ICE is good, its affordable and cute clothes!

  9. So many pupa products!! And i can see the blushes! If only they were available here T_T. I think i'd go crazy even if they weren't 50% off!!
    The scarves look really cute, can't believe how cheap they were! Winter is heading my way too, so not ready for the gloves and coats!
    P.s. I don't really own that many MAC products either! xXx

  10. Krystal and Jessica sound so much alike! This makes me understand why people are so weirded out and overwhelmed when me and my sister are together..

  11. @DolceBunny: lols yeh i called my mum at school when i realised how wet it was outside x] so glad she was able to pick me up! yeah ICE has nice clothes at decent prices hehe

    @PinkOrchids: hey girl! i know :( haha aw that's understandable. yeah i was amazed too, but in a good way hehe. i guess cos it's spring now, they're trying to get rid of all the winter accessories :) i am sooo ready for shorts and singlets ^_^

    @Theresa Jane: they're both really pretty too =] i think krystal looks more like yoona from snsd haha. i never knew you knew kpop celebs :D

  12. I liked reading about your shopping day ~ it's nice to get to know the bloggers behind the blog. ^__^

    bonita of Depict This!

    P.S ~ Hi! I am a new follower, I like your blog. >w<

  13. I didn't get to go either to SMTown either:(
    All my friend went, and they got the $120 tickets ><

  14. @b.: aw thank you =] i shall do another post like this in the future

    @Jenn: they're so lucky! they must've enjoyed it heaps T_T

    @Renay Shanel: yeah =[ but i'm glad i was able to grab a few things when they were on sale hehe

  15. Loving the scarf, great colours!

  16. nice scarf, the color is just perfect!

    anyway, based from what I see here, seems that u love make up :)
    have u ever tried revlon photography foundation?

  17. i like ur blog and follow hope u like my blog and follow

  18. Oh yes, when the electricity goes out it does make you every grateful!! It went out nearly all day once when I was at my boyfies so I listened to music on my mp3 player, played my DS and did some drawing!! Luckily it was summer so it wasn't cold!!

    Its lucky your mum picked you up :D OMGosh those scarves look lovely!! SO soft and fluffy!! I am going to look for some in shops over here I want some!! In different colours :D

    Haha it is a shame you didn't find that great collection till it wasn't on sale!! Thats a lot of PUPA make up!! I am a bit meh about MAC too I don't own any of their stuff!!

    Can't wait to see your OOTN :D The dress sounds niiice :D And I enjoy posts like this!!

    Yays and Nays, thats interesting, I might steal that idea :P Can I?

    I hope time will fly!! It is tough but I am used to it by now :( I will be fine after a week, I always mope for a week haha!!

    Kitty xx

  19. @Kitty: having a blackout is summer is horrible over here :( the heat is too unbearable!

    yep very lucky :) glad that the weather is looking much better here, not as much rain as last week yay

    i'm sure you'll be able to find scarves like mine :D i saw ones like mine in different stores but for different prices x]

    cool ^_^

    that's not a problem girl! you could put your own twist to it if you like


  20. i hear alot about pupa, but never tried or saw it !


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