Saturday, September 11, 2010

Packages That I Received This Week

Hello bloggies :)

So from my previous post as a 'YAY' of the week, I received 2 out of 5 of my packages which is not bad considering that shipping does tend to take its time, especially from overseas.

The first package I received was on Tuesday from MukuCHU and they sent me EOS (E-203) Adult Brown circle lenses. Not the new version of the EOS Adult Series. I think the older version looks better than the new one (just judging by pictures). I will go more into detail with it and post a review possibly sometime next week or next weekend. For now, here is a sneak peek:

♥ Free lens case with every pair :)
♥ Lenses are neatly wrapped in bubble wrap
♥ Instructions good for any first-time wearers
♥ Affordable priced lenses
♥ Fast shipping for Australian customers and worldwide!

This is why I need a new digital camera... My current one has no focus!

Stay tuned for my EOS E-203 Adult Brown Review :)

And as for my second package, I received it on Friday (yesterday) from Kiwiberry1 and they sent me a box of 10 falsies which I am currently giving away :) I'm going to do a small review on them so you guys will have a better idea of their packaging and how the design that you may be requesting to win looks like :D

♥ Padded bag and extra wrapping around the box
♥ Fast shipping worldwide

So they allowed me to choose from 2 of their designs from their range to try and I chose #8 (Simple with alternating lash lengths) and #9 (Simple with alternating lash thickness).

They're longer than I expected them to be!

The first pair I tried was #8

Yeah I'm not the best at applying falsies, hence only one closed-eye picture to be shown!
It looks like I need the Duo Dark-tone glue instead of the Clear/White one

Although the design overall is simple, it doesn't look that natural. The alternation of long and short lashes gives a bit of a dramatic effect and it would be obvious for people to see that someone is wearing falsies. I think I would like them more if all of the lashes were the same length and the longer ones shorter.

I do like them but they wouldn't be something for me to wear daily. They would be suitable for a special occasion or for a night out.

Rating: 4/5
-1 for naturalness (as they claim to be)

The second pair I tried was #9

Again, only one of the pair was applied better than the other. This one still isn't perfect though!

These are more dramatic than #8. The thicker width of the individual lashes looked different to the picture on the Kiwiberry1 website. They looked prettier on the website and they weren't as thick. I like having a different falsies style and these really do bring out my eyes.

I like these falsies but I'd only wear them at night. I think they are too much for daytime and will create large impact on my eyes if I only wear simple make-up and light eye shadows. Without eyeliner they would be too bold.

Rating: 3/5
-1 for naturalness (as they claim to be)
-1 for design (thick lashes parts are too thick for me, they look clumpy and they should be thinner)

These are my 100% honest reviews. I am not affiliated with Kiwiberry nor was not paid to do this review.

My box of lashes giveaway is still open until the 1st of October :) To enter, click here

I was hoping to receive a package this week of my order of my heels but they haven't been shipped out yet -__- I contacted them and they said that there will be delays as they have had so many orders. I was hoping that they would arrive either this week or next week but I really doubt that it'll even arrive in 2 weeks time! As you can imagine, I am quite unhappy and this was my first time purchasing from this company and purchasing heels so now I feel sort of discouraged to purchase from them again in the future. If the condition of the package sent is apalling ,then I'll definitely not want to purchase from them again, no matter how inexpensive their items may be. The shipping cost was quite overpriced but regardless of that I really wanted to purchase these heels. I'll just have to wait and see..

I was planning to wear them with my dress for my friend's 18th next Friday. That probably won't be happening so I'm going to have to wear a different pair of heels.

Speaking of my friend's 18th, I bought her a gift which I will give to her on the night of her party. If you really want to know what I got her, just highlight here -> Lush bath bomb and bubble bar and Christina Aguilera Perfume :)
I hope she likes them because I do :D Smell so nice hehe.

Today I went with my dad to purchase his new phone (LG Mini) and as I was walking in the shopping centre, a young Korean lady unexpectedly came up to me and gently grabbed my hand. I could tell that she was Korean because of her accent and I heard her talk to her friend who was also at the stall. I didn't even see her approach me! I was surprised and I wasn't sure what she was doing haha. But then I realised when I saw her holding a nail sticker sheet in one hand and tweezers in her other hand and stick a design on my thumb. She applied a coat of clear nail polish on top of it to keep the nail sticker in place.

She was from a little stall in the middle of the shopping centre with a table full of nail stickers, nail polishes and tweezers to sell. The phone shop that my dad wanted to go to was just a few metres away from where the young lady and her friend's stall was and after she stuck the nail sticker on, I smiled and walked away with my dad to the shop. Oh I felt so bad and I kept looking at the nail design on my thumb. It's pretty! And so I asked my dad for some money (since I had none on me!) to buy some nail sticker sheets :) They had a deal of $5 each or 3 for $10. My dad gave me $10 so I ended up using it all up ahaha.

It took me a while to decide on which 3 designs to purchase because they were all pretty! And when I came back to the stall the young lady smiled and said "oh you're back!" These are the three designs that I chose:

Can't wait to use them and show some NOTD ;D

There's still more I want to blog about here but I've pretty much tweeted about them (since it's so much easier to do that, and faster!) so if you'd like to be more informed about things that have been happened to me, feel free to follow me on Twitter.

Lots of Love,

xo Jennifer


  1. Loved your post ^^ i hoping to get another pair of lenses soon... i just wanted to let you know that im doing a giveaway i didnt want to spam your blog so i thought i'd just let you know ^^

  2. 1st of all i love ur blog! go oziessss
    2. i dint know we can buy these colorful contact lenses in oz! ur fantastic to find them and so cheap!
    3. if u tink those lashes are too long, i usually snip them off hehe
    4. i love nail stickers! i get them every month without fail, well coz we dont have konad here and stickers are cheaper ;p
    5. how do u get that lil widget cute gal on the corner of ur blog? ^^

    xoxo elle

  3. You're going to love the lenses :)!

    Who's 18th? :)

  4. @Elle: aw thank you so much! but you're blog is AMAZING and everything looks so beautiful :D are you from aus too?

    naw yeah it's great for people in aus, especially cos they arrive within days ^^

    i could snip them but the style will be altered and the ends would be straight :(

    there's no konad here D: ? no wonder i could never find them! thank you

    just click on her and it will direct you to a page where you can get codes etc


  5. @cathy i already do love them! i've tried them already haha, i've got the pics and now i just need to write up the review :)

    oh it's lauren's

  6. gosh, the price of contact lens is sooo inexpensive, I wanna get one pair, maybe brown XDDD

    When will you post the review of them, cant wait (L)!

  7. nice blog.. have a view of my blog when free.. .. do leave me some comment / guide if can.. if interested can follow my blog...

  8. oh I want to get another pair of lenses after seeing your blog!! and those lashes look really nice :)

  9. nice packages! those fake eyelashes look awesome! and so do the nail stickers :)

  10. Can't wait to see the lens review!:)

  11. Those eye lashes look great on you!

    PS: Thank you for commenting on my blog! Hope you keep reading it (^_^)

  12. I think eyelashes #9 look the best!

    I love nail stickers! I have a bunch I purchased in Tokyo! They're SO much fun :)

  13. circle lensessss !!! <33

    like the nail stickers^_^!!

  14. hahaha, ive been approached by them korean ladies too ! and yes, i gave in and bought 3 for $10 :P

    cant wait to see those lenses you got!

  15. lol If the Korean lady did that to me, I would freak out

    I agree that the falsies are not natural looking. I prefer the criss cross type or the normal kind which is shorter near the tear duct and it gets longer towards the other end.

    Btw, I do speak canto but not very 'deep'

  16. Looking forward to the contacts review!! And Love the lashes but yeah, sorry to hear that they weren't natural to your liking, but I think they are gorgeous :) And Love the nail sticker ^^

  17. Those stickers are cute. I use Konad instead of stickers ~ you can order it online; it's pretty awesome.

    bonita of Depict This!

    Posted about ~ Nail Art, Plum Blossoms & bonita answers

  18. sounds exciting to see! haven't seen posts like this lately. would love to see you wear the lenses soon with those beautiful lashes! :)

    thanks for sharing!

  19. Love the lashes! Will be doing a giveaway for them soon too as my girls LOVE falsies.
    I do love how they look :)

  20. Love your haul!!! I always wanted to buy a circle lens too thanks for sharing that website I'll go check it out now :)

  21. I love getting packages in the mail!!

  22. I hate applying false lashes as well! >_< I need to purchase dark glue. I purchased lashes in the same box as that one you have. :D Mine was in terrible condition when it arrived though. You can see it on my blog. :) I love the nail art! I need to get myself some. ^_^


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