Saturday, September 18, 2010

I Won A Giveaway

Hey lovelies :) This is my second blog post in one day. In case you didn't read my previous post from today, you can click here to read it. It's my EOS Adult Brown circle lenses review

On Thursday I received a package from Jahnice and it was the giveaway prizes! Her giveaway was a surprise giveaway, meaning that the items were not revealed so people would be really curious about it and perhaps enter. As the curious girl I am, I joined her giveaway with no intention of winning :)

Without further ado, here are the prizes:

Express shipping! Good thing that we are both Australian residents :]
I was so excited that I opened it before taking a photo of the package still sealed!

It was fun taking everything out one at a time from the package bag :D

I loved how Jahnice's giveaway had surprise items because I had no idea what to expect. Basically she included items that would be appreciated by many. Stationery items, beauty products, crafty items and cute things!

I would like to say a big thank you to Jahnice for holding such a lovely giveaway. This is my first time winning something online, let alone a blog giveaway :)

Going more into detail with the products:

These are mini paper sheets in this Hello Kitty zip-lock bag

Aw they're all different sheets of paper! So cute ^0^

A bag of buttons - for the crafty!
I'm not crafty but I could still make use of them

So many stickers!!
At first I thought they were just cut-out images to be stuck down with glue but yay, I'm glad they're not =]

Stationery paper!
These will definitely come in handy when I write letters or anything to you guys :D

I haven't bought any cute stationery things like these in years so it's good to have more stuff to use. If you want to be 'penpals', let me know hehe

And now to the cosmetics!

Nail polishes!

I have never tried any Ulta3 nail polishes before because I have no idea where to purchase them from in my city. I know that they can be found in other cities in Aus and they're really cheap

I used some French fake nails that were too wide for me to use on my nails for swatches
They look super glossy and non-streaky =)
I was going to paint my own nails but my school doesn't allow nail polish so I would have had to remove it right after. I hate the smell of nail polish remover T___T

Revlon Colorburst in 070 Soft Nude
OMG I was so happy when I saw this because I have had my eye on this for a while :)

That's about it and overall I liked the giveaway prizes

xx Jen


  1. Oh congratulations!
    You're so lucky.
    Wanna be penpals? ;)

  2. What an amazing prize! im jealoussssss :(

  3. Jen you are so lucky >V<!!!

    I love the soft nude lipstick (L)!

  4. @Marie: thanks love :) and yeah sure thing! i'll email you or you can email me

    @Pixie: haha not really ^^"
    i'm loving it too~

  5. Wow, so lucky! The buttons are so adorable. I spot a yellow teapot lol

  6. lucky girl! i've had my eye on the revlon soft nude lippie too!

  7. Omg, you've won so many things xD !! lovelyyy !! congratzz =D

  8. @Isabel: haha yep the are adorable!

    @Tezza: thanks! and yep the soft nude lippis is great

    @Elisa: thank you dear ^_^



  10. Congrats!!!!
    Check out my blog too, m hosting a giveaway, you might be intersted!



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