Saturday, September 18, 2010

EOS (E-203) Adult Brown Review

So I've finally been able to share my review of the EOS (E-203) Adult Brown circle lenses. I decided to try these lenses because I like having different variation of brown lenses and the new series of EOS Adult lenses is out so I wasn't sure whether they'd discontinue or remove the previous series altogether.

Here's the model wearing them:

They look really sparkly on her :) This is to show what they may look like in natural lighting (since I usually take photos at night with a flash) and comparison of before and after.

The diameter of these lenses are 14.00mm which is perfect for me because I don't like wearing lenses that have a bigger diameter and I can imagine them being a little harder to put on.

Here are some pictures:

I like how there's a purple/lilac ring around the lenses instead of a dark limbal ring.

I'm happy with the size of these lenses on my eyes because I don't like having an enlarging effect, just more of a colour change.

After reading my friend Cathy's review of these lenses, I decided to flip the lenses the other way! Look and see what happened when I did...

:O Another colour change! A sparkly silvery blue

Haha, it looks so freaky on me but so cool! I love how now I can really be able to tell which side of the lens is correct :D I'm so bad at being able to tell which side is right, for me it's just a trial and error thing - error being the pain that my eyes get from wearing the lenses the wrong side :(

For these lenses, I was surprised that they didn't feel uncomfortable when I wore them the other way. But of course, the normal side was just a tiny bit more comfortable. I don't know whether I'd ever wear the lenses on the incorrect side but it would definitely suit a spooky halloween themed thing :)

Now I'm just curious to know whether the other Adult Brown series colours have the same colour shown when incorrect side is worn!

Does anyone have any of the Adult Series lenses? Have you experienced the same thing before? I'd love to know ^_^

Overall these lenses are super pretty and I love how they make my eyes a hazel colour. I would love to have naturally hazel eyes ;] That would be awesome.

EOS lenses are so thin which is good but it makes it harder for me to insert them. I use my finger and it sometimes bends back into my finger when they touch my eye -___- If you wear lenses I'm sure you'd know what I mean

Argh! Too flat to put onto my eye

Colour: ★ ★ ★ ★
(I don't want an enlarging effect so my score for no enlargement is 3/5)
Comfort: ★ ★ ★ ★
Overall Rating: Love it! 18/20

I got my lenses from mukuCHU @
In case you didn't know, MukuCHU is based in Australia so it's great for Australian residents who are tired of waiting for lenses coming in from overseas and paying high shipping fees! My lenses came within a few days :D

Oh and the lashes I am wearing are my simple ones which i bought from a small asian accessories store. They're a pair that usually come in a box of 10 but I was able to buy just one pair for $1.50AUD :] I love these so much!

It seems to be a traditional thing for me to show a webcam picture of me with the lenses worn after my review, so here it goes hehe:

The brown side of the lens (correct side)

The blue side of the lenses (the incorrect way)

In no way am I condoning the fact that lenses can be worn both ways! I only wore them temporarily to see what it was like. They really shouldn't be worn on the opposite side so please don't think that they can T__T Best to be safe and sorry, yeah? Protect your precious eyes and wear them correctly :)

That's all from me :)

If you haven't already, you can check out my previous circle lens reviews =]

xx Jennifer


  1. wow., amazing, you looks pretty.

  2. Jennifer you are so pretty. I love your makeup, so natural. BTW the contacts look lovely. I have a few myself, but it sucks that I can't wear them for too long. I have extremely dry eyes. :(

  3. those brown contacts are preetty!
    might go ahead and buy myself some now :)

  4. Lol! Wow 2 colours for the price of one xD Imagine if you're very sleepy and you wore one side the other way then you would have one eye brown and the other blue haha

  5. @Mara: thanks love <3 aw, perhaps lubricating eye drops could help?

    @Tezza: they are ^_^ awesome!

    @Isabel: yep that's about right :) haha that would be funny, hope that never happens to me

  6. lol, I also never know which is the right side xD hahah

  7. Great I want these! are very pretty :)

  8. @Elisa haha yeah it's so hard to tell ><

    @Sara naw hehe. thank you :]

  9. I have likee 3 pairs of contact lenses, i gott blue, gray & clear.

    They're rreally easy to put on :)

    The contact lenses actually look good on youu!
    I like you blog it's really pretty :)
    Check out my blog and i hope you can follow me back :)


  10. @ilovefashion: nice hehe. i used to have trouble putting on lenses but now it's fine :)

    thank you so much, i will follow back xx

  11. great review and love the color! They suit you really well and they do look sparkly! I've seen people use it the incorrect way but I heard it damages your eyes as well as the lens. It can tear easier so just be careful ^^

  12. @Dolce♥Bunny: thanks sweetie! yep i'm always super careful with lenses and i won't wear them the incorrect way cos they look so freaky haha ^^"


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