Thursday, August 5, 2010

Tagged by Arsyparsy :D

Arsyparsy a.k.a Alice has tagged me to do 8 random questions :)
The rules will be a little different with this since a bit of a muddle has occurred but it's all good hehe

1. Why did you start your own blog?
I started blogging back in year 10 because I when I was younger I had my own personal diary to write journal entries. Starting up my own online blog allowed me to bring back those memories of writing anything or any thoughts that I had in mind. It knew it would be different to keeping a personal diary since this is more for public viewing but after a while I really enjoyed it and I enjoyed getting feedback from other people. Last year I deactivated my blog account because I didn't feel the need to blog about personal things like how I used to, and also because I started using Twitter which is similar to blogging in a way that I share my own thoughts, feelings and opinions even though I limit myself to 140 characters.

Only a few months ago i reactivated my blog with a new layout and url to start fresh again. My blog now is not as personal and it has a totally new purpose and meaning behind it. My blog now is a place where I can share my interests and hobbies to my readers :)

2. Who inspires you the most?
I would say my mum for many reasons. She is the most hard-working woman I have ever known. She has so much determination and focus that it amazes me. I wish I had as much persistence and motivation as my mum does.

3. What is something unique about yourself?
I'm not a clueless girl. I know a lot because I'm always so curious about things. Sometimes I wonder whether people think I butt into their conversations when one asks the other something and they both don't know the answer but I do, so I answer for them. It probably seems as though I act like a 'know-it-all'. I can't help it that I know so much lol

4. Name an electronic device that you can live without.
I can live without an electric toothbrush. I definitely prefer my manual one!

5. Who is closest to you in your family and why?
If I had a sister then she would be closest to me (unless we never got along) so it would have to be my mum. She's the only other female in the house so I can always talk to her about girls things. I like hearing about my mum's funny work stories.

6. Describe your view of a perfect day.
Lovely sun, feeling stress-free, carefree and spending the whole day with my boyfriend :)

7. How would you react if someone randomly comes up to you and says that they know you from your blog and they've been following you?
I would be like "woahhhh are you serious?!" That would be quite flattering and I would be shocked and surprised haha. If they're not some creepy pedo man then I'd chat with them ^_^

8. What's the best gift you've ever received?
The ring that my boyfriend bought me :D He has a matching one and he got ours engraved with our initials!

If you hadn't noticed, these were the tag questions that I made up and now they're back to me haha x) If I didn't tag you in my previous tag post then I TAG YOU! xx


  1. aww matching ring with your bf, that's romantic!!

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