Friday, August 27, 2010

Shopping with Cathy

Hey guys, Friday and Saturday seem to be my blogging days :) That's probably because I feel less stressed when it's the weekends and during the week I am very busy!

I finished early on Wednesday afternoon so I decided to go to town for a bit of shopping with my friend Cathy. You may know her from Youtube as cookieyuri or on Blogger/Twitter as cookie093. Many probably didn't know that we're actually school friends :) If you aren't aware of who she is, I suggest you check out her blog and videos!

Anyway, Wednesday's weather wasn't the best. It was cold and very wet outside, it rained very hard but none of that stopped two girls from shopping :D None of us drove to school so we walked to the tram stop which took us to the city. Luckily I had my umbrella or else we would have both gotten drenched!

We went to Priceline first, of course! How could we have not gone there :P We both are very much into beauty products so it was great shopping together and giving each other ideas about itmes that we've tried before or want to try. In our friendship group it's pretty much only us that are really into those sorts of things so when lots of us go to town we normally visit other shops and maybe only go in one Priceline for a bit.
You know what? We went in all three of them! xD

We also went into a shop called 'Morning Glory' which sells Korean things like plushies, stationery items, gift items and more. Here are some pictures we took:

Blue Bear - so cute ♥

Cats with angry expressions

But I posed with the one with that expression haha. I was going to make that face while posing with it but I would've looked silly!

Haha funny expression on the poop. Cathy looks like a Genie

I haven't bought any of theses Glossy Blossom Professional Nail Lacquers yet but I will sometime!

Display of Korean beauty products, how lovely! Little tables with roses sticking out of the drawers.

I love how they colour coordinate their plushies :) Pink section is so cute!
OMG is that Pig Rabbit (reference to the drama You're Beautiful) :O

30% pink section of clothing I think

Two male bears sitting on a wooden bench, naw. It's cute but it would be cuter if one was a girl and one was a boy x) Just saying

Pink wooden frame for display. It's quite nice. There's Cathy at the counter making a purchase hehe

This is what she bought - A pink blanket with a hoodie. So cute! It may look strange how there's a car right behind her x] The shop faces a small street in the city

Now I'm wearing it :)

Buns! They look so delicious xD And real

The rain did eventually stop but for the majority of the time we were in town, it was raining.

Waiting to cross at the traffic light. It was raining heaps but the camera didn't capture the rain fall. Look at the huge puddles.. and Darrell Lea chocolate shop :)

Pedo Van. Nah, I'm just joking haha

The tram and a taxi on the opposite side

We also went to look at some digital cameras as I am planning to buy one at the end of this year :) I really want to be able to take clearer pictures with better focus, zoom, more functions and HD filming. After looking at a few, I'm still unsure which to buy but I don't want an Olympus or Fuji because they don't use an SD card for storage. If anyone has any suggestions of a good camera, please let me know. Actually.. tell me which digital camera you currently own. I'd love to hear from you. Which brands are good and which are not so good?

Despite my umbrella wanting to flip the other way while I was using it, overall it was a good and fun day of shopping. We both bought some stuff so it was definitely worth while. I liked having a beauty shopping buddy to point out a few things to try and buy! Thanks Cathy xx :D

Since this post is already quite long, I'll make a new post about the items that I purchased on Wednesday :) Mini haul/review so stay tuned!

xx Jennifer


    There used to be some around in Melb ..but they're all slowly disappearing ;-; I LOVED THAT SHOP SO MUCH!!!! :( *sad*

    You two look so adorable x3

    Oh and my current digital camera is ..well non existant xD But I want to get the one that is being advertised on my blog (top banner - if you can see it?) Panasonic Lumix TZ10 :D It's heaps good ...only really expensive ;-; (nearly 600$? ) :C


  2. Panasonic Lumix is very good!
    There are so many good reviews about it.

    And I love Morning Glory! :)

  3. It's been years since I've been to a Morning Glory T_T They had such funky (although expensive) stuff, but they closed down D:

    I miss it >_>

  4. morning glory is like my favourite story ever ever everrr

  5. Awwwww that store looks so cute!! I want the blanket she bought!! I love going shopping with friends even if it is raining!! I'm glad its not just been raining here in England haha! You are both so cute btw! Gonna check out her blog and videos :D

    Kitty x

  6. great post!~ love the pics.
    i'm shopping for a new camera too. so many different ones out there - it's very confusing >.< i looking for canon cameras ~ they're great for people like me who don't know how to focus pictures =)

  7. @Melody aww! i thought that melbourne would have even more morning glorys than adelaide
    in town there's like 4 haha
    ohh yeah panasonic lumix is great :) i actually took these pics with one (cathy's)

    @Marie morning glory is awesome <3

    @Shen sorry to hear that :( come to adelaide, there's plenty here :D

    @Tezza haha same!

    @Kitty thank you :) xx

    @Faye: thanks! i have canon in mind but also samsung, sony and nikon! how to narrow it down T__T might have to choose by price or something xo

  8. OMG!! so many dolls >< I want them all LOL!!!!

    Love furry toys XDD

    and the turquoise nail polish @_@!!!

  9. Wow soooo cuuuute! Looks like an amazing store ^.^ I want a bun keyring and a blue teddy!!!!! xx

  10. @Denise lol don't you have a shop like this where you are in aus? i love them too :D

    @Rochelle it is ^^ if there's anything you really want then feel free to request! i can purchase for you xD

  11. You should check out Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ35K. (:

  12. These are so cute, I always go gaga in shops like that, I want to buy everything! That blanket is sweet!

  13. Oww so cute sotres *__* I wanna go shopping too!
    Actually I have a Lumix Panassonic and I'm fully satisfied ^__^

  14. Blue Bear!! I have one at home and I love it. I'd love to visit that store one day. Looks like so much fun!

  15. @csayukii yes i'll definitely check out panasonic lumix cameras :)

    @Cafe Bellini naww hehe ^_^

    @Catamiaou many have said the panasonic lumix is great! that's so good to hear that you're fully satisfied with it :D

    @Kristie there's blue bear in the us too? cool!

  16. Told ya Lumix would be your best bet ;) hehe

  17. there is a morning glory in Adelaide?! ah~!!I wanna goooo XD So many cute things!!!!!
    hehe that blanket hoodie is sooo cute ^^

    I'm using a Nikon, which is only like 7 mega pixel and its almost 5 years old but the picture quality is better than most new models of camera. recommend nikon or canon :) If you want good HD video's than canon has good selection :)

  18. @Cathy yeah LOL

    @Dolce♥Bunny yep there is! but only in the city - 4 of them lol. you should so come here, you'd love it :D

    oh wow almost 5 years.. must be really good then :) so many to choose from, can't decide haha

  19. Love, love, LOOOOOOOOOOVE the blanket!

  20. woah this is an amzing store :) you're very lucky^^
    drey jewelry.

  21. Morning Glory looks awesome! D: Too bad I haven't seen any of them around.

  22. :) Hahah, I'm Melbourne!
    Maybe I'll try hunting around for it then. ^^
    Thanks for replying.

  23. Hi,

    I was just looking at your blog. I was curiouos does the morning glory store still exist? See I had one near my home but it closed down, but I have been going crazy looking for morning glory stores. So if this one exists please let me know. Thanks and hope to hear from you soon. :)


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