Friday, August 13, 2010

Haul and First High-end Product Purchase

Hello :) My last few blog posts were about tags and giveaways and so now I'm back to blogging about one of my interests - beauty.

I have no school lessons on a Friday afternoon which is really convenient for me because I get to leave early and have a great end to the school week and have a lovely start to the weekend :D

Today I went shopping after school for about an hour in town by myself (I'm very independent) and managed to purchase a few items. I feel so broke now but I guess I do think that it was worth it hehe. I went to two of the Priceline stores in town today. Pretty sure that the ladies who served me recognised me since I am quite a regular customer. And it isn't hard to not forget me - I always wear uniform when I go. They must wonder why I always go to Priceline :) Haha I really like going there.

Here's a picture of the things that I bought today:

I didn't by the Marie Claire magazine from Priceline, I bought it from a newsagent. I decided to include it in this picture because of the free gift. Not sure if you can see it but it came with a full-size Este
è Lauder Pure Colour Lipgloss in Passion Fruit Shimmer :D

The magazine was only $9.20 and apparently the lipgloss itself retails for $42AUD so this is definitely worth it! Especially if you just want to try it (like me hehe). I never buy high-end products so that's why it's a little exciting for me to finally 'purchase' something high-end at a drugstore price.. or you could say I purchased it for no price ;)

To my Australians readers, you should definitely get your copy of September's Marie Claire! Who doesn't love a freebie ;D

I wouldn't have known about this if
Adeline hadn't mentioned it on her blog so BIG thank you to her for giving all her readers the heads up! I won't be doing a review or any swatches of this product but please do check out Adeline's post:
Now a closer to look at my other products:

St. Ives Fresh Skin Apricot Scrub
I've read many positive reviews about this product so I decided to give it a go :) I normally use a gentle face wash but now I can use an exfoliating scrub. I will try it tomorrow and tweet about it. Anyway, here is a detail review:

Miss Priss Perfume Body Spray with 5 Piece Brush Set
Aww! It's all pink and pretty ^_^ This really attracted me and I just had to buy it, I couldn't resist the pink mini brushes in a little pouch like that! The brushes are really soft and that powder brush is definitely my favourite out of the 5. Can't wait to use them!
I already have the perfume spray and I don't think I'll need a back-up for mine so I really want to give this spray away. It smells really sweet and girlie. Hmm.. does anyone know anything about international parcel/shipping guidelines? I don't know whether aerosol cans are allowed to be flown over. If someone knows, please tell me :) If it's not permitted then I may use it as a little giveaway thing for my Australian readers, since it won't have to go through customs etc.

Australis Mineral Eyeshadow Contouring Brush and Ecotools Bamboo Foundation Brush

I like how they're in really handy zip-lock packaging to store the brush.
I could never find a decent contouring brush but now I have. Australis is an Australian brand and at Priceline they are currently having a 20% off sale for all Australis products.
Ecotools is a well-known brand and so I decided to see whether I'd like it and also because I wanted to do my bit to contribute to the whole 'earth-friendly' thing. This is actually my first foundation brush haha! Many people would be shocked but hey, I usually use my fingers or my sponges to apply it on and it does the job well. I'm going to try using a brush and test whether I am able to evenly apply the foundation and avoid streaky marks, not that I ever had a problem with applying my foundation in the first place :P

BeautySnapz Eyeliner Sealer

When I saw this I had no idea what it was o_O I looked at the picture and suddenly I remembered how my top eyeliner right above my eyelashes would fade. I use a liquid eyeliner which is not waterproof, hence this product would be perfect for me. Inside there is a pack of 24 q-tips with a small amount of liquid inside of them which must be the sealer. Are you not sure how it works? Neither was I. On the back of the box there are instructions and there are also some on the site:

Looking forward to using it to see whether it will prevent my liquid eyeliner from fading.

There are many other products similar to this such as eye make-up remover, cuticle conditioner which are on the site.

Beauty Style False Eyelashes
These are very inexpensive falsies, only $3.95 a pair. I could get cheaper pairs but they don't come in such lovely packaging and are not as good as this quality. They have little diamantes stuck on them :) So pretty. When I try them out I will take pictures and upload them onto my blog. They came with glue but I don't think I will be using it because I prefer using glue that I buy separately. The one I'm using now is Duo. For anyone who wears falsies, I recommend that you buy your own glue because the glue that comes with falsies is not the best quality.
Saving the best til last! Haha, not really. If you've been reading all of the above then I thank you so much! I have written a lot xD The last 3 items that I bought today are all from one brand called 'Pupa Milano'. It's a brand from Italy and I have never heard of it before until today. I was walking through the aisles in Priceline and some ticketed prices caught my eyes.. the entire Pupa range was 50%! I only managed to grab 3 items because: 1) There wasn't a lot for me to choose from (a lot was already gone!) 2) I wasn't sure whether I'd have enough money 3) I wasn't sure about the quality of this brand, since it was completely unknown to me. I am sure that they have always been in Priceline but I just never paid attention. I'm glad I did today... One item I want to talk about in particular is the Pupa Compact Eyeshadow
Very unique packaging! I was really curious to see how that little white spongy ball worked when I looked at the tester in-store. The little red plastic that sticks out is the handle for the sponge. The sponge is detachable from the eyeshadow compact and what you do is collect both shades of eyeshadow at the same time with the sponge and apply them to to your eyelid. The purpose is to create dual tones to your eyes with just one single swipe. The one I bought was 04 because I didn't have a green and gold eyeshadow. I think these two colours complement each other really well. Oh and also, they are really pigmented! I did mention that I bought 3 Pupa cosmetics, right? Yep I did but I won't be talking about the other 2 products because.. I'm going to add them to my blog giveaway which I will host when I feel that the time is right :D I want one of you guys to try out some products from this brand because I think it's great for their prices. To see more about Pupa Milano cosmetics, visit: In case you didn't catch on, I will have a blog giveaway in the near future =] Either at the end of this year or early next year because right now my main focus is school as I am in my final year D: The end is coming closer so I won't be able to blog often. Lately I have been going okay with updates but it will become less frequent in the coming weeks and months. Just bare with me :] I will continue to use my Twitter daily to keep you guys updated if you wish. EXTREMELY long post I apologise! It has taken me a really long time to write. I hope you all have a lovely weekend :)
xx Jennifer
P.S. Thank you to my 50+ followers, you guys are awesome :D


  1. Awww good post! the pupa thing is soo cute LOL I can't wait to see pics of how it turns out!
    have fun with your new tools!

  2. ngaw thank you alice :)
    haha yeah it is! i've never seen anything like it before
    hehe i will xx

  3. Hey love! Thanks for stopping by =P I am glad you managed to grab yourself one too!!It was a GREAT deal and it smells really good!!!

    Its not a problem linking it back to me at all :D That's how I found out about this lipgloss too,from Jojoba's blog!

    Great haul btw!!Pupa eyeshadow seems pretty interesting!! =P


  4. hey my name is izzy and im a new blogger im trying to get some followers and stuff so any way im follow you now so just wanted to show love and i hope you follow back

  5. Love the Pink Brushes! lovely haul =)

  6. omgg I've been meaning to try out those lauder glosses! :) let me know how they are! nice blog, girl!

  7. Nice haul you've got there, I see St Ives Apricot Scrub! Love it <3

  8. Nice! Definitely gonna get myself a copy of that magazine :) Hehehe!
    But instead of investing in that Eyeliner Sealer.. why don't you invest in some waterproof eyeliner deer!! :D
    It'll be more convenient to carry those around & it's promising! :D

    Nice haul hehehe Review soon okay :]

  9. thanks tram, hehe glad that you are :)
    lol yeah i will in the future but i really i want to finish it before i get a new one hehe!
    i was very curious about the eyeliner sealer thing so yep haha

    ok i'll definitely do a review/favourites/regrets blog post


  10. great post!I`m thinking of trying that lipgloss also.xx

  11. Really interested in the two-toned eyeshadow - what an interesting concept. And the packaging is very unique. When I saw the photo you provided, my eyes instantly widened. LOL

  12. I looooove the pink brush set!! Soooooooooo cute ^^
    Thank you for watching my vlog & your time ^.^ I really appreciate it =) I will make the next one shorter :P

  13. I look forward to the eyeliner sealer review :) pretty curious

  14. Yay for free lipgloss!
    And that eyeshadow sponge thingie looks cool :)

  15. Love this entry! So much stuff and its always great to read australian bloggers so I know where to get... she she she!! I have that Ecotools Bamboo brushes and OMG are they excellent! YOu should totally get the whole set!
    That mag is such a great deal! Tempting... I've never seen that eyeshadows... I might go cehck it out!

  16. That liner sealer sounds so cool!

    Please do a review when you use it(;

  17. Do they have pupa products in australia too?! The sales assistant told me they were only available in ITALY!!! =.= But i agree, their products are really good!! I really want to buy more! Nice post! xX

  18. p.s. you've been tagged in my latest post =)

  19. Great haul =)
    Last month Ecotool and lots of drugstore brands had promotion. I also got a lot=P

  20. The eyeliner sealer looks interesting. You should do a review on it.



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