Monday, August 23, 2010

Are You Interested in Purchasing Pupa Products?

Hey guys, just wondering whether any of you are interested in purchasing any Pupa products from me. I am taking requests so please let me know if you'd like anything in particular. I can't assure you that I can get all specified products as there is currently a 50% off clearance sale in a shop here but I could try my best. Stock will definitely be limited!

The products that I have mentioned on my blog could very well be available but also some things from their website:

Eye Pencils are $5AUD each
Lipstick and Duo Eye Designer are $7.50AUD each
Palettes, Blushes and Foundations start from $10AUD each

Anyone who is interested must have a Paypal account.

For further details, leave a comment or e-mail me at

PS: If there are no requests I may still purchase a few items and put them on my blog for sale.


  1. Looks good, i'ld be interested :)

  2. Aww i would love some pupa products!! However i live in UK so shipping would cost a bomb :( But that's so kind of you to offer your readers!!! <3


Thanks for commenting! I really appreciate your feedback and if there are any questions I'll try my best to reply asap ❤

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