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♔ Rimmel London Products

Hello :) I will be talking about my recently bought Rimmel London products purchased at Priceline which is one of my favourite stores. Being a ClubCard member for almost 6 years has made me love it even more and I will definitely continue to be a loyal customer. Sounds cheesy right? Agreed.

Anyway, I will be sharing the things that I got today from Priceline. So at the moment they have an offer for people who spend $25 or more on the Rimmel London range to receive a bonus gift valued at over $66. As soon as I found out about this, I knew that I could not miss out on this offer. I liked that the items weren't samples but full-sized products that can be bought. I know it's not as big as those gift packs that Myer offers every now and then but I tend to prefer drugstore brands over the high end products. I have tried high end products before however, I'd rather spend less on make-up which are still really good quality. This is exactly why I don't think I am obsessed :P Drugstore make-up is fine for me :)

NB: Drugstore make-up = brands that can be found in chemists, supermarkets and department stores.

Click to enlarge images.

The bag with the following items: Colour Rush Quad Eyeshadow in 001 Smokey Noir, Natural Bronzer in 022 Sun Bronze, Volume Mascara Flash in 001 Black Extreme, Stay Matte Dual Action Concealer in 060 Natural Beige and 60 Seconds Nail Enamel in 800 Blackout.

I could easily spend $25, it was not a problem for me. I ended up purchasing 3 lipsticks. This time last year.. in fact this time last few months ago I was not into lipstick. I was into pretty much every other make-up item besides lipstick and blush. Blush became an interest probably a month before lip
stick. Thanks to Priceline for having mid-year sales on such items where it gave the opportunity to try out these products. The outcome for me was great because now I like them, but now I'll be spending more time in the make-up section in shops because I used to not look at blush and lipstick!

These are the three lipstick
s that I bought today:

L-R: Nude Delight (700), Pink Blush (006) & Heavenly (082)

They look pretty together like that :)
The metallic purple tube is actually darker without the flash. These shades are not similar at all so I guess I went for the day, midday and night colours? When I went to the shop, the ones I wanted at first were all sold out so I will definitely buy them next time or when they go on sale or something :] There's no rush.

Rimmel has 2 types of lipsticks, Moisture Renew (the metallic purple square tube, $13.98AUD) and Lasting Finish (the round dark purple tube, $9.98AUD) It was my first time buying a nude lipstick because I first started off by buying a shade that was similar to my natural lip colour, and so I have now decided to try out a nude look. I also experimented a little by purchasing a pink lipstick (Duplicate of MAC Viva Glam Lady Gaga apparently!) and a lipstick with a purple tinge. I have swatches and also demos of me wearing these lipsticks.

For more information about nude lipsticks and swatches, I suggest you visit my friend Cathy's Beauty Blog @ =)

Dodgy text-boxing I know :| I used Paint to do it because I didn't have Photoshop.

As you can see, lipsticks are quite moist. I used to think that lipstick were quite dry with an awful smell. I discovered that Rimmel lipsticks have nice scents. The round lipsticks smell like bubblegum and the square ones smell like vanilla. Rimmel Lipsticks are also cheaper than the other brands of lipsticks.

And now to the products in the gift pack..

I can't review this bronzer because I haven't tried it but it looks good!
I have a bronzer that I sometimes use but it was from a magazine so now I have a full-sized one :) yay.

This is the Dual Action Concealer, which means that there is a green concealer in the middle of the yellow concealer.

I've done a swatch of the bronzer and the concealer. The concealer is about 2 shades lighter than my skin colour but if I use it, I could probably add some bronzer to it so it matches my skin tone as close as possible. Cool stuff.

Some very messy swatches of the eyeshadow quad.

It would've been silly of my to do a nail enamel swatch on my skin so I did it on my thumb nail. Thumbs up for Black nail polish! Not really. Hmm I was planning to get black nail polish a while ago and it never happened. Well now I have black nail polish, but I'll probably use it for decorating my nails instead of using it on its own because I think it's too much for me. I prefer pastel and metallic colours for nails :) This nail enamel does dry fast as it states on the bottle and it is really smooth after applying it.

Last but not least, the mascara..

I own a total of 6 mascaras now! I should do reviews on my mascaras. I should do that for my next blog post perhaps. Anyway, I'll do a demo of this mascara and also a very short review.

I curled my lashes prior to applying mascara. It seems to lengthen well. It can be a bit clumpy but that only happens after about 3 coats. I used an eyelash brush to separate any clumps. The wand is fine but I am very biased towards the comb wand, only because it separates my lashes well and so it minimises clumping. I don't think the mascara is waterproof which is a bit of a let down because I love waterproof mascaras. I will still use this, but not on a rainy day, a day where I might cry or a day where it is humid. I could use this when i go out for a few hours i.e. shopping or going to a friend's place. I wouldn't wear it for the whole day because I would get panda eyes for sure!

I noticed that the majority of the items in the bag are black o_o maybe it's like that so that the gift pack can be likeable to a variety of girls.. because something like pink would seem to only target girlie girls.

So there you go, a quite long blog post. Thanks for reading :)

xx Jennifer

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