Friday, July 23, 2010

Fishtail Braids

Hi guys, I'm back with another blog post (I am on a roll!) I've decided to blog as much as I can before I become busy with school work loads again, which will be next week. Joy...

So anyway, this blog will be about fishtail braids. Some of you are probably unaware of what a fishtail braid is. Well, it is really similar to the usual hair plait with 3 strands of hair, except a fishtail braid requires... 2 strands and 2 slimmer strands. Sounds confusing I know. It is much more complicated than a plait and in my opinion, it takes longer.

I have seen pictures in magazines and online media sources of celebrities and models having a fishtail braid in the hair. When I first saw them I knew straight away that they were different to the normal plait and it captured my eyes. I was curious and so with the help of YouTube tutorial videos, I was able to replicate the fishtail braid on my own hair. I didn't know the name of it until I did some research via Google. Google will always be the best online search engine (Y) This is how it looks like...

Watching a tutorial of it made me think, 'wow it looks really hard'. I knew I couldn't have done it on my own hair without testing it out first etc. so I tried braiding it on my hair extension. I must say it was a really good idea because I was able to see whether I was doing it right and braiding in front of me and it would have been better than doing it behind me or on one side of my hair.

I won't be making a tutorial on how to make the fishtail braid (maybe if it's requested) but I can show a tutorial picture. I haven't really perfected the technique and I do still find it quite challenging to do. Also, I won't be uploading the YouTube tutorial video on my blog purely because I haven't gotten permission, however it can be found on YouTube by searching 'fishtail braid'.

Serena Van Der Woodsen from Gossip Girl, a.k.a Blake Lively

Credits:, Lipstick Masala

First I will show my first attempt with my hair extension and then with my real hair.

Making the braid on a hair extension can be used as a forehead band :)

My first attempt (the above pictures) were actually done a few months ago, and it was only yesterday that I decided to use my real hair. It was hard at first for my yesterday because I kind of forgot how to do it but then I remembered and it wasn't so bad after all :D

Close up of the first half. My hair is half brown due to regrowth and I didn't want to re-dye my hair. I still can't believe that the D.I.Y hair dye has lasted for more than a year!

Patterned fabric butterfly hair pin from Equip. Wearing my pyjamas :]

I am hoping that the next time I try to do the fishtail braid, I use my whole hair (this was only half!) and also that it starts from the very top of my head. I might post pictures of that if I ever achieve that ^^

All I can say is that the fishtail braid is really nice and props to the person who created it :)

xx Jennifer


  1. gosh, you're so good at it. I can't do it :S maybe cause i have short hair but also because LOL when i try with extentions it hurt >.<!

    very good! I like it. wear it to school ^^

  2. lol you're so fast! i haven't put this on twitter yet haha.
    it takes practice :) at first i didn't know what the heck i was doing but yeah ahaha
    try with just the extension on its own, it helps
    ok i will wear it to school when i have time to do it in the morning x)

  3. my hair is not long enough to do this *cries*... but I'm growing my hair out.. perhaps need to wait a half year?

    1. My hair's really short, but it still worked! I mean its not too long, its the same length as when i try to braid it. How long is your hair? Mine hangs just above my shoulders.

  4. aw :( yeah another half year or less, depending on how fast your hair grows :)

  5. I like your blog, I'm following now!

    ~Lauren :)

  6. Love fishtail braids, I like the idea of doing a little one on the side of your head! x

  7. I love fishtail braids! I have a post on my blog about fishtailing and I was wondering if I could use your second picture for my blog. I would give your website credit too if you want. Thanks :)

  8. i can do it its soooooooooo wasy but at first i compltely got it wrong but now its sooooooooooooo easy thx

  9. Thanks for sharing and nice information that you make....


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